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So I've never done sequential arts before... but I've been tossing around the idea of doing a comic about my character Silver. Well, I was listening to Heather Dale's "Hero" on repeat last night and Silver and her opponent - The Tyrant (working name) - popped up and demanded to be drawn. So, I did three pages of sequential arts inspired by "Hero" with lyrics from the song as dialogue. Guys... this is BIG, :la: I've never, ever, ever been able to do a comic before, but those two just came out so easily once I got started. So then two more characters for the "Legend of Silver" comic/story popped up and demanded to continue the scene, so now Vita and Mother have made an appearance and... OH GODS I THINK I'M MAKING SOME KIND OF SKETCHY COMIC HERE THAT THINKS IT KNOWS WHERE IT'S GOING. XD

Well, whatever happens, I'm really happy with those first three pages and I'll probably post them sometime in the near future. Brace yourselves, internets... cuz here comes Silver. :meow:
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June 4, 2012


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