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Chapter 16- Time with Steve, Vision, Sam and Bucky

Tony entered a room to look at his team mates like they were crazy. Peter, Steve, Thor, Clint, Bucky, Vision and Sam were all, well,
Tony didn't actually knew.

Bucky and Vision were on the couch rolled in white bed sheets, and Sam was in a web cocoon in the middle of the room on a giant spider web, looking like he was enjoying himself.
Thor had a rolled paper in his hand, Clint had a fly swatter, and Steve had a shoe. And they were laughing.

Peter was somehow balancing himself on Steve's shoulders, Tony will never understand how, and Steve was laughing while wiggling his shoulders. Clint appeared behind them and tried to swat the spider but Peter jumped on the ceiling and crawled, then jumped on Clint's back.
''AAAH! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!'', Clint said in fake panic. Steve tried to swat Peter with his shoe but Peter jumped again and this time on Thor, ''Oh no! The mighty beast is trying to eat me! MY FRIENDS! I NEED YOUR HELP!'', ''Hold on Thor!'', Clint screamed.
''Now I shall clame my meal!'', Peter said, but then he felt a shoe on his back and fake fell on the floor in a dramatic way. ''Oh no! The pain! The PAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIN! Why meee?!''
''Catch the spider!'', Steve yelled, and they all started to hit Peter with their weapons, though they were gentle. Peter laughed and said 'OK! OK! I give!'', and he took a white tissue from his pocket and wiggle it in the air.
''WE HAVE WON!'', Thor boomed and they started to do a victory dance.

Then Clint saw Tony, ''Hi Tony. Holy shit!'', Clint started to laugh at the look on Tony's face. ''What the fuck?!'', Tony answered back, ''I don't even want to ask, but my curiosity is a b****, sooo?".
''It's a game.'', Sam explained. ''Yeah, I got it, but still, what the fuck?!''. Steve didn't bothered to say 'language' because he would have the same reaction if he was in Tony's place, a guy was in a web cocoon in the middle of the room for the love of. In fact, he was laughing too hard to care.

''It's called 'Catch the Spider'.'', Clint started, ''I'm the spider, or sometimes Nat, but now she is in the city.'', Peter said, ''Nat plays this too?'', ''Yup.'', Bucky said. ''And we gotta catch the spider before he catches us. If he does, he puts us in cocoons.'', Steve said, ''It's far cozier than it looks like.'', Sam said, still delighted, ''But then we realized that we might waste Peter's webs, plus it might take a while to clean it up even with web solvent, plus Bucky didn't feel comfortable with spider webs, so we went for sheets.''.

Tony had his ''Uhuh'', face then looked at them again, ''You wanna play?'', Vision said, ''No.'', then the door slammed open, ''Gosh, you guys played without ME AGAIN?!'', Natasha said. Tony exited the room.


It was 5 in the morning, but for Steve this was the perfect time to go running. He was about to leave when Jarvis said ''Captain Rogers, Peter is in the gym, do you wish me to ask him if he wants to join?'', ''Peter is awake? I'll go there.''.

In the gym:

Steve entered the gym to find no one, or this is how he believed, ''Hi Cap.'', Steve jumped when Peter said that from the ceiling.'', ''Hi Pete, Steve, please.'', Peter jumped on the floor and smiled, ''Why are you awake at this hour? Can't sleep?'', ''Wha? No, no, I'm a morning person, usually I come here at 6 or 7 but now I woke up earlier, sooo...'', Steve chuckled, ''Want to come on a morning run with me?'', ''Sure.'', ''Great, let's go to the kitchen first.''. Peter lifted one eyebrow and followed.

When they arrived in the kitchen, Steve took 8 eggs, and cracked 4 in a glass and 4 in another and handed one to Peter. ''You like raw eggs?'', ''Yup.'', Peter took it and saw Steve gulp down his own glass, Peter then looked for a fork. He picked one up and started to beat/mix the eggs with it. Steve made a face, Peter licked the fork and put it in the sink then started to drink his own raw eggs. After he finished he licked his lips, ''yum''. Steve smiled and said ''Let's go.''.

''Sam and Bucky will be joining us as well.'', Steve said while walking in the park with Peter, ''Awesome.''. While Peter started doing his warm ups Steve ran 5 times around the lake, then came Bucky and Sam, and they started running.

