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Why is food in anime always sparkling like do they put glitter on it or what lol.
We have Robert Downey Jr. who is a very friendly person and hugs and kisses everyone, and then we have Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone who don't know how normal people kiss.

Chapter 2: Despair

''Jack?'', Omi asked quietly.

''Finally.'', He said, and he laughed a diabolic, demonic laugh.

The fit of laughter sent shivers down everyone's spine. It finally subsided, and as it stopped his miasma voice diverted back to the deep, non demonic one. He landed elegantly on the ground, the flames around him disappearing, as he snapped his fingers and the clouds above diverted to release some light of the moon.

''Jack?'', He heard Omi asking quietly, ''No.'', he said smirking and walked forward, his sword remaining behind him, levitating in the air. He walked past Chase, not even bothering to look at him, the warlord was tense and his fists were clenched, as if ready for a fight. He ignored him, and stopped a good few feet away from the dragon still curled around the monks. To everyone's surprise, Dojo's snorted menacingly, with smoke and flames coming out of his nose, then, with a mighty growl, his throat erupted in scarlet flames that were directed at the villain. They all looked at him as the figure from the fire flicked his arm, and the flames disappeared. He smirked as he looked over the shocked faces, and then...

Omi jumped over Dojo and ran towards the man in front of him, ''Jack! I don't understand! What happened to you?! What have you done?!''. The man chuckled and suddenly disappeared and reappeared behind the tiny monk, grabbing him in a hug as if he was fond of him, with another chuckle that wasn't so sinister as his laugh from earlier he said ''Oh Omi, always so clueless and oblivious to everything happening around you.'', Omi tried to release himself but the grasp was like iron, ''So trustful. You remind me of good ol' Dashi.'', ''Put him down!'', Kimiko shouted aiming her wu at him, flames erupting from her body, making her live up to the name of the Dragon Monk of Fire. He smirked at her and disappeared again, this time appearing on Dojo's back and looking down at the monks, ''Kimiko, you should chill.'', he said and snapped his fingers in front of her, sending a burst of air in her direction.

She yelled in surprise as she was thrown away, luckily Clay jumped behind her and caught her, Raimundo went to Omi's side after that. Disappearing and reappearing again he stood in front of everyone, his back still at the sword.

''You seem so confused Omi, let me give you a logical explanation, Jack Spicer never existed. He was just another perfectly done interpretation, but never a real being. I am Heylin.'', He finished looking at everyone, including Chase and Wuya, then he turned his attention to the which and dragon lord, ''Honestly now, I expected at least you two to find out, I wasn't even subtle with the looks from my recent and last... acting persona.'', ''Well, to be honest, since you knew about Chase and Hannibal, I thought you were a huge fan of Heylin and dyed your hair and put make up on.'', Wuya said eventually. Heylin rolled his eyes, ''How can I know about them? Sure, Chase Young appeared in history books, but a supposed 'evil' bean with bad teeth and a shiny armor?'', ''Why did you disguised yourself in the first place? Obviously Dashi didn't kill you, unfortunately. How are you alive after all?'', Chase asked, or more like demanded, but still ready for a fight. His face expression though told everyone that he couldn't believe his eyes, the annoying 'worm' that was a pain in everybody's necks was the most dangerous out of all of them.

''I did it because of Dashi. He defeated me in a showdown long time ago, and sealed my power within my own wu. He thought he killed me.'', He laughed at that, ''But I managed to save enough of my power to escape, heal and disguise. You see. I still had enough power to conquer the world. But I felt... how should I put it? Incomplete. So, I planned to wait until the wus would activate, until my wu would activate.'', he looked at Dojo, ''Like I said before, Cheese head should have destroyed it instead of hiding it.'', ''Don't speak so disrespectful about Grand Master Dashi!'', Omi shouted, throwing an accusing finger at him. Heylin lifted one eyebrow, ''Disrespectful? I respect Dashi more than you could ever dream of doing it yourself Omi.'', Omi made an incredulous face, ''I know when someone is worth to be respected, unlike some people here.'', Heylin finished looking at Wuya who flinched.

''What do you want to do?", He glanced at Raimundo, not quiet understanding, ''You mean now that I am fully restored?'', the wind dragon gulped but nodded. To their surprise he chuckled, but it wasn't an evil chuckle, ''You silly little boy. This is why I like you monks, you're so oblivious. Rule the world, of course.'', ''Like we're gunna let that ta happen!'', Clay growled and jumped, ignoring Dojo who yelled ''Clay! NO!''. ''SEISMIC KICK! EARTH!'', As he landed he slammed the ground with his foot, creating a crater and huge rock pillars coming out of it, directed to the man who was grinning. It looked like it hit him full force. But then Clay saw a red eye in front of his face. Startled, he forgot to react for a precious second, and got slapped in the chest, hard. The air got knocked out of him as he was thrown away and landed roughly on his back. He groaned as his friends went to his side.

