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Character  Dracula from CastlevaniaObject  castleLocation  Castlevania
Live Wallpaper Source:…

Credits to: Sean Vo at…

Dracula's Castle Live Wallpaper is impressive. The iconic castle can be seen in the distance. It looks like it's dusk. The sun is peeking through the clouds. The river all point towards Dracula's castle. Snow falls in the foreground. Tons of clouds form within the mid-ground. I love how there are just a number of lights on in Dracula's castle. It's almost of is you don't notice the castle.

Don't forget about the snowy mountains surrounding Castlevania castle. Pine trees can be seen in the foreground as well. No sound is needed in this eerie wallpaper. File size is small too. Enjoy.
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Has been my desktop wallpaper for quite some time now

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This is a fantastic work of art!!!! Bill

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ooh pretty 
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Winterkeep has pointed out that this art is posted on Artstation (…). Based on the fact that the artist land you appear to be different people, the other art you've uploaded here isn't on their Artstation and also has different content and style, and the malware accusations in the other comments, I'm gonna say, yep.

Art thief.

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you should give credit to the author of that artwork....…
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Better phrasing would be 'you should not post other people's art as your own', though. That's art theft. Deviantart used to be better about this shit.
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No ones interested! Go away!
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Blurg that link is horrible. Repeating malware popups from that link ! Yikes !
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Alucard: "Where did you land the castle, Sypha?"
Sypha: "Right on top of us."
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Huh. That's an oddly-shaped castle. Was it always like that in the games or is it an original design for the show?
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Nice eye.

Each Castlevania video game series has a different design of castle. They were never exactly the same.

This is just a more fantastical version of the old games.

Check out the Castlevania Mobile game, Grimoire of Souls. Looks even more bad-ass than this one.

Small timeline below.

Original Castlevania (Classic)
Castlevania Legends
Castlevania The Dracula X Chronicles
Castlevania Grimoire of Souls
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Oh, so this is your own design?
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I've only played the earlier console titles and most of the handheld metroidvanias; but this version of the castle is new to me. Symphony of the Night (Release it on Nintendo e-Shop, dammit!) established that the castle is a creature of chaos and can take many incarnations; Apparently, it wanted to be rather whimsical this time around. Usually, it's on a cliff, too, rather than smack in the middle of a valley.
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