Peter was running with Sam while Steve and Bucky were looking like they were racing each other, ''On your left!'', Steve, ''On your right!'', Bucky. Sam sighed annoyed and Peter smirked, there was no one there anyway, he picked the man up and put him on his shoulders, ''What the-?!'', ''Hold on!'', and Peter ran. In a few seconds he ran past Steve and Bucky who made a face when Peter said ''On the middle!'', and Sam laughed ''YEAH! SHOW 'EM!''.

They had a fun time. Sam sat down to rest and Steve went to him. Bucky and Peter were still running. ''Does that kid even need to breath? He looks like he didn't even broke a sweat.'', Sam asked looking at them. ''My guess is that Peter is working on stamina instead of speed.''

After a rather pleasant sparring session for both of them, Peter and Steve, both having bruised eyes and bloody noses and fists, were sitting down, cleaning up and drinking water. ''So... Peter, how much can you lift?'', Peter looked at Steve, then, ''I have no idea, I never asked myself that.'', ''How about we find out?'', Steve said, getting up and showing to Peter to follow.

They went to a weight rack, and Steve said ''Tony designed these specially for me, how about you give it a try?'', ''Uh, sure.'', then he went to what looked the heaviest. He grabbed it with one hand, ''Um, Peter, that one is-'', and lifted it, ''-800 pounds... with one hand... damn it.'', he muttered the last words, then regained his voice as Peter slowly put it down and said ''Perhaps we should try with something heavier.''.

''MOVIE NIGHT!!!'', Tony screamed excited over the tower to make sure all the avengers remembered, Bruce sighed, walking with him, ''How are you always so excited? It's not your turn to pick.'', ''Yet. But that doesn't mean I can't manipulate the person who picks, to chose-'', ''It's Natasha.'', ''Fuck, I forgot. But HEY! It's Natasha, at least we don't get to watch romance.'', ''What is so bad about romance?'', ''See my dear Bruce, it's-'', and they continued chatting until they got in the garage, cause Bruce forgot to take something from the car. Then, they saw Steve, and Peter, who had like the biggest car over his head with one hand. ''I'm not even gonna ask. Damn you curiosity, what are you 2 dorks doing?'', Tony asked them.

''Trying to see how much I can lift.'', Peter said putting down the car, ''And failing miserably.'', Steve said, then continued, ''Do we have something heavier?'', ''Try the quinjet.'', Bruce suggested, ''Good idea, let's go.'', Peter said running up the stairs, with Steve in his track, ''MOVIE NIGHT IN 1 HOUR!'', Tony yelled with hands near his mouth.


Peter fell asleep during the movie and the others were either eating or planning a prank for the next week. ''So, how did it go?'', Bruce asked Steve, stuffing his mouth with chips, ''Hm? He lifted up the quinjet in one hand.'', Tony spat out the cola he was drinking and gave him a look, ''You're not serious.'', ''Yep, he got it over his head.'', ''With one hand?'', Tony, ''The quinjet must have at least 10 tons.'', ''I'm having second thoughts about pulling a prank on him.'', Clint said, then scratched his chin, ''Nah, I'll prank him in the morning.'', ''And I got an idea. Why doesn't Peter try out Thor's weights?'', ''Are you sure Tony?'', Steve asked ''Well I am most excited to find out so why not?'', Thor stated.

''You want me to do what?!'', Peter asked quiet nervous, ''Relax, it's just a little strength test.'', Sam said, ''But those things look very heavy, and I don't know how much I can lift!'', Peter said biting his fist. ''Let me show you how they work.'', Tony said putting an arm around his shoulders, ''Those huge metal things are heavy, each of them weights up to 5 tons, I'll be controlling the machine, which will keep giving you more and more of those, you'll just have to hold it, and tell me when to stop, and I'll stop. Sounds good?'', he smiled, but Peter sweat dropped and nodded, Thor clapped his back and said ''I am sure you'll do well.''.

After calming down he lifted one weight with one hand over his head. Tony started the machine. A claw put another one on top of the first one, then repeated. 15 tons and he put both his hands up. 20.25.30.
By now Peter started to sweatdrop  and at 35 he crouched down. ''Peter! Tony!'', Steve yelled, but Peter said ''No! I'm fine, I can do this.'', and he got up and held tight.40.45. With each weight he started to slowly crouch down 50. 55. His legs were trembling, so were his arms. 60. His knee touched the ground.65. ''Alright! You can stop it now!'', the machine stopped.

He tried getting up, but his body was trembling, then said ''A little help?'', Thor then picked up the weights and put them down when Peter got out.
''Oh, my arms... I gotta lift more.'', They wanted to kick his ass for that joke.

