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Bor Breakfist

World of Warcraft TCG card illustration. ©Blizzard Entertainment ©CZE.

Mmm, bacon.
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© 2013 - 2021 Nightblue-art
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i love his energy

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LMAO this is so fantastic. Love the use of lighting and shadows. <3
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♐️What's with the bandage on his stomach?
Koru-Xypress's avatar
Cuz bacon goood~
purplecatcreatives's avatar
I have this card, it's my absolute favorite!    :D
DamienSaelak's avatar

This is so freaking epic!!                                            I think I've fainted. 
CarbonBasedAndroid's avatar
"Looks like meats back on the menu boys!"
MogNetCentral's avatar
B-but...where are his nipples?
Nightblue-art's avatar
The bor's nipples were probably not cooked in this picture ;)
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Is he trying to eat it midair or did it slip out of his pan and he is utterly shocked about losing his bacon? :) I wonder...
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hahaha this is awesome! I love seeing these artworks of wow characters doing does normal things xD I really love the fierce energy, as if this were a battle for glory and honor! he he
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Freaking Awesome. Nice implementation of the style.
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Warchef Thrall? Great dynamic this picture has!
THEDaveYognaut's avatar
A Shaman who took cooking, but also has a frying pan?

Gulptan's avatar
The more i look at it the more i realize how good it is, awesome job man! Badass! 
JanPhilippEckert's avatar
I am just in love with that kind of drawing style :3 All the Artworks for Blizzard are the best because of that! :) Great work! 
AppleSin's avatar
great one! love orc's expression =)
WhaleProbe's avatar
Only one slice?
WolfOfSahara's avatar
That was the last one...
Mr--Jack's avatar
Oooh, lighting is fantastic on this one Grace! :D 
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