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Auroria canon stuff 2


Auroria canon stuff 2

1. Perhaps you are wondering why in the beggining the cats are wearing clothes and in the other pages they don't. Well, my comic contains other animals such as dogs and rabbits, and others. And in the big cities there are more animals species and like... they have to be presentable in front of those other than their species. When they are in places where they are only the animals of their species (for example Auroria which is a small village full of only cats) they don't necesarily wear clothes anymore. So a cat can't be "naked" in front of a rabbit or a dog and vice versa. 2. Not all animals in my comic are intelligent/sapient beings. Those
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The fifth element


The fifth element

Chapter 9: Sparks Jack yelled out in frustration into the woods for like ten minutes. He turned and posed and even bent over his back, and when it was not working like that either he made gun motions with his hands and did piu piu with them. "Jack?" Came a super confused voice and he stopped mid pose, eyes wide, flushed cheeks, suddenly realizing how embarrasing this must look, and dropped the pose and dramatically fell face first into the ground, not looking up. Omi looked around to make sure nobody saw Jack making a fool of himself and then went to sit next to him, cross legged. "What was that?", He asked, earning a groan from the red he

The fifth element


The fifth element

Chapter 8: "In case anyone asks, you're deaf, you're mute, you don't speak this language well and you don't understand it at all.". Good title huh? Bad language warning! "BITCH, TITIES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE-", Jack released an entire spell of swearing that he was currently throwing at Wuya, all the while pointing the Eye of Dashi at her and blasting lightnings, as Clay held him on his shoulder and ran sweat dropping, knowing that when he would arrive back at the temple he would have to wash his head with holy water. It was amazing how so many bad words existed and how many Jack knew, some he never even heard before, and he only hoped that his friends would not hear them. But at the way Jack was yelling his lungs out he was sure that the genius had some veins popping already, so he was hoping that they were at least covering Omi's ears. He was paired with Spicer in a showdown against Wuya and PandaBubba, where they had to reach some cars and go on a race towards the wu which was
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Hi everyone! How are you all doing? It's been a while since I wrote a status update and I was thinking about asking the usual question I ask every year. How is the weather at where you live? Here is cold, windy and a bit rainy but I love it, and I f
I have news about Auroria. Ok so there's a few pages left of this chapter and I want to finish first chapter before the New Year. This is what I told myself I would do on the 2020 New Year, that I would finish the first chapter by the end of the yea

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I'm so glad you like it, dear! :love:

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