Bucky walked down the hall, it was late in the night, and he couldn't sleep. He passed my a door, and could swear he heard some singing. In...Romanian? He listened.

''Rău mă dor ochii mă dor,
De durerea frunzelor,
Si mă fac si iar mă fac,
Vârf de brad si vârf de fag.''

Bucky entered the room saing ''Pete?'', Peter screeched. ''Sorry, didn't mean to scare ya'. Nice singing.'', ''T-thanks.'', Peter said blushing.
''Can't sleep?'', They both asked each other at the same time, then laughed. ''No. I just came from patrol and I am not tired yet.'', ''Neither am I.'', ''You look tired tho.'', Bucky looked at him then scratched his head. ''Yeah, just woke up from a nasty dream. Thought that walking would help out.'', Peter showed him to sit down on his bed.

The man looked nervous but did so, ''How do you do it?'', ''How do I do what?'', Peter asked confused, ''Being happy all the time.'', Peter looked at the man then almost like a laugh he looked down and said ''That's just a face.'', Bucky frowned, ''What do you mean?'', ''Well I... uh how do I put it? Just think for the best.'', Bucky hummed at that answer and looked down, ''Do you have nasty dreams?'', ''Sometimes.'', 'All the time.I'm just used to them.'. ''Do you wanna talk about that dream?'', ''Nah. I'm just bored out of my mind. Tell me something.'', Peter looked at him, then around, ''The weather is great.'', ''A story.'', ''Once upon a time, a princess named Snow White-'', ''I was jocking.''.

Peter laughed. ''Something real. Or at least invent something. There is nothing on tv.'', ''...I think I have something.'', ''Go ahead. We don't have anything better to do.'', ''Well, there once was a kid. A nerd to be exact, he wasn't much of an athlete neither had a lot of friends. His name was Ben.'', Peter scratched his head, then continued.
''One day, Ben got those awesome powers through a lab accident, but didn't thought about doing anything with them but defend himself against his bully. One night, he witnessed a robbery and didn't do anything to stop the robber, and that robber killed his uncle. He was devastated and only his aunt and girlfriend could console him. In that moment he understood that with great power comes great responsibility and became a hero... He made lots of enemies, and one day, when he was about to get it, he was saved by the captain of the police. That man was the father of his girlfriend. The fight costed him his life, and his death wish to Ben was that he left his daughter out of this, 'cause he knew who Ben was. And Ben promised.''.

''That's... a life lesson.'', ''There's more.'', Peter said, then continued ''He had learned a lot of things during his years of heroism. He learned how to be kind, in who to trust, what sort of people were out there, and that he wouldn't be able to protect the ones he loved forever.'', Peter's voice cracked but just a bit, and he coughed. ''He wore a mask. Not only to protect his identity and the people he cared about, but also to hide his emotions, so villains won't see his fury. But he decided to show his face to the girl he loved, so he broke the promise. She was shocked to find out who he was, but nonetheless still loved him, but as consequence for breaking the promise, he kept seeing her father, not knowing if it was a hallucination that kept repeating itself or if he was being haunted, and in the end she... If it was one more thing he learned, it was from her.''.

He looked down, then continued. ''We all think that we're immortal, we're supposed to feel that way. But, what makes life valuable is, that it doesn't last forever, what makes it precious is that it ends, and that, time is luck, so don't waste it living someone else's life, and make yours count for something. Fight for what matters for you, no matter what, 'cause even if we fall short, what better day is there to live?'', Peter looked straight into Bucky's eyes, making the man wonder if he knows about his past or dreams.

''She knew that even when we feel hopeful, there will always be dark days ahead of us too. There will be days where you fell all alone, and that's when hope is needed most.'', He swallowed, then continued ''One day, his friend fell ill. And he needed his help. He couldn't help his friend, even if he knew him from childhood. His friend was dying, and the thought that he wasn't helped by who he counted on most broke him. Mentally.''. 

Peter stretched his back and clenched his fists tight, but hide them under his legs. ''And he came after him.'', Peter frowned, ''He injected himself with radioactive venom and got super powers too, and they fought. Thing is... Ben's girlfriend got caught in this fight too. And in the middle of the fight... she fell from the tower she was in.'', Bucky was curious of what was happening next.

