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Let's all admit it. Our all first otp was number 3 and number 4 from Kids Next Door.
Random question time. Which cartoon moment scared you the most as a kid?
The only thing that scared me more than ''Return the slab', was the Energy Thief from Dexter's laboratory. Lol.

Lol, that roar and face at 11:03 tho... ''Why don't you ever let me kill something?!''.
Chapter 1- ''Finally''

''For what use is to have power if you're too wise to use it?''

''You cannot rule a world if it does not exist. You cannot command if there are no people to follow.''

''That's not what I meant.''

''But I meant it.''


After 1500 years. Finally. It has revealed itself. It's been so long that he could barely believe it. Jack has walked outside, no sign of any robotics behind him, not even his helipack. He inhaled and looked around. It was no question that the xiaolin dragons and the Heylin side are going to be there. Wuya would totally be there, Hannibal would be there and bet even Chase Young will be there.

Jack turned in one direction, ''Aaah, so that's where it is.'', he purred, and went of in that direction. No more pretending.

Dojo was flying at incredible speed with everyone on his back holding on his scales for dear life. ''Is that wu really that dangerous if you get worked up like that?'', Raimundo asked opening one eye to look at the dragon. ''What part of 'It can split the world in two', didn't you understand?!'', Kimiko asked glaring back at him.
''Kids you can't even understand the power of this wu. It's not like I can compare it to something, and it's beyond the wildest imagination!'', Dojo exclaimed looking around, ''Everyone will be there, no doubt about that.'', Clay said holding his hat. ''Who even was this guy? The one that created the wu.'', Rai asked, ''Heylin himself.'', ''What?!'', everyone shouted at the dragon's response.

''But Dojo, I thought that Heylin meant the side of evil.'', Kimiko said confused, ''It happened in the beginning. As I said before there were 2 brothers. One was evil, the other was good. Heylin was the first and worst evil that the world could ever had. He didn't know what mercy meant. He didn't know what fear meant. But he knew how to make people despair and suffer. It is him who... how should I say, 'Invented the side of Heylin' to say the least'', ''So when the evil guys say they were on the side of Heylin, they mean, on the side of that guy?'', asked Kimiko, ''Not exactly. Heylin didn't took in friends. He was more of a lone wold. Those who say 'the side of Heylin' mean that they are trying to surpass his evil, no one ever managed though.'', ''Not even Chase Young? Dude's a jerk.'', ''Raimundo, Heylin would make Chase Young look like a baby in a womb.'', ''Darn it.'', ''What about his brother? Didn't he tried to stop him?'', ''He did. But lost. Not because he was weak, but because he had mercy for his dear brother. That's when the battle ended, with the sword in his heart. He loved his brother too much to kill him.'', Dojo spoke. ''Who stopped him then?'', Asked Omi ''Good old Dashi.'', ''Grand Master Dashi?!'', ''Yup.''.

Dojo said as he landed and shrunk down.

That's when they saw it. On top of the mountain deep impaling the ground was a very rusty blade, looking like it couldn't cut wet paper. ''Is... that it? Shen Gong wu can get rusty?'', Raimundo asked a little dissapointed, ''LET'S GO!'', shouted Dojo. ''Not so fast there gecko.'', ''Gecko?!'', Dojo looked in the direction of the voice, seeing none other than Hannibal Roy Bean, in the opposite direction was Wuya and Chase Young. ''You shall not get your hands onto that blade! Prepare yourself for a humiliating defeat!'', Omi shouted pointing his finger and suddenly they all ran after the Sword of Heylin.

They all got there and placed their hands on the sword, which started glowing. Omi counted ''4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Xiaolin Showdown!'', ''Wait, 8?'', Rai asked and they all looked up to see Jack Spicer, his hand on the hilt of the sword, he was cringing at how the rust felt against his skin, or most likely at how ugly the blade had became, not that they would know.

''What are you doing here, worm?'', It sounded more like a demand than a question, coming out of Young's mouth, ''Yeah, this wu is way too much for your own understanding. I bet you don't even know what it's called like.'', Raimundo told him but Hannibal quickly joined in with a smirk on that potato bean face he has, ''What's the big deal. If the boy wants to join the fight let him be. Or are you afraid he might win?'', ''Ha, as if.'', Wuya laughed, ''Jack Spicer. I must agree with Raimundo now.'', Omi said, trying to pry him off of that battle, who knows, if this wu was so powerful, he might end up getting killed, ''Just call your challenge Omi.''.

