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Yes, the snow may be falling down like no tomorrow. And, yes, the power may go blinky at any time.

But I got off work early and have a lapfull of purring cat, life is good!
If you've been paying attention to the news, you've probably seen the coverage about the crisis in Haiti.

Over on LJ, I've tossed one of my KH rosaries up in a multi-fandom auction. The proceeds from the auction will be donated to funds that go towards the relief effort for Haiti. The beginning price is $20.


If you don't like my work, there are manymanymany other kinds of offerings (fan art, fanfiction, ectectect). Please, if you have the money, bid on something OR if you too wish to offer something for the action that's good too.
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I failed my Fall 09 semester of college and due to my shitty grades from the Spring Semester, I'm on academic probation. The parents are rather convinced I'll never have anything to do with college again. They're also convinced that if I don't go to college, I'll lead a shitty life in general.

And, due to the fact I'm no longer in school, their insurance will no longer support me. So, in all, I need to find a full-time position somewhere in order to make good-enough money to pay for shit.

It's not shaping up to be a good year for anything interesting.

Will likely be taking a break from cosplay and costuming in general. Sorry, folks. It looks like the show is over.

It would be a big help if someone bought my shit:…
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I've got some pretty things available for sale.

More info over here:…
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Just wishing all my friends and watchers a good holiday -whatever you may or may not celebrate at this time of year ^^- and a wonderful new year full of good health, wealth, and wisdom. :blowkiss:
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Finals are over. Dunno how I did.... but I'm not looking forward to seeing my grades.

Lol, watching the Nat Geo Channel and watching a documentary on Jesus's Rivals. I'm noticing tiny little mistakes and funny things. I'm not 100% that ancient peoples had treds on the bottoms of their sandals... just sayin.

In other news.... :icontoxikelement: and :iconpencilfeather: are amazing! Photoshoots are win and love. If anyone wants to schedule a photoshoot wif me, go ahead and send meh a PM, I'll see what I can do. Freelance photography, anybody? >3

I'd like to find a place to do a Kuja photoshoot, but I need some place that's fairly private. Kuja + public =/= good. <.<......... >.>......... *tackleglomp Sephy*

~Cosplay Laundry List~
-Saix: Want Claymore!

-Rufus: planned for the new year.

-Cloud: planned for the new year. Do want wiggy.

-Vincent: possibly revived late next year. Maybe Izumi, maybe.

-Sebastian (Black Butler, lol whut? Anime cosplay from moi?): planned for the new year in connection with PencilFeather's Grell. =D
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Gah, I should stop listening to Evita.... "Goodbye and Thankyou" and "I'd be Surprisingly Good For You" are begging to be turned into Kuja-related videos! :headdesk:

Also... Aristocrat Saix Material has been obtained! Costuming can begin!

Aaaaannnd.... I wish people would stop ripping me a new one about that stupid wedding and realted coments. Let me make the official announcement: InsertNameHere Cosplay has pretty much dropped the wedding ideas. We're switching to Funerals! 8D

Here we go, here's about how I'm feeling ATM:…
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Lol, :iconelfgirllithirnial: just blockeded meh! Lol, I wondered when she would finally get around to doing that! I are dangerous person with dangerous opinion.

Also, CON REPORT (for those who want to read it)…
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There were good times, there were okay times, and there were emotionally high and low times.

Not a totally bad con. But not a perfect one other.

Had much more fun doing non-convention stuff: group improv sessions.
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Despite my gripes with some of the Izumi staff and their stooooopid desicions. I'mma go Izumicon. Mostly because there are peeps who will hurt me if I don't. XD

~Costume Plooot~

Friday (I works til 4 pm, but afterwards I'mma running to Izumi!)
Saix most likely. Full-on Sai. :iconpencilfeather: just needs to finish fixin mah wig wif her awesome wig-fixin skillz!

Kuja most of the day.

Will change back into Saix later in the afternoon for filming/photoing purposes.

Nothing planned.

Skool and work have prevented me from making any new costumes. I can be convinced to pull Vincent out of the cosplay closet with the right bribes, however. :blowkiss: (Pocky, Ramune, and snuggles work best.)
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Okay, guys, I've been dreaming about doing this for a while now and I've decided to finally bite the bullet and get started. I wants to be CLOUD STRIFE (AC style). *poses* His personality and mine are meshing really well right now, lol, aaaaaaaand Reno wants me to be Cloudy, too. SOooooooo....

