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Modern Assassin Cosplay Designs

I've decided I need to make myself an AC hoodie. :stare:
Either the black or the white I shall be wearing to the 2013 Sydney SuperNova :3 I've always wanted to cosplay/dress up and I've finally been able to introduce (and hook) a friend to Assassin's Creed :la: Now all I have to do is convince them to dress up too.
I'm not entirely sure which colour I'll make first, but I am leaning towards black. At any rate, I'll be creating both and lots of pictures will be taken once complete!

So much for Supanova! xD
Next con, for sure though.

For my own personal use only.


Pose reference: [link] By *LaLunatique
Paper texture: [link] By ~Ayelie-stock
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Thanks for the insporation mate.  I now know what I want to do for AWA. Thanks a million mate.


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Is AWA a con? And I'd appreciate it if you didn't use the exact pattern used on the hoodie...
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I wasn't going to. I'm doing something different mate. I'm going for an Edo pirod Assassin.

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That sounds cool =)
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Not conspicuous at all.
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The black one looks really awesome Ghost, it has that mysterious assassin look to it. :la: I wanna see it when it's finished.
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wow that's beautiful! I would totally wear that!
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So, you're totally making me one and mailing it to me, right? D=
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