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Bravery (Mariam)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello! I am a sophomore in high school that loves to do art. I would love to work on small pieces, and colloabe with beginners like me. I'm not the best artist, but I love to make art, and make people laugh.
Deltarune Lancer Icon by MisyonAnka
squishy lancer icon by Mochiyy


I'm doing this
(joke from the stream)
Springtrap: I killed you so you're all my children now!!! Now let's have fun forever together!!!!
The children: *do literally nothing but try to kill him and talk about how much he sucks all the time*
Pikachu Gasp by GraWolfQuinn
The Four Mimis
From left to right, top to bottom:
And Fell
And they are...
The Four Horsemen of the Cuteness!
Lapis 'Dazzle' Lazuli: DnD Character
Name: Lapis "Dazzle" Lazuli
Race: Gem
Class: Ranger
Backstory: In an alternate universe where Pink Diamond wasn't given the Earth, Dazzle crash landed on Earth after an unknown Alien shattered all of the ship crew and poofed Dazzle. Dazzle's gem fell into a river, ever so often drifting along with the strong stream.

A few weeks after she crash lands on Earth, a King finds Dazzle's gem and places it into a mirror, hoping it will make it magical for the women in his family. And it did, by imprisoning the poor gem, forced to look at freedom that was always out of reach.

Generations when by, and Dazzle quickly hated her existence as a mirror, contently having to tell the royal family how they look, agreeing with everything they say, and generally being an object they can brag about. She learns to be sarcastic and talk in the third person to get on their nerves, which was very entertaining. Whenever they try to get her to talk, she kept quite; she was always a quite gem, keeping to herself. Overall, she hated the royal family and did anything to make them leave her alone.

However, one day Dazzle makes a friend: A young princess. She learns that the princess was locked up in her room with Dazzle, all because she was a girl, and the current King and Queen wanted a boy, so they locked her up so no one would know of her.

Every day for the next 16 years, Dazzle and the girl would make each other laugh, do tricks with whatever they can find, and Dazzle would tell stories about her time in space. Those years were nice; they finally learned what true friendship was.

One day, the princess, now 18, tells Dazzle some terrible news: She was to be kicked out of the castle. Shocked at this news, Dazzle asks why. The princess explains that the prince, now the king, is kicking the princess out so he can have the throne all  to himself. Dazzle knew what had to be done. She tells the princess to take the gem out of the mirror. More or less a little confused, the princess does. After 1,000 years of being imprisoned, Dazzle finally reforms, looking like a hunter, and swore to the princess that she will get her thorn back.

After a very carefully played assassination, the King is killed, and the princess became the Queen. Seeing as her job was done and she was no longer needed, Dazzle leaves and finds the Coastal Rangers Guild and learns the ways of being a ranger.

With her new knowledge, Dazzle is on a new quest: Learn how to go home to Homeworld.
Vion: DnD Character
So happy 1 year anniversary to me I guess. I think I'm going to upload a bunch of stuff I've been stockpiling. Starting with this
Name: Vion
Race: Spiderfolk
Class: Fighter
Backstory: When Vion was very young, she was raised along side humans and learned to enjoy the humanoids around her. She had a childhood sweet heart by the name of Simon Shadeeye, who didn't care that Vion was half spider, he loved her like it was the end of the world.

However, as Vion got older, her lust for blood grew, and often times she found herself almost webbing someone out of instant. One night, she lured a bully into a trap and killed him, finally tasting human blood for the first time.

When everyone learned of this, including Shadeeye, they sent her off to the nearby Spiderfolk colony so they can be far away from her bloodlust. Vion learned the ways of her own kind, and adapted quite well, continuing to fuel her thirst for blood. Now a great hunter and excellent trapper, Vion is looking to hunt bigger and taster prey, while still keeping her old frenemy, Shadeeye, safe from becoming spider chow.
Hey it's almost my one year anniversary. I should probably do something.
My Valentine's Day
Yeah... Started off great, but then... I've cried.... And I'm still sad... ;-;
The Censorship Sign
SO, my good friend Angry-Bird-762 , drew a picture of Mimi holding a sign that says "CENSORED FOR YOUR PROTECTION" So naturally, I made a comic.
Challenge Accepted: Princess-vaeGa
Challenge from Princess-vaeGa .
In all honesty, mine looks like a five year old drew it and Princess' looks like the parent's version.
Elf Mimi
At my school, my homeroom was going todo the hoilday door decoration, however, after one of our fellow students did a heartfelt speech (Which made me cry) about her conserns about our club homeroom and how we gone soft. So we dropped out. But I still had this elf Mimi so I though, well, might as well post this. So here we are!
Jade Winter Outfit
Since Christmas is coming up, I thought to draw a picture of Jade in a winter themed outfit. I really love how It came out.
So enjoy!
Ok so! I am opened to any suggestions you need for art related things! I can draw a few things, but I mostly do sketches of characters. Here's what you can ask me to do!

You can ask me to sketch:
  • Dragons without wings
  • Unusual creature fusions and anything of that matter
  • Weapon designs from a normal sketch, to totally out there anime style
  • Anime eye designs (Can't do two eyes... -.___-.)
And yeah... That's all!


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