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I know this is random, but the soundtrack from HTTYD trilogy (and seasons) are the total definition of epicness.
How to train your dragon 3 is awesome dudes, like I haven't cried so much at a cartoon show ever since Samurai Jack ended, if you haven't watched it yet you gotta do it, like NOW!
...when they were speaking another language (mostly about him), and 1 time Peter didn't ignore it.
On other words, Peter is multilingual but doesn't talk about it.

#TASM #TASM2 #theavengers #spidermanandavengerscrossover

6. Russian

Peter stood on the couch, relaxing after the long day he had. First of all Otto Octavius decides this was a nice day. Too nice. This is such a peaceful day. Too peaceful. O hey, how about I ruin it?! After that he works almost the entire day in the lab with Bruce and Tony, which doesn't bother him, really, but being too focused on something for too long might take a toll on his eyes and brain.
Then an experiment goes wrong and all of them turned pink. Then Clint laughed his ass off at them all. Turns out that if they touched water the color would change to another. After the effect went off Peter went out patrolling and doesn't come back until it's 10, he would've stayed longer but Tony said ''Peter it's movie night at 10 and if you are 3 seconds late I am going to tickle you the next morning until you can't breath anymore. And I'll have Thor help me.'', That scared him. Those 2 made a great team at tickling people.

So here he was, sitting on the couch and helping the others decide what movie to watch, or not really helping, just giving a suggestion here and there while staring at the ceiling because Bird Brain and Iron Nerd were arguing over 2 movies that had completely nothing to do with Christmas. Honestly, the Christmas eve will be tomorrow. What other occasion to watch Home Alone? Sure, they could do that in any other time of the year but it just wasn't the same if it wasn't this particular holiday.

''Can't we just watch Home Alone?'', ''By the way, I have heard that Macaulay Culkin wants to make a part 3?'', Said Bruce, ''It would be great if it would be the original actors.'', Said Natasha.

Bucky turned towards her and asked: (Bold means they're talking in Russian, I would've put the symbols but I don't wanna make a mistake.)

''What is this movie about? It must be good if Peter insists on us watching it.'' Bucky said in Russian, the others, except for Peter, who was boringly staring at the ceiling ignoring the 2 Russian speakers, ''Oh, it is. A pretty old movie but it is. by the way, what's up with him? He is staring at the ceiling for quiet a while.'', 'I'm staring at the ceiling because I'm too old for the level of immaturity those 2 are emanating, even if I'm 19.', Peter thought moving his head position to rest on one side and staring at the 2 still fighting over a movie. ''Nah, I think he is just too old for the level of immaturity that is emanating from those 2 even if he's only 19.'', Did James just read his thoughts?.

The others started to look nervously at them, thinking that they are planning out some pranks- except for Thor who understood what they were talking very well, as a God, he had the ability of talking any language, even with the animals and insects, Peter could only do that with spiders, anyway, just like Peter he ignored them-, because they were glaring at each one of them, Peter knew that they were doing that out for fun. They did that a couple of times, I'm gonna glare at Steve, Ok, I'll glare at Clint and pretend to talk shit about him. Those 2 were as immature as the rest of the team, they are hopeless without him.

5. Italian

It was Christmas eve and everyone was out shopping. They had decided to split in the mall and Peter was walking with Tony who couldn't decide what to buy for Natasha, he solved out the gift for everyone except for Nat and Peter, and he didn't want Peter to know about his gift. After a while he decided to buy Natasha a diamond ring and some diamond crusted earrings. He bought Pepper the same, only for her was a diamond necklace in plus.

