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Blasting Peony/Rosie (Collab?)



Okay... why I am doing this at 2am? Oh wait, I'm suppose to talk about Rosie. I tried to make Rosie to look like she came from PopCap but the results didn't turn out as I expected in my visuals. *Sighs* I suck at imitating styles(not meant to copycat) including to memorize my imaginations(due to fricking art block). Also...CAN SOMEONE PLZ TELL ME HOW MAKE PICTURES TRANSPARENT SO IT CAN BE DOWNLOADABLE?! *explodes*

Tape 2.....I guess? Uh...where was I? Oh! I would love to thank CrystiliaLance for the sketch of Rosie, it really looked like she came from the game! Crystillia is an outstanding artist, please go watch her to see more of her beautiful artworks! :D
The original sketch is here:…

I made different versions of the digital art, see here:
Detailed Rosie:
Rosie(With background):

It gave me an amazing imagination that she was an limited time hero for a Valentine's Day event(including Worst Nightmare as a new zombie hero) and of course an introduction comic when you get her. Another imagination which may not EVER happen if PopCap made RosieCap/Nightsie/BlastingCap/NightPeony (Rosie X Night Cap or Blasting Peony X Night Cap they have 4 ship names lolol) a canon ship! Haha, I'm pretty sure it won't happened but they will be right next to each other(Night Cap got friend zoned lol). :XD: I wouldn't forget about Whistle the Butterfly(Rosie's tusndere childhood friend) as Crazy Dave's replacement(Crazy Dave is on vacation for the holidays, he will be back after the Valentine's Day Event is over). Just like Beta Carrotina and Huge Imp Dude(too lazy to day his full name :XD:), Rosie and Worst Nightmare are still playable if you get them...except Whistle...
R.I.P. Whistle the Butterfly 2016-2017. X|

Hope Crystillia and everyone else enjoys Blasting Peony/Rosie! She may seem sweet and cute but, aggressive! Beware of her heart blasters!

Also, new tags!
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