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What do Voltron: Legendary Defender and Final Fantasy X have in common?  Grumpy fire types that like to bitch and scowl.  Okay, yes, Lulu technically uses all four of FF's elements, but in my mind, her go to choice is anything that starts with 'Fir' (You learn early that despite all the water-type fiends around Besaid, you do not use Lightning.  Too many accidental zapping of practicing blitzers.  Yes, Accidental.  Really.).   This thought kind of weaseled it's way into my mind last week while working on something else and it would not let go.  And so, it has now birthed the first semi-'real' piece of art for 2017.  It also lead to this:…  I am not sorry.  Good chance this will see color in the future.  Just because.

Also; this is totally responsible for Keith's freaking /hair/ to spawn it's own headcanon for me.   The stories you come up with for trying to explain why something exists the way it does.

Keith from Voltron: Legendary Defender
Lulu from Final Fantasy X
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