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May 13, 2016
Beauty vs Beast by Nightblue-art is an incredible battle of epic proportions.
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Beauty vs Beast

Metroid fan art done for Project KKG, a fan art book we are putting together for a very good friend, talented artist, and awesome human being who is battling cancer.

Non-profit organization in charge of the project: .

Samus fighting Kraid.
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LukeClough's avatar
Great work. Love the composition!
victorroa's avatar
it's good art when you can hear the music
berserkerbloodlust's avatar
Love this artwork oh so much! :heart::heart::heart:
Ddesign91's avatar
This is amazing, I'm sure your friend will love it as much as I do, hope he/she gets better soon.
gingie-liu's avatar
this piece is truly epic!
you can clearly sense the battle :wow:
amazing composition and painting skills!

well done!
congrats on the daily deviation :heart:
Nighteba's avatar
Just as I finished a Super Metroid sprite, I see this!

nekofan11's avatar
This scene is awesome, well done
MASTER-K0HGA's avatar
Aaahh this is so awesome!! :D
Absolhunter251's avatar
Holy!! That's epic!!! :D 
Xandalf6's avatar
This is incredible.
damangogna's avatar
Amazing work 😍👌
Bioshocat1999's avatar
Samus is a very good character ! I like your drawing too 
Archangelo2's avatar
I can't tell which is the beast here.
SilverTox's avatar
Congratulations on the very well deserved Daily Deviation!
Zainabco's avatar
Wow that cool art 👍
mea00's avatar
Very nice! Congrats on the DD
UDtheAesir's avatar
That's very cool. Wish we can do the same thing in Super Metroid and Metroid Zero Mission instead of the lame platforms.
Balloogabu's avatar
Who's the Beauty, and who's the Beast?

I say SAMUS is the beast! ]: P
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