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Fear of Loss - KristAnna

I'm really getting into Disney's FROZEN. That shit is pulling me in so deep man, watch out, 'cause the fanart's coming.
I'm still learning how to draw their faces, but all in all, not a bad first try. :D

I realized I was a hardcore Kristoff and Anna shipper when my heart was physically hurting from thinking about them being with anyone other than eachother... >_>
Also have a major thing for Kristoff right now, like you don't even know... So You'll see more of that too.

This idea came to me late last night when I thought that something dramatic or seemingly tragic would happen.
And this fanart happened...
Make of it what you will, you can imagine the scene however you like. :)
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Hon, I wanna make a story just based on this one image! It brings out so much emotion!

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Anna must live! Please, don't die! All we love you!
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Nice emotions! Hope Anna is okay. Glad to know that Kristoff is afraid for her if she gets hurt. A couple always cares about each other, no matter what.
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you were a Kristanna shipper before it was cool xD 
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Awww.  Love the emotions.
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This drawing made me love Kristanna so much before the movie even came out! I couldn't wait to watch "Frozen" to see them be a couple.
I ship Elsanna and I like Kristoff, nut your work is amazing. Congrats!
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Poor Anna bonked her head!
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dont worry 
(i got a thang for Kristoff too!) 
same thing idk why, he is just a cartoon XD
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Randomest question ever.

Who do you ship Elsa with?

I am also a Keistanna shipper. I am getting drowned in my feels asjdidhdjdndd.
Write your own stories! This one is a bit long... Sorry guys.
(Kristoff finds Anna unconscious in the forest after she went out to pick berries and didn't return)

Kristoff: "Anna! Anna, wake up!"

Anna: "Kristoff?"

Kristoff: "Yes, you don't have a concussion!"

(Sigh of relief)

Anna: "Kristoff, what happened?"

Kristoff: "No, you DO have a concussion."

(Anna starts hyperventilating, and squeezes Kristoff's hand harder)

Kristoff: "Breathe, Anna. You're gonna be okay. Just hang on, okay?"

(Anna nods slightly, but her grip on Kristoff's hand lightens and Kristoff feels her body sink into his arms)

Kristoff: "Anna!"

(Anna doesn't respond, and Kristoff knows if he doesn't get her back to Arendelle right away that things would never be the same again.)

Kristoff: "You're gonna be okay. Hang on, Anna. Just hang in there."

(Kristoff sits on the ice cold ground for a moment, stroking Anna's hair wet with melted snow. He then scoops her up and carries her back to the castle.
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Poor Anna and Kristoff. :( But this is so sweet~ Beautiful job with this. :love::heart:
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I just got an idea-
What if Anna was in labor and couldn;t handle the pain?
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I know exaclty what you're feeling
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That's how I feel when kid movie characters are shipped together

    Tubby Dummy            <-----shipper  
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*starts mental fanfiction* This is freaking brilliant.
So cute! :3 I know I ship kristanna too! But elsanna *shivers* is so very wrong
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Preach! (I don't have anything against homosexuality, but incest needs to die) 
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I mean, it's a SISTER'S love, not INBREEDING!
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