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Arvos Jadestone - Dwarf Shaman

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My 4th World of Warcraft Trading Card Game card. I had a hellish time trying to fit a shaman and 4 elements into the little picture frame, but it turned out a lot better than I feared in the end, and I learned a ton in the process.

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The Avatar dwarf :D
Awesome painting!
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You did a damn good job with Master Arvos.  To have power over the four elements is not easy.  Would definitely want him on my dungeon party.
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A.. Dwarf Shaman? Wau..!
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It turned out AMAZING if you ask me, this is my first time seeing it and you captured it well! Wish it was Draenei, but hey I know you have your assignments!
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Avatar: World of Warcraft?
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Truly remarkable work, wonderful coloring job.
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Dwarf Shaman?! No no no this is madnes!
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this is amazing I love the expression on his face :) I'd love to be able to do things like these but sadly I lack all confidence in my stuff lol but your works inspiring!
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Great Colors, Great Lighting. Love it!
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damn, I don't even like dwarves but this is awesome!!
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Fantastic colors and stark features, amazing work! Great job!
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He looks so powerful, awesome art
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It has rly turned out gr8. One can see your improvement in every next card u've done. GJ and have u rly been drawing for 3 years now? like only 3 years? :D
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Thanks! I've actually been drawing casually for a long time, mostly manga. I started seriously thinking about doing art for a living about 4 years ago and started doing digital painting around that time :) Appreciate your kind comments!
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Oh God, this if fantastic! Beautifull colors!
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Thank you so much!
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So very magical! Even though orange/blue is one of my favorite combos, I have not really implemented in a serious piece yet. This is a great use of orange/blue. The glow of the flame is wonderful and the movement of the piece is great too! Good work! I think you did a great job!
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Really appreciate it! I had a difficult time, but the colors were fun :)
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