It was one of the very rare times Jack called the water dragon by his name, and Omi knew that he was serious. He even was very quiet, which wasn't normal for the teen. ''Fine then. The game is a race. Whoever gets to the Sword of Heylin first wins. We are going to use our elemental Shen Gong Wu.'', ''And the elemental weapons.'', Kimiko added. ''You must be quiet desperate. I will go with the Moby Morpher.'', Hannibal grinned, ''I will use my Thorn of Thunderbolts.'', Wuya stated, ''I will fight without Shan Gong Wu.'', Chase confirmed frowning, ''I don't have any wu.'', Jack shrugged, there was a small snort that came from Wuya.

''Let's go! XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN.'', They yelled, and the environment changed.

The were at the base of the mountain, a large and long road with sharp stones like obstacles everywhere, the mountain far away and taller than before and in the peak of it was the rusty sword still stuck in the ground. The monks were wearing their wudai dragon clothes and everyone stood at the beginning of the road.


And they started running. All of them. Hannibal had used his wu to create a pair of legs to run better while Wuya used hers to shot thunderbolts. ''Let's go guys.'', Raimundo yelled and then all four of them took the pose. ''Wudai orion formation.'', They all started glowing their elemental powers, Clay slammed his foot into the ground and made giant pillars of rock raise from the ground aiming for Hannibal, who dodged every single one. Kimiko yelled out her element and blasted fire at Wuya who blasted lightning back. Omi as well summoned his element only that he was aiming at Chase Young who jumped out of the way of water. Raimundo slapped his palms together and threw a burst of wind at Hannibal who knocked him off his fe-uhhh... roots. Then started flying.

Jack was running way faster than the others thought he could, and in the next second he was behind Chase Young who annoyed slammed his elbow behind him aiming for his head, only for his attack to be stopped. Jack has caught his arm, twisted it and punched Chase in the jaw strong enough to throw him off his feet, the action surprising the warlord and shocking everyone else.

Jack continued to run when a lightning appeared behind him, he tsked in annoyance and jumped on his stomach to dodge the attack. Turning around he saw Wuya approaching, looking in front he saw the xiaolin dragons with their elemental weapons and the elemental Shen Gong Wu. Hannibal was getting closer to the glowing blade. Jack chuckled and jumped out of the way of another attack, a kick that cracked the ground in two. He landed a few feet away and looked at Chase who lifted one eyebrow. They both started to run towards the wu again, but this time Jack didn't follow him but Hannibal.

''What is Spicer doing?!'', Exclaimed Kimiko. ''I am also wondering th-'', Hannibal started but then a blur of black and red passed in front of him and kicked him in the face throwing him on Wuya who yelped in surprise, the force throwing them both behind and making her lose her weapon. Jack grabbed it and made a slice like manner towards the ground, the wu releasing lightning bolts which expanded towards the monks. They yelled in surprise as they had to dodge the huge lightning.

Jack ran again towards the Wu, it was only him and Chase now. ''You have finally decided to go to the gym?'', Chase asked lifting one eyebrow, ''Yeah, thanks for observing.'', Jack responded ''Bravo. If you keep up like this you might actually win a xiaolin battle one day. Too bad, you might never participate in one ever again.'', Chase said and disappeared.

The warlord was just a blur of green and gold as he crossed the distance at incredible speed. ''No! We cannot lose this battle!'', Omi shouted behind Jack, who smirked ''My dear Omi, you've lost before the battle even started.'', he said kneeling down and placing one palm on the ground.

Chase was right in front of the wu and was about to grab it, when he suddenly paralyzed. Literally paralyzed. His arms falling limp and the ground underneath him cracking because of a red flame, suddenly no ground was under his feet anymore and he fell down on the other side of the mountain where laid an abyss. Everyone gasped as they saw the great dragon fall. Jack smirked and vanished, appearing in front of the wu.

He grabbed the tilt of the blade and pulled, until the sword was facing the sky and not stabbing the ground anymore. They were all engulfed in a big light as the showdown ended and the environment was normal again.

Jack won.

Everyone was starring in shock up at him, as he was looking down at the blade in front of him. Surprisingly he wasn't gloating as usual. He just starred at the rusty blade, as if examining some damage. Wuya growled, ''Don't make me laugh. You can't even use the same pair of socks, let alone wield such a powerful wu! Do you even know what it can do?'', Hannibal and Chase were raising too, glaring daggers at Jack. The monks were staring up at Jack when they realized something, ''Hey, I still have my wu and weapon.'', said Kimiko as she looked at the Cat's Eye Draco, the boys only now observing saw it too, ''But how come?'', asked Raimundo as Omi scratched his head ''I am most confused. Not that I complain.''.

