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[GMOD/SFM DL] Drama Queen



IF YOU'RE USING SFM, GO HERE: [SFM DL] Drama Queen Enhanced (V2)

This is Drama Queen, the bitchiest pony in Equestria. Loves to complain about even the littlest of things.
Five minutes late? Complain
Slight delay? Worst thing ever
Spoke too loudly? Bitched at
Not talking to her for more than 2 seconds? Yell out "Hello! I exist!"

I originally based her character of my first ex-girlfriend, then later, added a bit from my former friend after removing him everywhere in July 2015. Yeah, I've had this OC idea for that long.

You are completely free to do with her as you please, I only ask that you give credit in the description.

Cutie Mark Parts by krowzivitch

Fun Fact:
I almost gave her the cutie mark of spilt milk, but I figured that would be too obvious.
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perfect pony for a pony soap opera X3