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A Sherlock Holmes Top Ten
   Top Ten Reasons Sherlock Holmes Never Married:
   #10. Getting nagged at every time he goes out on a case.
   #9. Coming home to find his entire lab in the trash.
   #8. "Stop playing that violin and come to bed!"
   #7. The Irregulars not being allowed in the house.
   #6. Catching hell for disappearing for those three years.
   #5. "Are you and Dr. Watson going to yak all night?"
   #4. Tension with Mrs. Hudson.
   #3. "Take that nasty pipe and smoke it outside!"
   #2. Suspicion about that photo of Irene Adler.
  And the #1 reason:
  #1. "I invited that nice Professor Moriarty for dinner this evening."
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Demon Panic - Chapter 12
Demon Panic - Chapter 12
Rosie isn’t in the kitchen, living room nor bedroom. I find her in the bathroom and she’s crying. I think about asking if she’s ok but instead I walk away. I stride down the hallway and into the living room. I sit down on the sofa and start picking up information. Books won’t give me any information but the nightmares will. They help me find out more about the demons and what we…I’m… up against. I close the book and mess around with my powers in silence. I don’t know where Harry is, I’ll find him later. I’m making the petals fall and I’m ‘flying’ across the room. I use my powers to make me as light as feather and I just use my powers to help me zoom across the space. It’s fun after a while because I manage to learn how to do somersaults and cartwheels. I feel like an Olympic competitor on the trampoline. I settle down and sit there for a while thinking. I feel alone but I like it.
Still no si
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The Grady Bunch by LyricalWords The Grady Bunch :iconlyricalwords:LyricalWords 165 251 Wolf's Rain Avatar by I-Am-A-Wolfy-One Wolf's Rain Avatar :iconi-am-a-wolfy-one:I-Am-A-Wolfy-One 860 50 Deep Blue Journal Skin by Thewinator Deep Blue Journal Skin :iconthewinator:Thewinator 2,756 823
Ianto's speech
Ianto’s Speech
From The Dead Line, Jack is in hospital in a coma and Ianto starts talking to him.
They say you’re supposed to talk to people when they’re in a coma, don’t they. I have no idea whether you can hear me Jack. I’ve never heard of anybody coming out of one and carrying on the conversation. So I suspect it’s probably something the doctors tell us to do, to make us feel better. Rather than help you. We don’t feel quite so useless and helpless. WE get the feeling there’s still some sort of purpose in our lives. Not just waiting. Waiting for the science to work, or the miracle to happen, or the nightmare to end.
I’m not much of a talker Jack you know that. But I’ll talk to you now on the off chance that it helps. Just promise me that if you’re hearing this that when you come round, and you’re going to Jack, you’re gonna come out of this. Just, promise me you’ll never bring up anything I say to you now. How
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Yukon by DevourArts Yukon :icondevourarts:DevourArts 4 1 Neytiri by Orpheelin Neytiri :iconorpheelin:Orpheelin 10,676 1,477 Ta'Kael Doll -Na'vi- by Caranth Ta'Kael Doll -Na'vi- :iconcaranth:Caranth 6 14 Ran and Shao Puppet by Caranth Ran and Shao Puppet :iconcaranth:Caranth 56 32 ::Yaoi:: by mimblewimble ::Yaoi:: :iconmimblewimble:mimblewimble 15,253 2,991
If You Had A Bad Day p3
If You Had A Bad Day
Merlin AU fanfiction
Rating PG ish - only warning is use of swearing
Pairings: Arthur/Merlin, Gwen/Lancelot, Will/Freya, Morgana/Leon
Summary: Arthur Pendragon is the son of the head of Pendragon Industries. Arthur is having a really bad week. His problems include: Work taking over his life, his car breaking down and his annoying girlfriend...
Saturday Morning
Merlin woke up to find that he was outside. He blinked, trying to register where he was. He saw feet. Spray-painted feet.
He looked up.
He realised where he was.
He'd fallen asleep against the opposite wall to his and 'A.P's picture, looking at it.
He pulled his phone out of his pocket – thankful he hadn't been mugged during the night. It was his day off work and he wasn't volunteering at the youth centre today, so he wasn't particularly needing to be anywhere right now, but he still had no idea what the time it was.
He had several voicemails, so responded to the first one,
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Pikawolf by Franceloveplz Pikawolf :iconfranceloveplz:Franceloveplz 3 4


  • Listening to: Back to Hogwarts-AVPM
  • Reading: Darren Shan's TheThin Executor
  • Watching: not much... glee AVPM
  • Playing: AVATAR
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Tea
Well after a long break I'm back in style.
Something happened recently that's made me feel better and alive. And I also now have a pest in my family: he is quite weird lets leave it at that.
On Saturday I'm going to Lapland with my nephews, nieces and family.
School is okay... friends, exams and so forth...
Stories and drawings are getting better.
Just watched the gLee season finale online, british viewers are going to love some new charactors.
Merlin was supermagicawesomecool! but some one explain to me is Arthur king or prince, anyway its obviously on the way.
I'm getting an Xbox for christmas, I have a funny idea of seeing me on christmas day 'perfecting my skills'.
~Lily. E
P.S I have the flu
Also gleeks look at this, hint the guy whos harry:…


United Kingdom
Umm i speak four languages, I read and write. Also I'm a music freak. I love halloween.

Current Residence: Wales
Print preference: arial 12
Favourite genre of music: upbeat or meaning ful
Favourite style of art: Litreature
Operating System: Ipod touch gen 2
MP3 player of choice: Ipod touch gen 2
Shell of choice: clam
Skin of choice: dark blue
Favourite cartoon character: TinTin
Personal Quote: Sorry


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are you still going to come down on saturday if so at what time ?

please come down.

it's the last chance i get to see you b4 school starts.

IF you will come what time ?
Nightfighter-vw Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2010
no it's not and I'll see you on friday, saturday and sunday MAYBE
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the e-mail about the cinema will be on your msn. :)
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And the way he flails his arms about as well, it just seemed to fit. ^_^
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I know LOL
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