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A Quiet Morning - KristAnna

The morning after Joseff if born, the new parents, both exhausted, have a quiet moment together for the first time as a family.
Anna hands their son over to Kristoff for the first time to hold him. Incredibly nervous, he keeps the tiny baby nestled in both his arms protectively. But in an instant, Kristoff forgot his worries and gazed at his little boy with such love and wonder.
Anna watching them both lovingly as she lies comfortably next to her husband, eyes heavy and tired from the labor, her hand never losing contact with him.
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this should happen in Frozen 2
TannerxDelia's avatar

Or maybe Frozen 3

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beautiful piece.  i saw this on pinterest and loved it there.... so sweet...  <3
MegumiBara's avatar
It's absolutely adorable! I love your art.
Leytala-Velnial's avatar
I like both Anna and Elsa equally
Herowebcomics's avatar
I want a movie like this!
Lolliangel00's avatar
Awwww...precious! :heart: :aww: 
SawuScimitar74's avatar
Priceless expressions!
EverfterFan's avatar
Too perfect. I love his expression. Its so soft, Kristoff is such a softy. 
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Ohh this is so cute. Joseff is so adorable. 
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So adorable and great!!! :D I gonna add you to my watch! :D
HinataElyonToph's avatar
Teach me your ways of drawing adorable, squishy babies!!! So cuuuute!!!!
maxiedie's avatar
Baby: Hi daddy.
grisador's avatar
Joseph is definitely one of the best male character (not a prince) of Disney genre; all genre !
Dallamokompas's avatar
owwww so cute!!!!
TempestVortex's avatar
Daaaawwww! So cute! :love:
omegatro's avatar
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Shut up!You're ruining the beautiful moment!!!
CastielAndHetalia13's avatar
That's how I reacted XD
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