Promblem is - I have NOOO clue where to find his shirt fabric. *hangs head in shame* I know his pants, one sleeve, and "battle skirt" :giggle: are made from black demin. (Trust me on this, it bugs me to see them made of leather/pleather BECAUSE LEATHER/PLEATHER does NOT HAVE A GRAIN TEXTURE!) But the shirt gives me difficulties. What is it? Twill? Sweatshirt material? Sweater Knit? Waffle Fleece? So, if anyone can help me find what it is and then find me the material, I will be a happy Cloudy.
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Buuuut coporate is reeeaally getting on my nerves at Hancocks. I've half the mind to send them the lyrics to Voltiare's "The Industrial Revolution (and how it ruined my life)" just because it says everything that I'm feeling right now towards them, as well as plot a coup. :sigh: And it appears I may have the dreaded Carpal Tunnel. Hoo-fucking-ray. I'm taking these crazy steriods that are doing weird shit to my body. I'm having some crazy moodiness as well as aches and pains in various places that didn't hurt before! Also, the wrist splints make it nigh impossible to do some of the things I once did. Personally, if I could manage it, I'd like to quit and devote my time to Freelance pursuits.

So, with that said, commissions are OPEN. But not image commissions. I cannot produce any art at this time due to the fact my scanner and photoshop elements are not Vista compatible, as well as my wacom is pretty much dead.

However, what I DO have to offer is costume and jewelry related.

Here's a list:

- Character rosaries (ex:…)
  This is based mainly upon what charms I can get my hands on. Right now, I have a Sora and
  a new Roxas Rosary in my inventory as well as one Heartless Rosary.
-Price: $15~$20, options vary based upon available materials.

Costumes/ Costume Pieces
- I'm willing to make and ship costumes/ costume pieces. PM for details and pricing. It all depends on what it is, what you want it made of, and how much time it should take to make.
-Ex: Kuja:…

Heartless Plushies
- The Sorcerer Heartless from KHI and KH II (ex:…)
  These little bad boys are easy to make. They're made out of fleece with fabric paint
  details. The eyes are buttons painted to be a brighter yellow. I tried to make the eyes
  glow in the dark, but it didn't work out the way I planned.
-Price: $20

Other Fabric Items
-By Request.
Have sewing machine, will make stoof.

I'd like to try my hand at Freelane photography. I may post some of my photos in an online porfolio sometime.

If you can help, please do so!
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Tee hee... take a look at the calendar... 9/7... 9 - Kuja, 7 - Seph.... KUJAROTH DAY! :dance:

Ppppfffftt to Orgy people. I lurves you and all... but mah OTP be calling!

Expect something KujaRoth related later in the day. =D
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Mah shiny new Dissidia RP board. It's still under construction cosmetically, but it's ready to go:…

Also, Video Pimps. This guy, on the youtube, has been posting the various gameplay exhibitions from Dissidia:… :drool: Doooo want Dissidia...

Ugh.. dental work = sore jaw. More on this story here:…
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Whenever my mother decides to "help" clean my room I ususually end up crying or angry.... why the hell does that always happen?
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It's been a while since I last did one of dese, here wee gooo!

~Cosplay Laundry List~

~Stuff that Needs to Be Fixed~
Saix - Orgy Coat needs new zipper. Scar needs another coat of make-up, looking a lil shabby.

Vincent - Is going to be put aside for a lil while. Sorry Vinny. :cry: When he comes back, though, he should have a new cape, wig, fixed bootcovers, and updated claw. Boo-yeah! Also would love to have actual leathers.

Kuja - Finish the shoulder armor and boots.

~Stuff that's Being Made!~
Rufus ShinRa (AC) - Because I promised :iconpencilfeather: if she did a KujaRoth rp wif meh, I'd work on Ruru. Looking into patterns and fabric, getting quotes on stuff. Need to buy a Zipper foot for my machine before I can do the pants and stoof. Also needs to get fabric to make da blankie. Wig possibly needed.

Blue Rhapsody Heartless "Loli" (Kingdom Hearts) - I'm plotting to do a Heartless "Loli" of the Blue Rhapsody. Tis in planning, looking for patterns to make the dress that's in my head. Not having much luck thus far.

Red Mage (Final Fantasy I) - Me 'n' :icondragonrat: are plotting to do the Red Mage and Ninja (or was it the Thief? TELL MEH IF I'M WRONG ZEXY-MOUSE!) from Final Fantasy I. Need patterns for Hat and Tunic, have cape pattern. Also need fabric. Lots and lots of red. And a wig, a lovely white wig.
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TnT Con Report Up at Mah LJ:…
TnT Video on mah Youtube:…


1. How many times have you been to a convention?

2. Do you sleep at conventions?
Yup. Sleep like a rock for the most part. =D

3. Do you eat?
I try to. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes not.

4. Are you shameless at conventions?
Depends on what you mean by shameless... but I'm mostly shameless when I'm out of the house. =D

5. On average, how much money do you spend?
Well, if you factor in the room, food, and badge as well as swag... usually around $200.

6. Do you go to conventions to pick up people?
lol... whut?

7. Do you go to conventions to bang people?
Yeah... uh... no. :blank:

8. How much cellulite do you see when you go to conventions?
More than I'd like.

9. Do you cosplay?
*points to gallery and icon*

10. Does your cosplay show a lot of skin?
Kuja = skin city! Mum saw a photo and was like "YOU LOOK NEKKID!"

11. Is your cosplay the epitome of badassery?
Vincent = The King of Badasslandia. Kuja = Mr. Flirty. Saix = I rip ur throat out!

