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Kurt Wagner
Current Residence: Xavier Institute
Favourite cartoon character: Kurt Wagner
Personal Quote: "I am Kurt Wagner, or also known as the incredible NightCrawler!"
Guten tag! Welcome to the NightCrawler Club! This club is for NC fans worldwide. Feel free to join!

:bulletpurple: MODERATORS:</u> :bulletpurple:



:bulletblue: JOINING: :bulletblue:

Just send us a note and we'll add you in!  As long as you :heart: the Crawler, you'll always have a place here. ;)

There are only 2 rules for joining:
1) Watch the club
2) Add our icon/signature to your journal.  Like-a so:

: iconnightcrawlerclub : ~> :iconnightcrawlerclub:
: devnightcrawlerclub : ~> NightCrawlerClub

Helps us spread the looooooooove!

:bulletpurple:  GUIDELINES:</U> :bulletpurple:

:bulletblue: No NC-17 pictures will be :+fav: or added to the gallery for any reason!  R is fine but nothing pornographic!

:bulletblue: Outside of the above rule, all Nightcrawler art is loved and accepted so feel free to note us and we'll :+fav: it!

:bulletblue: Be NICE to EVERYONE!  There are many forms of Kurt and a LOT of varying opinion on this, that, and the other thing.  Please be courteous and respect everyone's opinion.

:bulletblue: The club no longer allows artists to place their artwork in the club's gallery.  This system just creates duplicate pictures across DA and gives our club credit instead of the artist who truly deserves it.  However, we at the NCC CAN put pictures in our gallery provided that the artist has a reason for not being able to house the picture on their own site (ie: Leaving DA).

:bulletblue: NEWS: :bulletblue:

:new:07/27/09: Great Outdoors Contest - Voting Time!</u>

Alright gang, we're into the final stretch of Great Outdoors Contest!  We've got 10 gorgeous entries and I can't wait to see the outcome.  This is gonna be a tough one for sure!  Go check out all of the entries and vote right here:… .  May the best Crawler win :salute:

Voting Starts: MONDAY July 27th
Voting Ends: MONDAY August 3rd


1. :iconliv4theobsession: with Bamf And Tackle

2. :iconbluenique: with contest entry Ncc

3. :iconkurtwagner234: with the great out doors

4. :iconeternalpuppy: with Contest- Get Wet World

5. :iconcoy-shinigami: with Backyard Pool.

6. :iconshadow-wolf-legend: with Nightly Storm

7. :iconemo-cupcake94: with Nightcrawler and His Popsicle

8. :iconajir: with Surfing Kurt

9. :iconinsane-effigy: with One summer day

10. :iconcrimsongriffin: with Creek Tubing

:new:06/20/09: Nightcrawler Episodes</u>

Fully inspired by the awesomeness of the fans of this club (see the following News post), I have decided to add another section to our Cool Stuff area entitled "Kurt TV".  This is where, with the help of :iconcrimsonreach:, we've put together all the Nightcrawler media we can find!  This includes Kurt-focused X-Men: The Animated Series episodes, X-Men Evolution episodes, and Wolverine and the X-Men episodes as well as the X2 movie.  Just take the link above and you can see for yourself (It'll be at the bottom)!  :w00t:


:new:06/20/09: Wolverine and the X-Men: Anyone Got a Link?</u>

Who rocks hard?  Why, the fans of the NCC do.  They rock RIDICULOUSLY hard.  Mere hours after I posted this, several fans LEAPT to our Kurt-loving rescue!  Here is a link to episode 6 of Wolverine and the X-men which showcases Nightcrawler in probably the most dead on comic book adaptation I have ever seen portrayed on cartoon television:…

And also, in case you just so desired, here are the rest of the Wolverine and the X-Men episodes that are currently available:… .  I hear episode 15 is also rather Crawler focused.

SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME THANK YOU to :iconcrimsonreach: for providing us with the above links as well Jadore-Renard, RoryRochelle, and LIV4TheObsession for also galloping in to save our links!  You guys are my new heroes.


:new:06/19/09: Clean-up and Kurt FAQ!</u>

Sorry, everyone for taking such a long time to update!  It's been a bit of a tough year for me so it's hard to keep everything together.  But I'm working on it! :salute:.  Anyone who would like to help me out with the club is more than welcome to lend a hand!  Just note the NCC or myself JCRobin and let me know.

As you may, or may not, have noticed, I've taken the liberty of cleaning out the club's gallery.  All pictures that have homes on the original artist's DA page have been deleted from the NCC.  This way we have no more duplicates during searches and I don't have to constantly be shuttling off e-mails saying "Please :+fav: the original art here:" etc etc.  There's a new rule I added to the Guidelines about this just saying that we won't be housing outside art in the gallery anymore unless the artist wants to showcase the piece SOLELY here at the NCC.

The ambitious :iconkitsunemusume: has linked us to her NightcrawlerFAQ!  I've always wanted to create one of these so I'm totally excited to see one up and running!  Just go send in your questions and KitsuneMusume will answer them to the best of her knowledge.  I've offered to lend her my Kurt lovin' expertise as well so, hopefully, between the 2 of us, we will be able to satisfactorily answer all your questions!  Go enjoy!

01/05/09: Winner Announced!

Congratulations to :iconclopinkingofgypsies: who's unstoppably adorable picture: Baby's Christmas stole the hearts of the voters!  Thanks to everyone who participated!  Our next contest will be coming up shortly :nod:


:bulletpurple: COOL STUFF</u> :bulletpurple:

We just have WAY too much Cool Stuff!  It was beginning to get crowded around here.  So click on the link above and go see our awesome extras such as polls, quotes, comics, message boards and more!

:new: Got a question about Nightcrawler?  Well, head on over to the :iconnightcrawlerfaq:!  Just go send in your questions and you'll finally get to find out all those wonderful little mysteries about our favorite X-Man!  So exciting!



Sadly enough, we can't do anymore polls until we get a subscription.  It's a shame, I know, but that's the way it's gotta be.  If anyone wants to donate a subscription we'd be very appreciative!


:bulletblue: COMMUNITY</u> :bulletblue:


Hey!  I've made us a DA Chat!  Want to talk with NC fans?  

Come on by the CrawlerChat

I'll be sitting in there at random periods of time so if anyone wants to chat about everyone's favorite swashbuckling Catholic.  Bamf by and see me! :D

Also, for X-Men Evolution fans, here is the universally loved "Evolutionize" Chat.  Come join Evo fans from around the globe:



:bulletpurple:  MEMBERS: :bulletpurple:

Featured Member: ClopinKingOfGypsies


Clopin is a 20-year-old DA patron who's loves include reading, writing, arithmetic (no I'm kidding :D), drawing, and computers.  Outside of her adoration for the Fuzzy one, she's also a huge fan of Clopin from Hunchback of Notre Dame (who could've guessed), the Joker, and Silent Hill.  Her favorite versions of Nightcrawler are   Ultimate, Wolverine and the X-Men, and the one from the Nightcrawler Series.  Not only is Clopin the winner of our Holiday Contest but she's also a club mod!  Check out her winning piece, Baby's Christmas

And here's some bonus Nightcrawler Fan Art!:

Kurt Trouillefou
Von meiner Brennenden Liebe

Member Count: [268]

Newest Member: :iconchaoticskye:

Members List

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NightCrawler is owned by Marvel Comics


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