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Big Bad fatty were: Spiderman

Yes true believers! Spiderman was transformed into a werewolf at one point in his life, well, if you can call being turned into a zombie a life anyway, but I am getting off subject.

This is for the Amazing Spiderman folks! I love new Spiderman suit, along with the fact that the new villian is the lizard. I can't wait to see it. Another thing I will note is the fact that this new Spiderman has Spidey more comical, which is how I have always seen him. Don't get me wrong, Toey Mcguire did a good job being Peter Parker, but could have done better as Spiderman, then agin, I can't act for beans so I have no room to talk(I can act for a goo grade in Drama class though if that counts^^) Any way, just thought yo all might like to see this, because lets face it, when your friendly neighborhood Spiderman has been transformed into a werewolf, it helps to see him with a big jolly gut.

Name: Spiderman
Real Name: Peter Parker
From: Spiderman
Actor: Nicholas Hammond91985), Tobey McGuire (2002-2007), Andrew Garfield(2012)
Voice Actor:
(1967) Paul Soles
(1981) Ted Schwartz,Dan Gilvezan
(1994) Christopher Daniel Barnes
(1995) Patrick Chilvers
(2000) Rino Romano
(2002) Tobey Maguire
(2012) Drake Bell

Wolf type: Transformed by the Necronomicon
Why make him/her fat:
1. 50th anniversary
2. In one issue (Early) he was made fat
3. With is crazy busy life style, wouldn't you get hungry
4. He gets his powers from a natural predator in nature
5. I read a Mrvel collector card that said Aunt may made over 3500 cookies in her life time. I guess we know where they all went.
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This just got featured on an Elvis the Alien video!!!
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Spider-Man more like Spider-Wolfman.
(get it because there is spider called a wolf spider get it.
This is probably the stuff Peter submits whenever Jameson pisses him off by asking for too many pictures of Spider-Man.
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More like Daily Bagle
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Now he just needs his six arms as well!
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For you to turn people into Werewolfs did they have to be a werewolf once in their serics.
NightCrestComics's avatar
Yes. That or at least show me a link to when they were a wolf, or werewolf at any point of time.
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Well he has made deals with the devil so this could be a side effect. Also is a zombie in Marvel Zombies.
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He must have snack on Aunt May's wheatcakes?
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Web's on his armpits, you never see that very much anymore.
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From the werewolf universe from that EvilDead/ Marvel ZOmbies crossover?
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*gets squished* AHH!
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