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Chapter 15: Time with Thor

Peter and Thor get along really well, this is why they were having lots of fun all the time, even in missions.
But you can't have fun when you need to distract a dozen of people. Or maybe?

''Psst. Spider Man.'', Thor whispered, making the wall crawler to look at him from his spot from the ceiling. ''Let's do 'Get help'.'', he suggested. ''That thing that Loki told us not to do? Yeah, let's do it.''.

''HELP!'', The guards turned towards the voice pointing their weapons. ''PLEASE! MY FRIEND IS DYING!'', And then ''HELP HIM!!!'', Thor threw Spider Man towards the guards, knocking them out. Spidey got up and said, ''That. Was. Awesome! How come that Loki doesn't like it?'', ''Eh, he does, on the inside.'', ''Can we do it again?!'', ''Of course!''.

''HELP! GET HELP! MY FRIEND IS DYING! HELP HIM!!!'', Spidey screamed towards more guards and threw Thor to them, and it was funnier since they hadn't expected a tiny guy like him to throw someone three times his size. They did not had time to react as they saw a body hitting them and knocking them out.

''WOOO!'', Spider Man said punching the air with both his fists. ''My turn!'', Thor said getting up.

Loki from wherever he is: *Shiver* ''The hell is wrong with them?!''
Random guard: What?
Loki: Nothing.

''Peter are you ready for training?'', Steve asked Peter while the boy was putting on his sneakers. He loved training with the kid, he was a great sparring partner, sure, Natasha, and Bucky were too, but Peter had speed and strength at his side, though he knew he was holding back, and Peter knew his stuff with fighting so it was great.

''Yes!'', Peter said hopping there. Steve chuckled and was about to go when he felt a huge hand clasp his shoulder. ''I'd like to go this time Captain. May I?'', ''Thor? Ah, sure, of course.'', ''Thor is gonna spar with me? Awesome.''.

They both took their fighting stances, each starring the other down. ''Peter is sparring with Thor?! I gotta see this!'', Pietro exclaimed excited, sitting down with his sister and Vision, watching the 2 through a thick window, the other avengers joining soon, they figured it would be safer to stand in another room to watch if someone was sparring in a serious way. ''Peter!'', Tony called from the room, making the young man to look up ''Thor isn't joking around, okay?! Don't hold back!''.

Peter watched them all nod through the window, then looked at Thor again, ''I assure you, you have no reason of holding back. Come at me with all you've got.'', Peter sweated, then smiled ''Then I'm going to nail your nose.'', Thor laughed ''You're my guest.''.

Then Peter slammed his foot into the ground so hard that it cracked and charged at incredible speed towards Thor, going for a punch. Though Thor grabbed his fist and pushed it to the side, Peter losing his balance for a moment, he saw in a slow motion the god's hand going for his neck. 'The same move that May used on my.', Peter planted his right foot in front of him and stopped Thor's hand just in time, then took a distance, ''What the-'', he murmured as he saw Peter charging again, even faster than before.

''HAH!'', Peter then punched again, Thor stopping his fist with his palm, though, after a blink, Peter roared and pushed hard, shocking and pushing Thor as well, the god pushed that fist to the side but Peter twisted, head down, and went for a kick, that the god didn't manage to catch in time, he dodged but the kick scratched his cheek a little.

''Wow, Peter really isn't holding back.'', Wanda said but Natasha commented ''I don't agree.'', ''Huh?'', ''What do you mean?'', Pietro asked, ''Look at his movements.'', ''Peter fights like that with me, perhaps he is using just a little more strength, that's all.'', Steve said. ''Maybe that's all he can do?'', Wanda asked, ''He punched an alien on the head so hard that it fainted, the alien was 1 block huge.'', Clint said. ''Then if what you say is true, then why is he holding back?'', Pietro asked looking back at the fight where Peter went for punches and kicks, ''One of the 2 reasons. Peter still doesn't know if he should hold back.'', Bruce said, ''Or because Thor is holding back as well.'', Tony finished.

