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Happy (Early) Halloween! by NightFurion Happy (Early) Halloween! by NightFurion
Vlad Plasmius chocked on his own blood as he coughed and gurgled, spitting out the pink blood that was offending his throat and stopping him from breathing properly. Ghosts don't need to breath, but it was uncomfortable not to, plus, the pain from his entire body, especially his lungs that were totally stabbed by one of his ribs, were too much.

'Perhaps I went too far with it, or perhaps I shouldn't have underestimaded him.', He thought as he looked up from his kneeling position on the ground, and wondering what just happened with 'Little badger'. Up there, was floating a familiar ghost boy who he fought for so long.
He wanted to show him how strong he had became in space and perhaps take a little revenge for it. He shouldn't have called the boy 'weak'.

Staring down at him, with unholy, crimson, glowing eyes, that had slits, and a smirk on his face that showed unnatural long and big fangs, even for a ghost, was Danny.

''What's the matter Vlad?'', Danny asked, with a low growl, the smirk never leaving his face, retorting with something Vlad asked him just a mere hour ago, ''Too tired?''.

Yep, this will totally happen in the comic.
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October 28, 2018
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