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A Beautiful Stranger - KristAnna

"Tall and Fair"


requested by branchan
(Full body and full colour)

So I've been in a bit of a tight spot with money so I opened up commissions.
All the spots are filled for now, and this is my very first piece to be completed!
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I know working for Disney is hard but they NEED you. ^u^ I'm in love with your Frozen fan art

I also like how you draw Anna and Kristoff a lot, instead of Elsa all the time. Elsa's overrated, Anna's the cool one in my opinion. I also love how your fan art of her looks cute. Not too over-sexualized and you don't draw her too young either. You draw her just like in the movie

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So super cute!
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Olaf: I find clothes so uncomfortable. And I’m made of snow for Sven’s sake.
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The skirt is BREATHTAKING! Holy crow, you're so good!!
Great pic of Anna and Kristoff dancing together in a castle ball.:D (Big Grin) 
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"Your Majesty! How can you encourage and condone this?"

"'Encourage'? My sister is her own woman and more than capable of choosing a consort for herself; there is nothing for me to 'encourage'. As for 'condoning' anything, I certainly see nothing about this candidate to oblige me to advise her against pursuing him."

"But... he's a commoner!"

"He also stood beside my family to defend our throne when all of the noble houses of Arandelle seemed to prefer the siren call of the usurper, Hans. No, in my view, Chancellor, Kristoff is more of a noble than all of the so-called great ones of Scandinavia. Now, unless you have anything substantive to say, this subject is closed."

"Your Majesty...!"

"This. Subject. Is. Closed."
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Happy Clap Happy Clap EXCELLENT!!Elsa Clapping Elsa Clapping  
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This was what Anna had hoped would happen in the first place. This depiction is really excellent. You drew and colored this so beautifully! You could easily be employed by Disney making their storybook illustrations this is so flawless! Magnificent work. :D
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This is so beautiful Heart Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4] 
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The wonderfully derpy Princess Anna and her patient, loving prince consort--which would be Kristoff's title if he ever got off his bum and married her. :)
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I love them !!! They are so cute !!!
Is Kristoff...missing a finger? Lol! Beautiful work!
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I love this art! Can I feature this on my Tumblr I will credit you and there will be a link to this page.
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This is a really cool illustration, but the is one thing wrong. The dress anna is wearing is most likely the she wore to Elsa's coronation. The skirt of the dress is supposed to be pleated, not striped.
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Yes, I know it's pleated.

1) Still working on folds back then, so I decided to keep it simple. It wasn't my forte.
2) the front part of the dress being kicked up, spread, meaning the pleats are unfolded. So it would've been flat anyway.
3) creative licence >3> 
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Y'know what's funny? Anna and Kristoff are in love yet they have never sang a duet together.
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Wow! The amount of work that must've been put into this! The background and the background ppl are detailed just the right amiunt and then those two are just so adorable! He looks so handsome all dressed up!
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I only say this because it is a huge pet peeve of mine, but unless Kristoff is in the military, he really should not have epaulettes, or an aiguilette. I see this all over the place in Frozen fanart and it drives me nuts. XD

Disregard this if this is an AU, or if Kristoff joining the military in some way is a headcanon.
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whats a headcanon?
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Canon: Something that happens officially on a TV show, in a movie, or book etc. (I.E. Harry Potter falls in love with Ginny Weasley)

Headcanon: A theory or idea that a fan has gotten so invested in, that it colors their view of the TV show, movie, book, etc. (I.E. Harry Potter had a fling with Hermione Granger in the last book, while Ron was away.)

Hope that helps!
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