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Family - KristAnna

"Daddy’s big like a mountain!"

A bit of KristAnna family fanart is good for the soul. And so are their precious babies, ahhh~ <3
Heidi is 2 years old and Joseff is 3 1/2. He likes to point that out.

I didn’t get too creative with them, Disney kids usually just look either a lot like mom or a lot like dad. Kept it simple.

I fixed Anna's face to look slightly older than I made her look before. Also changed the background colour.
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I love your art, its creative.  But I don't think this will happen in Frozen II.  Kristoff would never be accepted into Royal living.
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Huh? It's a fictional world, anything can happen. And even in the real world, it's not like non-royals don't marry into royal families.

I still havn't even watched the first one but saw nearly the whole movie on youtube. With Anna being the younger sister and not the air to the throne she could always setle somewhere else and live a more quiet life even if she is still the princess.
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Yes. Big like a mountain. :XD:
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This is so great!
What a future!
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This is so cute! They're perfect for each other. :)
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Beautiful! You should really work for Disney if you currently don't. This should be cute for a sequel!
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So precious. Their kids are going to be quite the handful. 
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Very cool pic. seams like a likely future for them. I'd bet Elsa would be a great aunt. 
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I'm so glad this has over 6270 favorites and 152K views. I always worry if this couple gets hated when it comes to Hans likers (aka Hanna shippers)
this made my heart hurt. kristofff <3
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sexy yellow diamond sexy [YELLOW DIAMOND INTENSIFIES] Someone has traced this picture to look like America and Maxon from the selection, and they're calling it their own.
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it like it ... a lot 
very nice job
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Sheesh, Anna's maintained that waist after two kids?? XD
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it's disney. no need to get technical here.
Look at Ariel after she had her kid. XD
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 Can some give me a link to the fanfics.
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IT'S SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUUUUUUULLLLLL!!!!!!!!Explode la plz :cryingla: 
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