''Ben jumped after her, she was looking straight into his eyes, hoping he would save her. She didn't scream, she trusted him. He did grabbed her, but not in time.'', Peter blinked a few times to hide the tears and continued, voice normal, ''He lost her, and couldn't move on. But he remembered what she taught him. What she made him promise to her. That no matter how bad it gets, how lost he felt, he will hold on to hope. So he kept it alive, and inspired people to have hope always. And that we have to remember who we are, and what we're meant to be.'', Peter finished. Bucky stared at him, then said ''2 things. 1. This is some deep shit dude. And 2. Did you just invented this?', but decided to nod and get up, ''No, you know what? Don't tell me. I think is better if I don't know. Thanks for the story by the way.'', he smiled and ruffled Peter's hair.
Before he go, he turned towards Peter and asked, "What was her name?", Peter looked at him, then smiled, "Her name, was Gwen."

''I'll go get some sleep. You too. Get some sleep. It's late. 'Night Pete.'', ''Good night Buck.'', The man smiled and exited the room. When Peter couldn't hear his footsteps anymore, his smile faded and muttered quietly ''I didn't invent it.''.

''Vision? Are you ok? Do you want me to stop hugging you? You're tense every time I do so.'', Peter said, his arms around Vision's neck while his chest was touching the android's back. ''It's not this Peter, It's only... I am not used to someone else showing affection to me but Wanda.'', Peter let him go and jumped on the couch near him, ''Dude, only because the others don't hug you doesn't mean they don't care. Everyone shows affection in their own way. Natasha for example, she shows affection while threatening our lives. Last week she said that she is planning on killing us one by one in different ways. That was so adorable for for her to say this.'', Peter smiled, saying that honestly and giggling, ''And then there's Clint, he pranks people, that's his way of saying 'Love 'ya you dork.'', ''Thor shows his excitement every day, Steve smiles all the time, Tony and Bruce don't tinker in the lab to spend time with us. I hug. etc.''.

Vision stared at him, not realizing that what Peter said was true and that he didn't ever thought about it until now. Natasha just said she'll murder him yesterday, Clint threw glitter in his face, and Steve smiled at him. They all did their things all the time. How could he not think about it.

He laughed, ''Guess I'm not really perceptive huh?'', ''Well, you have us to show you.'', Peter smiled back at him.

Next and last chapter-  The Amazing SpidermanChapter 17: Time with Peter
Finally the last one, woooooo! #TASM #Avengers #SpidermanandAvengerscrossover
Peter finally finished cleaning his wound, he took a needle and started sewing it until Clint came in the med bay. They stared at each other for 3 seconds straight then Clint was first to broke the silence, ''THE FUCK?! WHY DIDN'T YOU ASK FOR HELP?! THERE'S A HUGE LITERALLY GASH IN YOUR ABDOMEN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!'', And Peter stared at him until Clint didn't have anymore breath and calmed down, and came in front of him, ''When Jarvis said you are here I didn't know it will be this bad. What were you-'', ''Clint, please. Take a deep breath.'', He did so, ''Let it out, good, repeat 5 times. Good, now, I knew I forgot to do something, didn't know it was to hack into Jarvis.'', ''Are you hacking into Jarvis?! How many times had this happened? And why?!'', ''Yes, a lot, and because I didn't need help.'', ''You have a gash in your abdomen. A huge MF-ing gash.'', ''Listen Clint,

Prev-  The Amazing SpidermanChapter 15: Time with Thor

Peter and Thor get along really well, this is why they were having lots of fun all the time, even in missions.
But you can't have fun when you need to distract a dozen of people. Or maybe?
''Psst. Spider Man.'', Thor whispered, making the wall crawler to look at him from his spot from the ceiling. ''Let's do 'Get help'.'', he suggested. ''That thing that Loki told us not to do? Yeah, let's do it.''.
''HELP!'', The guards turned towards the voice pointing their weapons. ''PLEASE! MY FRIEND IS DYING!'', And then ''HELP HIM!!!'', Thor threw Spider Man towards the guards, knocking them out. Spidey got up and said, ''That. Was. Awesome! How come that Loki doesn't like it?'', ''Eh, he does, on the inside.'', ''Can we do it again?!'', ''Of course!''.
''HELP! GET HELP! MY FRIEND IS DYING! HELP HIM!!!'', Spidey screamed towards more guards and threw Thor to them, and it was funnier since they hadn't expected a tiny guy like him to throw someone three times his

Here's the song if you wanna listen. 
There are more versions of it, of course, but I had to decide which one to put here, cause I couldn't put more, and I decided for this one. Hope you like it.
In the next chapter, it is the avenger's turn to take care of Peter. Time with Peter.
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