Peter was going for another punch, then out of a sudden, his senses exploded and he dodged a fist coming for his side, then a kick coming for the head, then he started dodging more blows that were coming faster and stronger. He started attacking as well, with more speed and strength, until Thor grabbed his wrist, lifted it up and went behind him slamming the hand down, a sick crack coming from his shoulder as Peter screamed in shock and pain.

The others gasped. ''It's over.'', Thor said, but Peter growled, jumped and made a flip, landing in front of Thor who was still holding his arm, then kicked him in the stomach hard. Thor coughed and released the hand as he was thrown away a good distance, when he regained his balance he watched Peter panting, holding his now dislocated shoulder. He grabbed it and slammed it towards his body, another crack sound coming out of it, then he twisted his hand to see if things are okay. Yep. All good.

He turned towards Thor and smiled ''Thor, please don't hold back anymore.'', ''Really? You sure? I have pretty much.'', Peter laughed and scratched his head, ''Well, I used only 20%'', ''WHAT?!'', the others yelled. ''Ok then.'', Thor said, then charged, Peter jumped out of the way but Thor caught up to him and went for the attacks, Peter was forced in defence while being pushed back, when he saw an opening he started kicking, up, down, twist kick, mid air kick. He was relaying more on kicks and everyone observed that a long time ago, Peter was more of a kicker, but that didn't meant he doesn't know how to punch. His every move is calculated and waiting for an opening or to trick his opponent until he used a punch, that worked on Steve once.

Thor then grabbed Peter's foot and slammed him into the ground. Peter coughed as Thor sat on his stomach and lifted his fists, seeing this the younger boy lifted his arms to protect his face. Thor punched repeatedly into his arms, harder than before, and each harder than the last. Peter growled and punched Thor in the stomach, it wasn't a hard punch but enough to stumble the god, then he quickly pushed his hips to the side, making Thor to lose his balance and fall. Peter then got up and took a distance. His arms still trembling. He lifted them to look at them, then smiled ''That was amazing Thor! Let's continue!'', Thor smiled and him and Peter both attacked again, now Peter keeping up with him, until Peter blocked a punch from Thor and grabbed his shoulder, then punched him 3 times in the nose so hard that his head faced the ceiling. The god kicked his attacker away and wiped his nose only to find it broken and blood pouring out of it. He wiped the blood again and grabbed his nose and put it back in place, a crack coming out of it. Then looked at Peter, ''I told you I will nail your nose.'' he told him, though he was panting now.

Thor smirked and took his hammer, charged again, Peter dodged, and hitting when he saw an opening, though the hits were dodged, until, half of hour of him dodging and the god not landing a single blow, Thor growled and summoned lightnings, and then blasted them at Peter, before the avengers could yell at him to stop, and Peter, who didn't had time to dodge, was slammed against the wall by said lightnings, as he screamed.

When the lightnings stopped, Thor looked at him with worry, but did not approach as Peter actually managed to stand on his legs, ''THOR! WHAT THE HELL?!'', Tony screamed. Peter's body trembled hard. ''No one... ever hit me so hard before.'', he managed, then when he looked up at Thor he was smiling again. He clenched his fists excited as steam still came out of him and his hair looked all fluffy, ''That was amazing Thor! Do it again!'', ''Peter I'm sorry, and I'm afraid not, are you o-'', ''I'm fine! Please Thor! Do it again! I promise I can dodge it this time!'', ''Has that blow hit his head?!'', Sam asked looking down, ''I believe that he is a masochist.'', Bucky suggested. ''I can hear you guys!'', Peter yelled at the window. ''It's okay, continue!'', Captain said, ''Wait what?! Are you insa-'', Tony was cut off by Natasha ''Just look at him, he is truly enjoying this, otherwise he would've asked to stop since Thor dislocated his shoulder.'', Tony looked down at both of them who were smiling and swallowed. ''They both are enjoying this. Imagine it, Thor couldn't use this amount of strength when he was sparring us, besides Hulk, imagine how it is for Peter, not being able to fight at his fullest out there. But with him he can.'', Steve explained.

