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Cheshire Cat

My Cheshire Cat version ^__^
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wanted to show that i used this in a project im doing, youve been credited in the description! I plan on making your artwork the antagonist of this horror project im doing

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He looks like Toothless.
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*inhale* NOOOOOOOOOOOPE *nopes from creepiness*

*JK awesome Pic!*
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Finally a Cheshire Cat that is not a Disney one version. 

Nightgrowler, you're amazing.
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Can I use it as a iPad wall paper
can i use this for the cover of my subteam page
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who's idea was it to make a cat that looked like it  wants to feast on your soul? that's my question. I understand it's wonderland and originally very dark but... these writers had to be on some kind of drugs to write such a story.
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funny u said that
the writer was high when he wrote alice in wonderland
joshpoint0's avatar
GRIFFEY1212's avatar
yeh, he was
I guess we know where all those strange characters come from now
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Perfectly captured.
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hi, i used the shape of your cheshire cat for a daily spitpaint, thought i'd let you know (:…
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what color did u use for the eyes i know its green i mean what shade or shades plz
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So I just posted a link to a friends FB profile, since it's her birthday and she loves this cat.
Thanks for providing me with an awesome picture to do so with!
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Scary. I love it
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i really like it
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It looks so much like Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon.
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seriously he makes me think bout that kind of cat monster from castle crashers!!!
it looks very awesome tho :D
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