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Azkaban Guards by nightcore24 Azkaban Guards :iconnightcore24:nightcore24 0 0 She Will Kick Your Butt (If Provoked) by nightcore24 She Will Kick Your Butt (If Provoked) :iconnightcore24:nightcore24 0 0 Egyptian by nightcore24 Egyptian :iconnightcore24:nightcore24 0 0
Look before you leap 2
After yet another "class" with Umbridge, that only managed to teach Harry how to internally scream while desperately trying not to let it show (and failing miserably)... He decided to pay a visit to Hagrid since DADA had been his last class and he didn't have detention, thank God, only to remember the (baby) Hebridean Black that escaped. Harry groaned and turned back the other way, he had told Luna he would help her look for the little dragon and he intended to keep his word.
'Hagrid picked a fine time to get a dragon (and then lose it),' Harry thought miserably. 'What if Umbridge finds out?' He could just imagine Dolores Umbridge's smug expression as she declared Hagrid a menace to society, and than either kicked him out of Hogwarts and it's grounds or arrested him for child endangerment and the illegal purchasing and housing of a dangerous beast. Harry had a bad feeling about this... Harry would have to find this thing before Umbridge did, he would also have to contact Charlie Weasle
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Look before you leap
Harry Potter age 15 walked down the the passageway to Defense Against the Dark Arts in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and feeling rather miserable about sitting in another class with Umbrige teaching it, when Luna Lovegood drifted dreamily out of a nearby classroom. "Oh, hello Harry." she said absentmindedly, "Hello Luna." Said Harry as he continued walking. "How are you doing?" He asked. Luna fell into step next to him, "Not very well, Hagrid lost one of his animals I'm trying to help him find it." Luna answered. "Oh, what sort of animal?" He asked suspiciously. "It is a baby Hebridean Black." She said. "Need help finding it?" Harry asked without knowing what a Hebridean Black is, but having the vague sense that he had heard the name before, but it was only a baby how dangerous could it be? Harry's thoughts suddenly went to Norbert, he had a nasty feeling about this. "That would be vary nice Harry." Luna said delighted. "By the way what is a Hebridean Black?" Harry asked
:iconnightcore24:nightcore24 0 3
The Art of Potion Making
As potions simmer,
Steam rises up and shimmers.
As the students brew away,
One student is vary much dismayed,
Because no matter how hard he tries,
He will only just scrape by.
As the end crawls near,
Professor Snape sneers,
Because Harry Potter messed up this time too,
He'll now have way more homework to do.
:iconnightcore24:nightcore24 0 0


Lord Voldemort by YumeNoTsuzuki Lord Voldemort :iconyumenotsuzuki:YumeNoTsuzuki 20 9
He Is Mine
       Harry jerked up off the ground, scrambling away from Narcissa.  He had trusted the knowledge of Draco's life would gain her alliance.  Apparently, he had underestimated the strength of her allegiance to Voldemort.  Now Voldemort stood from the ground as well, contempt in his ruby eyes.  Harry scrambled back, but immediately slammed back against a tree.  Hope was a ghost now; he should have stayed with Dumbledore in King's Cross.  Now Voldemort would know, would have felt the attempted destruction of yet another of his precious horcruxes.  Yet this one had escaped his notice until he'd felt the ripping burn of Harry's near suicidal attempt.  
Voldemort's heart was racing, he had just barely brought the two back.  He remembered the sting of the blisters that even against the cool marble ground had felt like bees raking stingers across his skin.  He'd been able to bring them both back before the damage was done t
:iconwhitelotus92:whitelotus92 2 1
Harrymort DMMD Bad End AU by oneofdaoddones Harrymort DMMD Bad End AU :icononeofdaoddones:oneofdaoddones 10 1 Bore A Flame by Catchra13 Bore A Flame :iconcatchra13:Catchra13 1 0
Till Death Do Us Part Ch. 17
"What do you mean he's back at St. Mungo's?" Hermione yelled. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her husband had just been discharged from St. Mungo's and now he had to go back. "Why?" She looked at Dr. Black sternly, willing him to speak.
The doctor sighed, he had already explained why Mr. Weasly was there several times. He rubbed his temples to sooth the headache he was getting. "You tell me why my husband is back at St. Mungo's Draco Malfoy!" Hermione shrieked.
"Granger," the doctor said as calmly as he could, his Malfoy agitation braking through to his voice, "I have already told you why I sent him back, twice. I do not wish to tell you again."
"Then please tell me again, because I still don't understand. I have never read about the spell you are talking about."
"Of course you haven't!" The doctor said finally letting his usual Malfoy personality take precedence. "It's a dark spell Granger. It isn't in books you would read. In fact it is in a total of two
:icontenjulie:TenJulie 2 2
The lemon wedges as a cure for sadness by cs2016 The lemon wedges as a cure for sadness :iconcs2016:cs2016 24 6 Beat Down Coming by iesnoth Beat Down Coming :iconiesnoth:iesnoth 70 4 Rogue One, 12 by Ayej Rogue One, 12 :iconayej:Ayej 135 35 Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the trailer by Ayej Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the trailer :iconayej:Ayej 106 7 Star Wars: The Last Jedi by Ayej Star Wars: The Last Jedi :iconayej:Ayej 130 21 Star Wars: The Last Jedi, doodles 6 by Ayej Star Wars: The Last Jedi, doodles 6 :iconayej:Ayej 111 5 Star Wars: The Last Jedi, doodles 14 by Ayej Star Wars: The Last Jedi, doodles 14 :iconayej:Ayej 99 23 A Priestess Of The Open Hands by Nimphradora A Priestess Of The Open Hands :iconnimphradora:Nimphradora 1,110 18 Resting by RaidesArt Resting :iconraidesart:RaidesArt 220 9 Taking a Walk by RaidesArt Taking a Walk :iconraidesart:RaidesArt 179 9 How to THINK when you draw CREATURE TEETH tutorial by STUDIOBLINKTWICE How to THINK when you draw CREATURE TEETH tutorial :iconstudioblinktwice:STUDIOBLINKTWICE 293 6



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"He's been poisoned you daft Bimbo!"
-Hermione Granger

My favorite Harry Potter characters are Luna Lovegood, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.


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