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Windows 8.1 Update1 RTM Dark Aero


This Theme requires Patching. or…

The theme has the following changes compared to the Default RTM theme.

1. Inactive border color follows active border color, just slightly darker.

2. Windows 7 style like minimize, maximize and red close button etc.

3. Black text in Windows Borders and ThumbnailLivePreview changed to white.

How to use/install:
Copy the 4 folders and the 12 .theme files (.theme) to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.
You may need to take ownership and full control of the folder C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.

There are 3 themes included.
One with a modified Taskbar as seen on the picture, and one with the default Windows 8.1 Taskbar+1 with the default Windows 8.1 caption buttons.

Update 06-30-2014
Theme has been updated
Bugfix on MK II and MK III
MK IV added

Update 06-23-2014
Theme has been updated

Update 03-08-2014
The 3 themes has been updated for Windows 8.1 Update1

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pauloskinner's avatar
Thank you for this theme. I've been looking for a solution for the white text on the tittlebar for days. Found your theme today, on my birthday :) Thank you so much. I would love for you to detail the diferences between MK II, III and IV, because I can't notice any diference. But it's no biggie, the theme is perfect! Thank you! 
LOuroboros's avatar
Finally. The Windows 8.1 theme is everything I wanted, Windows 8.1's theme with white color for the title bars. It's absolutely baffling that this seems to be the only single theme working correctly on the internet. I tried like 3 different ones and they all had the disgusting jump list bug.
Thanks dude, seriously.
no longer works
taskbar dont work
no black screen
DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
ScarXL's avatar
Oh my god thank you so much, The MK IV Dark Aero theme worked wonders! I have the exact buttons I needed, title bar text, and context menu seems to be fixed!

ScarXL's avatar
The only problem I have with this theme is the 3 buttons at the top right of a window, can you send me a theme file with the default buttons but they are white?
math0ne's avatar
Would live this for windows 10
TxusMetal4ever's avatar
Finally, a theme fully compatible with 8.1 that can be downloaded and doesn't seem to be broken and displays as expected.
Many thanks for this.
ArunFx's avatar
Pls make one for windows 10
great, thanks!
undead003's avatar
I like this. The name scheme is something I don't like, but it works and doesn't cause problems.
Really hope you will port this theme to Windows 10 when it RTMs. It looks great. 
thanks a lot :)
What is the difference between MK1, MK2
All themes in this just show the default orange windows theme with black text.
How does wallpaper color effect the color of text?
How dark does the dark wallpaper have to be to get white text?

Win8.1 Update3 plus latest MS updates.
roybm's avatar
i have the same issue
siouxcrstn's avatar
Great JOBs. Have a nice day ahead
Could you make alternative versions without color on Big Red Close Button in active window, please? Everybody knows it is there, no needs to misdirect visual attention. In that case active vs. inactive windows can be distinguished by the same color, different intensity, f.e. inactive can be lighter. Thanx.
madswh's avatar
Meh, hoped this would work on Windows 10, but they must have changed something, cause it doesnt :(
PLAY3R-ON3's avatar
this is the only windows 8.1 theme out there that looks the way it should without any glitches. good job man.
Danielys's avatar
Nice, but the taskbar is still the same, how can i change it? It stays the same no matter whate theme i choose.
Which version do you use, aero stealth, aero dark or windows 8.1?
Only Stealth has the black/grey color effect and only on a dark wallpaper.

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