Now it was Peters turn, only that Peter hadn't expected that until Tony started talking in italian with the women from there. ''Lucy is sure is good to see you!'', ''Tony? Tony! How are you doing you nerd? *GASP!* WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR PERFECT FACIAL HAIR?!'', Peter had to turn away and pretend he wasn't listening and instead being interested in some male turtleneck sweaters, biting his tongue to not laugh. It was a prank Clint pulled him, shaving him in his sleep. Gosh he couldn't stop laughing. ''I know.'', Tony said with actual tears ''A great tragedy had been thrust upon me, my friend betrayed me in such a horrific way, he shaved me while I slept, *sniff* my poor beard and moustache.'', he sniffed, gingerly touching his facial skin, the woman comforted him in a 'there there, it will grow back' way.

''Anyway, I came here to buy that guy behind me a present, he is also a friend, one very dear to me.'', Peter's eyes widened and he blushed, thankfully he was still looking away and pretended to ignore him. ''Oh! That is why you aren't speaking english at the moment. But I can't help but wonder, why not french? You forgot I know that too?'', ''Of course not dear, I just prefer italian more.'', ''Pepper likes french, right?'', ''Yeah, but I prefer her calling me yes daddy instead of oui papa.''. The women burst out laughing saying something along the lines 'You do know that it is almost similar with italian right?'', while Peter decided to walk out muttering something about not being so interested in finding out Tony's kink, and in the same time not wanting to spoil what could possibly be on Tony's mind about his gift. He hoped it would be one of those turtleneck sweaters. He liked them.

4. Spanish

After Peter and Tony left the store they had seen Bruce and Clint walking by, so they joined them, wheeen...
''I am telling you Bruce, Peter's favorite color is blue!'', Clint yelled towards Bruce while they were walking, Bruce turned to him irritated ''No, it's red! We have been arguing about this for over an hour, can't you have some faith in me Clint?'', ''I just want to make a nice present for him! And we don't have time anymore! It's blue!'', ''It's red!'', ''He has more blue on his spider suit than red!'', actually it was the same amount, it only seemed that blue was more because it was his pants being blue, but the top was red, with just a few thin stripes of blue, but that didn't count, wait, did it? Now Peter zoomed out and started thinking if it was blue or red the dominating color. He snapped out of it when Bruce said ''That has nothing to do with anything! And it's red the more on his suit!'', ''Blue!'', ''Red!'', ''Blue!'', ''RED!'', ''BLUE!'', ''RED!'', ''BLUE!'', ''RED!'', Tony rolled his eyes but decided not to intervene as the 2 continued. ''Are they seriously not aware of the fact that I understand them? And it's actually yellow.'.

3. Romanian

Peter helped carrying the bought stuff towards the car, he made sure to buy presents as well of course. The best thing is, everyone knew about it and kept asking what was it and Peter kept telling them to wait. He even said that to Steve, who seemed more curious than anyone and even resumed hugging him into making him to give out at least a clue. Peter knew Steve would do that, outside the battle field and from his costume, he was just one big cuddly bear.

They all got in a car and Bucky, out of a sudden, got pale and said ''Băăă, Spider Man's present!'', Steve's eyes widened as well and everyone looked at them not understanding what were they talking about, except for Thor, who again decided to shut up, Peter raised an eyebrow, thinking that Bucky said Spider Man instead of Peter just to not make Peter suspicious, it was pronounced the same in Romanian after all. ''Damn, would it look suspicious if we left now and say we need to take care of unfinished business?'', ''That sounds like you wanna beat someone! ... Good idea Steve, get out of the car!'', ''No! HOLD ON I TAKE IT BACK LET'S FIND ANOTHER EXCU-'', ''We are going to kick someone's ass for being rude, go ahead without us.'', Bucky said towards the others in a dark serious tone, damn he was good. Wonder what they got in mind about the gift.

2. Sign language and some Turkish

They were all decorating the Christmas tree when Peter saw Clint gesturing in the sign language to Tony and Bucky. ''How are we gonna put the gifts under the tree if Peter's here?!'', ''Don't worry, he will go to the bathroom eventually.'', Answered Tony in the sign language as well, Peter rolled his eyes, and continued decorating the tree with yellow globes while stealing a glance now and then. ''Wait, why are we even worrying. And why are you talking about gifts with us?'', Asked Bucky. 

