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Happy early Halloween :)
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Pretty cool picture, i love this smooth, shiny and big belly :D very nice textures/light effects :) !
MechaDragon86's avatar
Not how I imagine the Boogeyman myself, but still an excellent piece!
Ironmoor's avatar
Yea more like executioner
Ogre-Toe's avatar
this is Goood.
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Hello, I've given this piece a feature over here -> [link] :)
adamecos's avatar
Oh, I do like this!
najmulosmani's avatar
Ahh awesome i remember this for the halloween contest over at Cghub! :)
Nightblue-art's avatar
Haha, that was a lot of fun :)
najmulosmani's avatar
haha yeah definitely :)
kaber13's avatar
Soooo cool! Love the lighting and texture! Awesome work.
b-cesar's avatar
my next Halloween costume
tomvanrheenen's avatar
Very sinister :) Like the way you drew his fleshy skin. Great work! :D
DylanPierpont's avatar
Ohhhh! Saw this on CGHub a few days ago. Nice werk ;)
JewelsMarie's avatar
Incubare's avatar
great halloween :D
SylvanCreatures's avatar
Great work! Has a very Brom feel to it :-)
Nightblue-art's avatar
Thanks man :D I had a couple of Brom paintings on my desktop the entire time I worked on this, hehe.
M0AI's avatar
Grace!! You are getting so darned good!
Nightblue-art's avatar
Thanks a lot M0AI! You are getting better at a even faster pace. It's amazing to see what you do in TAD!
Mr--Jack's avatar
Oooh, very nice! :D
Nightblue-art's avatar
(omg Mr--Jack commented on my page!!!)

(nerds out)
animegirl007's avatar
Love the feeling of piece....Terrific painting job! :wow:
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