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Windows 8.1 Update1 RTM Dark Aero



This Theme requires Patching. or…

The theme has the following changes compared to the Default RTM theme.

1. Inactive border color follows active border color, just slightly darker.

2. Windows 7 style like minimize, maximize and red close button etc.

3. Black text in Windows Borders and ThumbnailLivePreview changed to white.

How to use/install:
Copy the 4 folders and the 12 .theme files (.theme) to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.
You may need to take ownership and full control of the folder C:\Windows\Resources\Themes.

There are 3 themes included.
One with a modified Taskbar as seen on the picture, and one with the default Windows 8.1 Taskbar+1 with the default Windows 8.1 caption buttons.

Update 06-30-2014
Theme has been updated
Bugfix on MK II and MK III
MK IV added

Update 06-23-2014
Theme has been updated

Update 03-08-2014
The 3 themes has been updated for Windows 8.1 Update1

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