''To piss you of, duh, like this I get my revenge on you guys, because you don't know If I bought you gifts or not!'', 'Which he did, but you guys don't have to know about it.', Thought Peter smirking.

Then Tony started speaking in Turkish, ''You always liked playing ugly bird brain.'', ''Hey, no fair, you know I don't understand that!'', Complained Clint, then Bruce joined and asked, as well in Turkish, only to piss Clint off ''What are you guys doing?'', ''Clint won't tell me if he bought me a gift!'', ''Now that's just rude.'', ''Isn't it? By the way, what color was it anyway?'', Peter left in the kitchen to not spoil the surprise, he could still hear them talk because of his sensitive hearing but decided to not pay anymore attention, especially now that Bucky had joined them in trying to guess what was the color even if he didn't knew what was the topic about, and Clint kept glaring.

1. Old Norse, + all

Peter woke up early, he was at his aunt May's place, of course he decorated the tree and house with her too. He bought her presents, insisted that she open them the next day, they listened and danced on Christmas songs, cooked and baked together, and watched movies.

The next day, as they both were opening presents, they talked and Peter said ''And then they both argued about the colors I liked for another 15 minutes.'', May laughed and said, ''They don't sound so serious.'', ''They're not, outside the battlefield but that's all, Steve actually likes to cuddle a lot, and Natasha is play fighting with Bucky and Clint over the remote all the time, Tony and Thor are always tickling monsters and Bruce, well, he likes tea, a lot, if you say that you think tea isn't cool, he will stare at you for a few days, he doesn't judge, only to tease you.'', ''Oh my God!'', May laughed so hard that she had tears. ''Shouldn't you be there by now?'', ''Nah, we decided that we'd open the presents tonight at 19:00 pm so I could be there too.'', ''They seem to really like you.'', ''Yeah, we love each other, and care about each other a lot. They are overly protective some times.'', ''And you're not?'', ''Not like them.'', ''You broke a bastard's bones for shooting Natasha, she personally told me that.'', Peter gave a nervous laugh at that.

''By the way, do they know yet?'', ''About what? Oh! No, it's just really fun that way.'', ''But doesn't that mean you're eavesdropping?'', ''Not if I am right in front of them.'', ''How did you learn so many languages by your own Peter?'', ''Self taught. And the internet, and some books.'', ''Should't you tell them this night?'', ''I was planning to, but I want to be cool about it too.'', May snorted and laughed.

Later Peter arrived and saw the others waiting for him, ''You are late with 3 minutes and 47 seconds. I am going to tickle you.'', Tony said in a very serious and dark tone, like someone should fear being tickled. Well, damn. ''Sorry, I had to stop by and buy a coffee. Peter laughed putting the half drank mug on the kitchen counter and walking in taking of his coat and muffler.

Then Thor approached him and poked him in the ribs, Peter yelped and asked ''Wait, now?'', Thor nodded and with a huge grin and evil eyes- which was weird because he was the exact opposite- started mercilessly tickling him, Peter laughed so hard that he tried to escape by jumping on the ceiling but failed miserably and fell down on the floor on a fetal position, Tony joined and took his foot, his weak tickle spot.

''How you like that!'', Thor laughed in Iceland, (I just had to chose one of the many old norse languages.) then what surprised them all was Peter yelling in Iceland as well ''OK! OK! I'M SORRY! I CAN'T BREATH ANYMORE!'', they immediately released him and Peter took deep gulps of air still giggling.

Everyone gaped at him and Peter looked up, ''What?'', Thor was the first to recover from the shock and grinned ear to ear, then hugged Peter tight, yelling in Iceland ''MERRY CHRISTMAS PETER!'', ''Merry Christmas to you too Thor.'', Peter started laughing.

