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Echidna IV
She never speaks above a whisper
I strain to hear her, but when I do I wish I hadn't
Her words always chill me to the bone
She lives in this timeless grace, far more beautiful than anything I could hope to be-
More elegant
More poise
More quiet and dignified and aloof of the world-
But I don't think it's intentional
She doesn't speak much
When she does I listen-
I open my ears and heart to the chill that seeps from her lips
And I listen as it weighs me down below
She'll never touch me
Not because she thinks I'm beneath her-
I don't think she can
She whispered in my ear, once
Once when we were alone and the air was frigid
It was almost too soft to hear
I think I'm dying
I didn't have the heart to tell her she was already dead
:iconnightfrost-icefang:Nightfrost-Icefang 0 0
CB 57 by Nightfrost-Icefang CB 57 :iconnightfrost-icefang:Nightfrost-Icefang 0 0 cold by Nightfrost-Icefang cold :iconnightfrost-icefang:Nightfrost-Icefang 1 0
Echidna III
I've never seen her real face
The first time we met, she took my face
She molded it, shaped it, preened and primed it,
And at the end of it all she took a new face
I asked her why
I don't want to be you anymore
She'd never keep a face for too long,
Always just long enough to make it perfect
Then she'd get bored and change
I asked her once, what her true face was
She was silent for a long time
Before she answered,
I don't think I have one
She kissed me once
I don't think she meant it
Once, when we were alone, she curled into herself
I don't think I'm my parent's child
She whispered
I don't think I'm anyone's
Her kisses were sweet but empty
Her touches were soft but frustrated
She pushed me down and held me there and cried in my ear
Why won't you love me?
I can be anyone-
I can be anything-
Why won't you let me-?

We fought and rolled and hit the floor
With our hands around each other's throats
Is it because I stole your face?
She asked me la
:iconnightfrost-icefang:Nightfrost-Icefang 0 0
Spectre by Nightfrost-Icefang Spectre :iconnightfrost-icefang:Nightfrost-Icefang 0 1 A proper princess by Nightfrost-Icefang A proper princess :iconnightfrost-icefang:Nightfrost-Icefang 4 0
Echidna II
She has a garden that she never visits
It's beautiful and vast and the lilies and poppies intertwine with snapdragons and curl around a tree in the center and make it look alive
She showed me once, but she didn't enter
She simply stood at the entrance and watched
I love to look, she said, I need go no further
But what about touch? I asked
What about touch and smell and feeling the flowers instead of just observing?
She said nothing, simply turned to leave
I know she heard me though
There's a golden chain around her ankle
I've asked her several times if its uncomfortable
Each time she denies that it is
I cant tell if she's lying or not. I never can
She hoards stories, and always asks me of mine
She drinks up every tale I tell her and stores them with the others
Every time I ask her of herself, she scoffs and turns and hides somewhere in her labyrinth of books
Hides somewhere to skulk
I don't know if she likes me or not
I doubt I ever will
She wraps herself around me wh
:iconnightfrost-icefang:Nightfrost-Icefang 0 0
Echidna I
I never think much of the sea,
She says,
For the sea never thinks much of me
But the sea is not a singular being
The sea cannot have a thought
I tell her as such-
She doesn't listen to me, she never does
She's like the wind in that way:
She whistles through and wraps around me and whispers her thoughts-
But when I go to tell her mine, she's off and gone again
She tells me she can't be tied down
I know its a lie
I've seen the marks on her wrists
She'll dance on the sea with the wind in her hair and I want so badly to believe her
But I've seen the marks on her chest where someone put a blade and shoved through and I can see the way bloated hands reach up to grasp at her ankles
She says she doesn't mind
She can't feel the rotted fingers on her flesh or the ropes around her wrists or the knife pushed through her chest when she's dancing on the waves
The sun is setting and the sky is red
She asks me to dance and there is fire in her voice-
I take one look at the writhing ro
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Sparks by Nightfrost-Icefang Sparks :iconnightfrost-icefang:Nightfrost-Icefang 1 0 Sun by Nightfrost-Icefang Sun :iconnightfrost-icefang:Nightfrost-Icefang 1 0 Up In Smoke by Nightfrost-Icefang Up In Smoke :iconnightfrost-icefang:Nightfrost-Icefang 1 0 Learning to Swim by Nightfrost-Icefang Learning to Swim :iconnightfrost-icefang:Nightfrost-Icefang 0 3 Quiet Time by Nightfrost-Icefang Quiet Time :iconnightfrost-icefang:Nightfrost-Icefang 2 4 Boy and Beast by Nightfrost-Icefang Boy and Beast :iconnightfrost-icefang:Nightfrost-Icefang 0 0 Persephone's Waltz by Nightfrost-Icefang Persephone's Waltz :iconnightfrost-icefang:Nightfrost-Icefang 1 0 Dragon's Daughter by Nightfrost-Icefang
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Dragon's Daughter :iconnightfrost-icefang:Nightfrost-Icefang 1 3

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Christ on a motorbike it has been a while since I updated this, so it is probably time I do so formerly.

So, couple things that have been new since I last wrote here:

1: got me a fancy shmancy new tumblr goodie here:… I upload all my art here, a good majority of which at this point have not shown up here. So if you're still on here and haven't followed me over there, go do so.

2: clockwork bacon also has a fancy shamncy new tumblr goodie here: This is where the comic is updating now, with a new page up that has not been uploaded here. So if you enjoy Clockwork Bacon and have not been made aware of the switch yet, go follow it as well.

3: I also have an even fancier shamncier artstation here:… this is slightly different than my art blog, as this is more a portfolio gallery, so this is where all the good stuff goes.

Art prints, T-shirts, and more here


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