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Tyrande fan art I did a while back.
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Hi Night Blue ,

I am looking for fantasy illustrator artist for one of my project at France. I can pay 10€ per drawing and I will sell these drawings as a cardgame on my web site. Therefore, I only ask the right of use for the drawing you made in exchange of 10€ for each picture and you can also sign in these illustrations that will help you to promote your work. Of course, the picture is still belonged to you. I am just asking for the right of USE.
If this proposal is ok for you, just let me know by sending an email to my Devianart account : X-men-X.

I am waiting forward hearing from you soon,

Best regards,

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Tyrande is my favourite :D

This turned out great X3
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I love this! Glowy magic is always nice, too! :)
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She is so beautifull!
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It's really awersome work! 
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solid piece, very solid
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Tyrande is my favorite faction leader ^^ FOR THE ALLIANCE!
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Incredibly gorgeous. Makes me almost miss WoW. almost. :)
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This is beautiful!
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that's great *_*
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coolness amazing :3
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Her sabercat's face may require some work due to anatomy (too large eyes, too narrow forehead), but this isn't that serious in my opinion (and it's still just my opinion).
I love the angle, theme and use of colours :heart:
Great job :)
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Thanks for the pointers! I tried to stick to the strange WoW anatomy and probably over-did it. Appreciate the feedback :)
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You've got point - each time I'm looking at my character in-game, I imagine she isn't that exaggerated in anatomy ;)
I really like this piece (not only because I love this character lore-wise), because of atmosphere You've made here :)
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This one is great, sad it is only fan art!
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Oh hi! :) Didn't know you had a deviant art page.
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I think it is mandatory. :)
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