Then after they all recovered from the shock decided to roll with it, what, Peter never said he could or couldn't speak another language, sooo... But then

When they were opening presents Bucky turned to Natasha and said in Russian, ''Look what I got from him.'', ''Yeah, me too, look wt these boots and... wait... isn't that the book you always wanted to read?'', ''Yes it is! How did he knew about it? You were the only one I told. Did you told him?'', ''No. I didn't.'', ''Hm, maybe just a lucky guess...'', Peter pretended that he didn't saw the 2 assassins looking at him, ''He's a good kid...'', Bucky said with fond eyes, but then decided to play that favorite game of theirs. ''I'll glare at him, let's continue talking.'', ''*Snort* Okay, I'll glare too.'', then Peter decided to play along and looked at them, then they started talking again ''If anyone ever messes with him I am going to gut them alive.'', said Natasha, then Bucky ''Agreed. I won't let that happen. Not while I am here.'', ''Not while we are here.''.

Then Peter smiled that so sweet smile of his and with gleeful eyes and said in Russian ''Aw guys, I love you too. Thanks. I would do the same!'', out of a sudden, as if being rudely slapped by reality, their faces fell and eyes widened in shock.

Then, as if nothing happened Peter got up and said, ''I'm going to check out Bruce and Tony are doing.'', and he left, still leaving 2 shocked assassins behind him.

Later Peter opened Bruce's and Clint's gifts. From Bruce it was a huge beautiful sweater, red and with the blue Spider Man spider on it's chest. He immediately put it on, he had a thing for sweaters, especially the turtleneck ones. From Clint, it was a blue one of long coats, and it was blue. Peter smiled and looked at them, saying in spanish ''Thank you guys so much! I love them both! They are wonderful colors!'', he hugged them both, pretending not to see what faces they made.

Then it was Tony's turn. From Tony he got exactly what he hoped. A yellow turtleneck sweater, and while he was thankful for it he could't help but be shocked, he remembered the price he saw on this on the store and it was fucking expensive. Not knowing what to do, he hugged Tony and thanked him.

Tony opened his gift as well, and while it wasn't as expensive as the sweater he smiled at the beautiful watch. After fidgeting with it he saw that it turned into a small gun. He gave Peter a look not being able to comprehend the laughter and gave him a one arm hug. Then, in Italian ''Thank you.'', ''You're welcome.'', Tony sputtered the next moment he heard 'Prego', coming out of Peter's mouth. Not because he was surprised by that but because he realized that Peter might have understood his conversation with that woman yesterday.

Everyone heard it and then Clint asked, ''OK! That's it! How many languages do you speak?! Did you understood us the entire time?!'', Peter looked at him and after a moment shook his head in a 'you poor guys way and said ''You guys are bad at keeping secrets. ''Wait, then, even the signs?!'', then Peter smirked and added in Turkish ''Yep, even the sign.'', Clint looked at him for a while and Peter pretended to remember that Clint didn't like Turkish soap operas and gestured in signs ''Oh, sorry, I meant yes!'', then turned to the others and asked, ''Now can we watch Home Alone?'', then looked at Steve and Bucky and said in Romanian ''Please? It's a really good movie, you won't regret it Bucky? I don't know if Steve watched it tho but...'', and then said in english ''Why are you guys getting up and coming towards me like you're about to do something?'',

The avengers all smirked and ran towards him, Peter screamed and ran away, until Steve caught him eventually and Clint started giving him noogies. Then after a good, second, tickle torture they put Christmas decorations on him and sat him on the couch.

Then Tony said in French ''So, how many are there?'', asking in joke this time and not expecting hearing french ''What, languages? I dunno, a lot.'', the avengers looked at him and then... ''We forgot the Christmas lights.'', Bucky said in a serious tone.

''GET HIM!'', Natasha yelled and everyone charged at Peter with more Christmas decorations. Peter only had time to scream before facing the wrath of the decorations and another tickle torture.


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