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WHEN WE LAST LEFT OUR HEROES, LEONARDO WAS ENGAGED IN A BATTLE OF HONOR. X3 Or not. If you don't recognize what they're playing, this is it: [link] I remember playing it all the time when I was a kid. My dad's the absolute master of fakeouts; I think it'd be good ninja training.

I... don't think Leo's winning. XD He's taking it so seriously, bless. But he hasn't discovered the secret yet. April has. And yeah they're supposed to be sitting on tatami, I didn't draw it very well. But look, perspective! I'm super-proud of this right now, it's been forever since I digi-inked something like this. <3

Leo and April (c) Mirage Studios
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Gives me an idea for my self-insert....
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It's NICE.
I love this couple.
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I LOVE the Back to the Sewers style! Good picture!:) (Smile) 
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That game is surprisingly complicated.
NinjaWoodpeckers91's avatar
Nice art. It's just like the actual show. :)
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I tihnk you got the character designs down pat! Nice job!
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That's awesome! I totally love that game, but it looks like Leo's failing epically.
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Thanks! Yeah, he hasn't figured out the Secret Strategy yet. ;p
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aha, how I love that game! :giggle:
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Lolz, poor Leo XD *Don't worry Leo, I was never good at that game either XD*
Looks awesome, & it looks great in the new style ^^

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Thank you! I stink at that game too. |D
T-M-N-T's avatar
Ur welcome! ^^ :XD:

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Umm...I like it!~:)
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Oh my goodness! You did it in the new style! I love it!
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Yesss! I really like drawing in BTTS-style. <3
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did you make this with the new style?
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Yep! It's actually a little easier for me than the normal style. :)
raphieboy125's avatar awesome! i luv it!!!! :D
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