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  • Listening to: Where There's a Whip There's a Way - Rankin/Bass
~:sing: "Up to no good, I love plottin'! CUZ I'M GOOD WHEN I'M ROTTEN!":sing:~

The song I listen to when I'm feeling TEH EVULZ:

In other news, I'm adding "Doodle Bug" to my list of "Insults that People Have Tried to Offend Me With That Failed Miserably." However, nothing tops "Psycho Bitch" and I don't think anything ever will. :meow:

Also stumbled upon an awesome Tumblr blog lately - Escher Girls. It's all about pointing out the anatomy fails in media depictions of the female form. It' definitely disheartening to see how low professionals stoop in order to deliver TEH SEXY as well as the lack of diversity in the depiction of the female form. It seems to be thin and busty or nothing. No card-carrying members of the itty-bitty-titty- committee nor plus sized women, when they're fully willing to show a wide variety of men ranging from gawky to rolly-polly. Of course, if you point this fact out to "the Big Boys" they get butt-hurt about it and say that YOU have odd views of beauty.

Oh, and it's apparently rude to state bluntly how you feel and make observations about someone arts. But I am so tire of "keeping sweet," it's high time the underdogs start bearing their teeth and showing that we mean business, regardless of who you are. You can call me an angry feminist, or a bitch, or whatever you want, but I'm tired of seeing the same old stuff re-packaged, dressed up, and sold as new.  Who's with me?
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May 13, 2012


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