Thor looked at Peter who was not trembling anymore but panting. ''Are you sure Peter?'', ''Yes!''. Then the god smiled and pointed his hammed at Peter, lightnings engulfing it and soon, he blasted them at Peter who closed his eyes. His spider sense showing him the dangers that were approaching at full speed. A big one to the left, 2 twins on the right, 4 left, 1 down, 3 right, 1 in front 2 big ones in up. He opened his eyes and charged towards the lightnings as he dodged each one jumping, bending, flipping, left, right, up, down, none of them hit him, and soon he jumped, the 2 big ones that were the last coming right for him.

Then he webbed at the ceiling and at the floor and twisted his body as he went right through them and landed on Thor's hammer then kicked him hard in the face. Thor screamed as he was thrown back and the others gasped in shock. Thor lost the hammer and Peter ran to him and grabbed his legs ''OKAY!'', then he started spinning faster and faster, Thor actually had to shut his eyes tight, managing to open just one of them. With a scream Peter threw Thor into a wall, the god falling down, not moving.

Peter looked at him from his fighting stance. Then, ''Thor?'', he slowly walked towards him, ''Ahhh nooo. He was doing so good until now.'', Tony said slapping his face, ''C'mon Peter, don't fall for it.'', Natasha whined as the others sighed.

Now Peter was in front of Thor, ''Thor are you alright?'', then his spider senses exploded 'OH C'MON!', he thought as he dodged a blow but was grabbed by the neck in a choke hold, he tried to release himself but the both fell on the ground, Peter trying to escape with punches and kicks and twists, but in vain, Thor holding one arm the boy's neck, the other grabbed his wrists, and his legs were grabbed by his own. He chocked and struggled to breath as he held his chin down, but that helped only a little, he observed that the god was holding his hands close to his arm. As he was going out of air fast he clenched his teeth and shut his eyes tight until he patted the man's arm. Thor immediately released him after that. Peter took big gulps of air and coughed. ''I don't use such moves, but I wanted to see if you'll fall for that again.''.

After calming down Peter rubbed his neck from his sitting position and murmured a quiet ''Dang it.''. Thor watched him and got up, then offered a hand which Peter took it gratefully. ''You are a mighty opponent, let's spare again.'', ''Awesome.''.

''Oh but Peter.'', ''Yes?", ''I know you still held back. Why?'', ''Ah, w-well, you held back too, THAT'S STUPID! Sorry, I-I mean-'', ''Calm down dear, just tell me.'', Peter sighed and said ''I'm sorry, I guess I'm still not used to it.'', ''...How about this, you show me all you can do through the next attack then I'll show you some more of my strength. How is this?'', ''Really? Okay then...''.

They took a distance, then Peter clenched his fists so hard that they cracked. The sound was loud and Thor smirked. ''I won't hold back. I'm coming Thor!'', ''I'm waiting.'', Then in the next moment Peter was in front of him, and punched. The air around them bursted and the window the others were starring through cracked, making them flinch. ''Holy shit.'', Clint murmured, ''Imagine being punched by that, poor alien.'', then Natasha ''Still...'', Thor grabbed Peter's wrist, which was trembling from the strength Peter used and is still using to push, 'He stopped my strongest punch.', he thought, Peter knew Thor was powerful, but he never got to see that power in action. Thor smirked making Peter gasp, the next thing the spider knew, was that he was thrown in the air, then saw Thor jump and punch him down hard enough to make a crater in the ground.

