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Sooooo.... I'm not yet dead! :la:

Just been very, very busy. Working too much lately, if you ask me.

BUT! The good news is that next weekend is Tokyo in Tulsa! My one and only con this year. :cry: Oh well, at least it'll be a good one. ^__^

I have the Cosplay Chess game from 12 to 2. It looks like we'll be playing without pawns this year, unless I magically get a huge flood of entries. :shrug:

So! Costume Line-Up!

Friday - Kuja/ PJ Saix/ Possible Rave Outfit

Saturday - Angela (Kuroshitsuji, Cosplay Contest outfit!)/ Maggie the Magpie (OC character to be the chess announcer)/ Glamorous Formal Kuja

Sunday - Cloud/ Something casual

:iconanubissilvermoon:, :iconjodragen:, and I are all rooming together. We'll be heading up on Thursday, so prepare for insane shenanigans! :evillaugh:

Angela is all ready and put together, just need to add a few last-minute details and clip unsightly threads. Bought a whip for her today, so all Sebastians better look out! And I totally made Formal!Kuja in 4 hours tonight. I've been intending to do it since AFest last year, but never found the time. Today I went shopping at Payless shoes for kicks and found the perfect formal!Kuja shoes and my inner-Kuja popped up and said that I now have to actually make the dress. So I also popped into the dollar jewelry store looking for Firion rings (found the red one, still need the blue one) and found a buncha Kuja jewelry instead. :la:

So, when I got home I immediately started on the formal dress. I've had the fabric actually cut out for some time, it just needed to be put together. It's a beautiful gold shantung with a royal purple fancy organdy overlay. Now to convince Sherry to bring formal!Sephy... :evillaugh:
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Submitted on
July 9, 2011