''It's because I didn't want them.'', Jack answered their questions, still examining the blade. They all looked up, ''Who cares?'', Hannibal commented, a scowl on his face, ''I don't care if it was a showdown and I lost. I won't let you get away with that wu boy. It would be such a waste.'', the demon growled as he used his Moby Morpher to create a pair of arms, seeing this Omi worried and yelled, ''Jack! Please! You don't know what the wu can do! Come with us! Let's get out of here!''.

Jack frowned ''It would be ridiculous if I wouldn't know what my own wu is capable of.'', they thought he was being too full of himself. Dashi, were they wrong. ''It is you who have no idea. Even you Chase.'', Chase lifted one eyebrow and scowled in annoyance.

''Omi, Dojo might have told you that this wu holds upon itself a great power. It either has the ability to release it or take it. But you see, it's still beyond anyone's understanding. Dashi should have destroy it, not hide it.''. Suddenly all of them felt unsure, as if something of bad omen was about to happen. ''This sword can split the world in 2. It can cut down the moon and rip apart the sun.'', Jack said, none of them knew about the last 2, Jack spoke again, but his voice seemed deeper, and along it followed a demonic, miasma voice as he talked, ''What you know about it it's just a mere fraction, to say how dangerous something is before you even know what is capable of it's plain stupid. You should fear it.''.

Jack kept staring at the blade and said, more to himself, ''For what use is to have power if you're too wise to use it? You cannot rule a world if it does not exist.
 You cannot command if there are no people to follow.'', ''Enough!'', Wuya shouted and threw her hand, a green energy fire blasting from her hand and towards Jack. He simply raised the blade and sliced through the fire, and after that finally the wu looked different. It red, shiny, and sharp, a dragon head on the hilt of it.
Everyone observed, but Wuya seemed too angry to give it a care. ''Do not pretend to know what evil is.'', Jack looked at her, as if pitying her, ''I don't.'', but he never once smiled, ''Evil is something more than just doing terrible things. It's doing those things without feeling remorse and guilt but delight and pride instead. It's the opposite of good.'', he smiled at her ''It's not even wanting to repent for your sins.''. He then looked at his hand, ''And now... I can finally drop the act.'', he squeezed the tilt of the blade and raised it above his head in one hand, ''Jack, NO!''.

''Sword of Heylin!'', The dragon's eyes from the blade glowed red, and it opened it's mouth, then he was engulfed in crimson red flames, a sudden burst of energy being released from him. The wind was so powerful that Dojo had to grow up and curl himself around the monks to protect them from the wind and heat coming out of there. Chase, Wuya and Hannibal barely stood their ground too. The the day became night. At the sudden flod of darkness Dojo's eyes widened in shock and terror, he turned around praying, begging, ''No... Please no no no NO! It can't be him!''. The monks looked up confused, and their eyes widened in shock.

The mountain was obliterated, crushed into pieces. The only source of light in the entire sea of peach dark was a red flame, and inside it a taller man. His hair was red, long and in a ponytail, his eyes were glowing and his fangs were shining. He wiped away the goth make up to reveal a scar under his left eye. He was dressed in an elegant b
urgundy velvet groom tuxedo, with a red jacket and black pants.

Everyone, even Chase, Hannibal and Wuya, were staring up in shock and terror.

''Jack?'', Omi asked quietly.

''Finally.'', He said, and he laughed a diabolic, demonic laugh.

Next: 21 april.
Prev:  Xiaolin Showdown: Rise of evilPrologue
1500 years ago...

''HEYLIN!'', Dashi roared in front of the crystal palace. He waited there, knowing very well that he'd been heard. Suddenly crimson red flames emerged from the ground, and from those flames walked outside elegantly a tall man, dressed in a royal, chinese, black swordsman costume with red patterns, at his side a long red and sharp sword. His skin was as white as snow and his eyes were as red as blood. His hair was also red and long, going over his tights, and caught in a ponytail.
''Finally decided to show up, Grand Master Dashi?'', He spoke, but not in a taunting manner, his fangs glistening in the sunset. ''Your years of terror will end today Heylin. I shall not allow this to continue anymore!'', ''Have you brought your shiny little toys with you?'', ''Fight me and you shall see.'', Dashi glared at the man.
Heylin looked around in a boring way and asked ''Where is that loyal dragon that always clings to your legs Dashi? I cannot believe he hadn't sho


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