''I'll live. But I'd be lyin if I'd say he doesn' pack a painful slap.'', He said grabbing his chest, ''We cannot do it alone.'', Kimiko said getting their attention. Now understanding what she meant they got up. ''Wudai Orion Dragon Formation!'', They took the pose, each glowing their respective element. Raimundo and Clay grabbed Kimiko and Omi and threw them high in the air.


They each shot out their elements at Heylin, who smirked. He extended his arms and lifted his chin in an elegant pose and waited. The attacks fully hit him. Smoke and disturbed dust came out of the place where they attacked. Their eyes widened as the air cleared only to reveal the evil Lord standing there, not a single scratch on him. He wiped away some dust from his cheek and smiled ''Is that all? How disappointing. I guess it's my turn now.'', they took a fighting pose. ''You still seem to not be aware of my powers, perhaps you should need... a demonstration!'', He said stepping on one side to reveal what they hadn't observed until now.

Hannibal was there, his roots transformed with the Moby Morpher into arms, and his arms on the sword. But something was wrong, he was pulling, but the sword wasn't moving, but it wasn't this the problem, he was pulling his hands. It seemed like they were stuck on the hilt of the sword. The demon looked panicked, and then... Heylin ordered ''Kill him.''.

The eyes of the dragon on the hilt of the blade glowed a crimson red, and Hannibal's hands started to turn into stone. The petrification continued as Bean roared in pain, shock, and fear, until it reached his open eyes and he was fully turned into stone. The blade then moved alone, releasing itself from the now stone hands, breaking them in the process. The sword then slashed down, cutting the statue in the middle, the stone breaking into pieces, that crumbled on the floor.

Everyone's eyes widened. They could not believe what had just happened. Heylin turned towards them, and as he was about to make a move Chase Young charged. They both engaged in combat as Dojo picked the young dragons on his back and flew away. ''We have to help them!'', Omi shouted at Dojo, ''We can't! Not now! We need a plan!'', they didn't argue, ''Okay, how are we supposed to defeat a super overpowered evil lord?!'', Kimiko asked in a panic ''I don't know! Not even our Orion formation did something!'', Raimundo said grabbing his hair and looking down, ''Let's hope that master Fung has a plan.'', Clay said adjusting his hat, still holding his chest.

''Yo, he hit you really bad in there, are you okay?'', Rai asked as he looked back at Clay. Before the cowboy could say something Kimiko grabbed his shirt and unbuttoned it. Fire, Water and Wind gasped at Earth's wound, it was a huge purple bruise on his entire chest area. Omi created an ice block for him as Clay insisted he'll be fine, ''Thanks pardner, Kimiko, he hit you too.'', He said taking the ice block and putting it on his chest, hissing at the feeling. ''Yeah, but I don't feel anything.'', ''Let the monks check you out when we get back at the temple.'', Raimundo said, leaving no room for argument.

As they got to the temple, they went inside, Raimundo finding the monks and explaining the situation, they nodded and took in Kimiko and Clay. Half of hour later Clay came out bandaged and they waited for Kimiko anxiously. Another 15 minutes later she came out, her monk robe on her. Her bandages were visible as well, were making the boys to worry even more. ''What's wrong?'', Omi asked, going to her and gently hugging her belly, ''5 broken ribs. I didn't even knew... It didn't hurt at all. They said it was because I was in shock, now that they gave me some sort of yucky tasting herbs I can feel a slight pain.'', she told them.

''That bastard.'', Raimundo growled, they slowly got up and walked towards the room Fung spent most of his time drinking tea, the boys holding their palms on Kimiko's back. As they got in, their eyes widened. ''Ah, young monks, good thing you came here now. Please, sit.'', Fung gestured to the empty chairs, while he was casually chatting with a very battered Chase Young and Wuya over a cup of tea.

''HUH?!'', All of them said at the same time.

End of chapter 2
Chapter 3- When I am done with my exams.
Chapter 1-  Xiaolin Showdown: Rise of evilChapter 1- ''Finally''
''For what use is to have power if you're too wise to use it?''

''You cannot rule a world if it does not exist. You cannot command if there are no people to follow.''
''That's not what I meant.''
''But I meant it.''

After 1500 years. Finally. It has revealed itself. It's been so long that he could barely believe it. Jack has walked outside, no sign of any robotics behind him, not even his helipack. He inhaled and looked around. It was no question that the xiaolin dragons and the Heylin side are going to be there. Wuya would totally be there, Hannibal would be there and bet even Chase Young will be there.
Jack turned in one direction, ''Aaah, so that's where it is.'', he purred, and went of in that direction. No more pretending.

Dojo was flying at incredible speed with everyone on his back holding on his scales for dear life. ''Is that wu really that dangerous if you get worked up like that?'', Raimundo asked openi


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