''Are you alright Peter?'', He said as he was on the ground, seeing Peter getting up from the crater, ''Phew, yeah.'', Thor helped him get out then clasped his shoulders, ''That was a great sparring young Peter, I look forward to do it again, you truly are a mighty opponent and I enjoyed fighting you.'', ''I-I could say the same.'', Peter added shyly, and no one understood his shy and fighting moods. ''Now.'', Thor added, gently squeezing his shoulders ''Let us shower together.'', he boomed with a huge smile, ''Wait WHAT?!'', ''Well, we are sweaty and dirty so we should shower, c'mon.'', ''Um you go on ahead.'', Peter said lifting his palms and reddening up, ''I-I'll go and wash in my ro-'', ''Nonsense, we are friends so it is obvious that we could share a shower.'', ''But I never shared a shower!'', a long awkward pause, then ''That's even better!'', ''What? WOAH!'', the next thing he knows, he is lifted up, ''I get to be your first bath buddy!'', ''Wai-'', Thor put him on his shoulder and started walking outside, Peter lifted a hand towards the others who were laughing their asses off, and muttering stuff like ''Your turn buddy.'', ''It was great knowing you.''.

Peter muttered ''Help!'', but the others shook their heads and muttered ''You're on your own now buddy.'', ''BETRAYAL!!'', was the last thing Peter muttered.

In the living room:

Everyone could hear the sounds and voices coming for the bathroom. ''Young Peter, why are you wearing a towel?'', They heard as Steve put down some more chips. ''I'm not taking it off! Wait, what are you- NO! Don't come! OH MY GOD! WAH!'', And they heard a fluttering sound, knowing that Thor must have taken the towel, the others poured themselves some soda and quietly opted for what movie to watch.

15 min. later the doors opened and a long white sleeved and long grey sweatpants wearing boy quickly came and sat on the couch and hid his red face in his palms. Thor came in a grey T-shirt and black sweatpants. He leaned on the back of the couch and asked, ''What movie are we watching?'', ''We still haven't decided, Peter how about you, any suggestions?'', Sam asked, ''John Wick.'', ''John Wick? I haven't watched that one. Cool, Let's go.''.

As if only to tease him, and it was, Clint asked Thor, ''How was the shower?'', ''Good, good, though, the water must have been too hot I think, Peter's face is still red.'', 'Is he for real?!', Peter thought looking at him, but his face fell when he saw Thor, plus the others smirking, 'HE'S FAKING IT! HE FAKED ALL ALONG! I FEEL SO BETRAYED!'.

Thor and Peter went on another mission, they were hiding behind a wall, as more guards passed. ''Psst. Thor.'', Thor looked at Spider Man, ''Let's do 'Get help'.'', the god smirked.

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Tony entered a room to look at his team mates like they were crazy. Peter, Steve, Thor, Clint, Bucky, Vision and Sam were all, well,
Tony didn't actually knew.
Bucky and Vision were on the couch rolled in white bed sheets, and Sam was in a web cocoon in the middle of the room on a giant spider web, looking like he was enjoying himself.
Thor had a rolled paper in his hand, Clint had a fly swatter, and Steve had a shoe. And they were laughing.
Peter was somehow balancing himself on Steve's shoulders, Tony will never understand how, and Steve was laughing while wiggling his shoulders. Clint appeared behind them and tried to swat the spider but Peter jumped on the ceiling and crawled, then jumped on Clint's back.
''AAAH! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!'', Clint said in fake panic. Steve tried to swat Peter with his shoe but Peter jumped again and this time on Thor, ''Oh no! The mighty beast is trying to eat me! MY FRIENDS! I NEE

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It has been 11 hours ago when it started. 3 large creatures coming out of a portal. Yeah, Peter knew that they were aliens. And they were freaking annoying, not wanting at all to be defeated no matter how much they were hitting them. They were of different sizes. The biggest one was 3 times Hulks size. It had spikes all over it's body, and it's tail was whipping around, ripping anything in half. It actually managed to hit Hulk and make him stumble a little, bruising his ribs, which was weird because this guy didn't got hurt. The second one was smaller with a head from the first one and was spitting some kind of plasma blasts that were melting any metal. Ironman was standing away from him, especially because it was radiating some kind of electro-magnetic energy. It almost destroyed his web shooters and Tony's costume. The third one was Hulk's size in how tall it was. It was the smallest one but the worst. It's tail was having spikes with venom.
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