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Butterfly Bog - Human AU

Human Bog and Marianne getting swarmed by lovely butterflies and dragonflies~ I'm so original. ^^'
Man, butterflies are hard to draw... such detailed wings.
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Oh, this is super cute!
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this is so cute i love it <3
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You did such an amazing work!! thank you for your art!
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Omg. Bog is cute as a human! Even when he's in his normal form. :heart:
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I love it!I love it!!I love it!!! OMG!!! IT'S PERFECT! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL FANART! I would read whatever au fanfic was based off of this. Your hard work is appreciated. Thank you for making my day!
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I freaked out hard when I saw this because I LOVED this movie so much. Even before reading the description or title I knew who these beautiful lil wee babs were <333
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Lovely. I read the AU fic where Bog King was the tatoo master. It is very similar to the illustration of this fanfic.
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la in love This was one of my favorite movies, OMG!! I freakin love it so much. Awesome job, it really captures Bog and Marianne so well!! Humanized forms fit them both well. love power 
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Art simply wonderful )) Thank you very much for such a wonderful job ^-^
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I LOVE THIS! Their designs are awesome and it suits their Human AU life so sweetly~ o u o awesome!
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At  first I didn't ship them, but now I think they're adorable Heart 
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Thank you for uploading this. I would never have noticed this movie if you hadn't upload fanart. I loved it so thank you very much. ^^
I really like your human Bog, they are both adorable. Little Pixel Heart 
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This is done so nicely! I literally just finished watching the movie and absolutely love them.
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Good movie and nice job ;)
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Одна из лучших работ такого типа!
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Absolutely LOVE this. It is so perfect and it is amazingly done. Just like all your work. Keep them coming ^_^
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this is too cool
Why haven't you done anything since May? I really love your work, especially Frozen!
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