12. Do you wait in line for things...i:e; hentai fest, yaoi fest, autographs, ceremonies?
Just for a good seat at Vic's panel at TnT 09. Otherwise, if there's a long line, I usually say "screw it."

13. How many friends have you met from conventions?
A fair few. =D

14. Have you ever been drunk at a convention?
I don't drink and have no desire to.

15. Name your conventions:
Izumicon and Tokyo in Tulsa

16. Do you go to conventions alone or with a bunch of people?
I go with peeps, but I somehow usually end up walking around by myself for a bit. :blank:

17. Get your own room or mooch off of someone?
I beleive in splitting a payment and I never mooch, unless I know the person personally. =D

18. Ever partied hard with a voice actor?

19. Taken a picture with Silent Bob?

20. Jay too?

21. Gotten home to find out you've lost weight from walking around so DAMN much?
Not that I've noticed, but I did kill my legs at TnT 09. Too... many... stairs!

22. Hugged random people?
Hugs are awesome! I like hugs!

23. Kissed random people?
I don't kiss anyone I don't know. Other than that, I may give kisses on da cheek to peeps I know and like.

24. Stalked someone who was cosplaying your favorite bishi character?
Stalking is sooo undignified. Just go up to them and ask for photos!

25. Gotten a g/f or b/f out of a convention?

26. Hooked up with someone?
O_o ?

27. Tell the truth now... seriously
o_O ??

28. Had a temporary convention love that ended by Monday morning?

29. Raved until you fell over?
No raves for me, thx.

30. Flirted with a dealer to get a discount?
No, but I have played the sympathy card and I'm working on my bartering skills. =D

31. Taken pictures of people?
If I had a better camera, I'd be taking pictures like a fiend. But my camera sucks and I'm usually having too much fun to remember to whip it out.

32. Had your picture taken?
*sarcasm* No.... um, Hello? I am the Sexy Kuja! The only one in OK, it seems, too! What does THAT tell you?

33. Gone to a photoshoot?
Yup. =D

34. Planned a photoshoot?
Tried to help plan one.

35. Been stalked?
Nope, not unless mah stalker is reeeeally good.

36. Been annoyed by someone?

37. Done the annoying?
*hums* Well, I HOPE I haven't.

38. Had fun at a convention?
:blank: Is this a retorhical question?

39. Had such a miserable time you wanted to leave but didn't?
Day 3 of TnT 08. I was ready to leave due to unforseeable circumstances. Would have stayed longer if certain things hadn't of happened.

40. Gotten in a fight?

41. Tried to stage a fight?

42. Success?

43. Freaked out when you saw one of your most favorite characters?
*hums* I don't think so. I've had OMG moments, though. Especially when I see a really good version.

44. Someone freaked out when they saw your cosplay?
Not that I know of... but people tended to get real happy when I was Kuja. =D

45. Hung out with random people that you'd just met?
Isn't this the whole point of cons? =D

46. Reunited with a friend?
Yup, a few.

47. Broken off with a friend?
Not yet.

48. Cried at a convention?

49. Saved trash from stuff you bought?
Yes, but only for a little while.

50. Eaten ramen and drunk ramune like they were air?
Isn't this the main diet of any con-goer?

51. Slept in the same bed as someone you've only known a few hours?
Nope and I really wouldn't be willing to, either.

52. Made any money?
Not yet, hopefully sometime in the future, tho.

53. Made someone else money?
Not through advertising, but I've bought stuff from peeps.

54. Sick of this survey?
Meh, is okay.

55. Okay...last question. Favorite convention you've ever been to?
I like each one for different reasons. I have no favs. ^_^
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TnT was sooo much fun. I'll post a con report to mah livejournal and vids to the youtube when I can get stuff edited as well as get all the photos in. =D
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Jacket: 99% (Craft Foam pieces need to be added and sleeves hemmed)
ManThong and Skirt: 100%
Wig: 100%
Chest Piece and Armor: 80% (Craft foam needs to be stiched together or something.... Chest piece needs a few last gold details)
Handwarmers: 100%

Found all of my other stuff, legwarmers, cat-suit, binding, ect.

Make-up test was completed, it all looks good. Bodytape has been procured to make sure the costume stays up. Lol, I think I've lost weight since I made the swimsuit bottom... less than a week ago. :O_o:

The cat is scared of the wig for some reason.....

Photos forthcomming.

Also, a new cell phone is being shipped to me. It's supposed to arrive either tomorrow or the next day.

As always, hosting a panel at TnT. Plz come. It's "Intro to Acting" hosted at Noon on Saturday in Panel Room A. =D Y'all are probably tired of hearing me talk about it, ne?
  • Watching: Demyx Time Panel Pt 1
Kuja's costume was supposed to be completed last night but didn't happen due to unforseeable circumstances. My phone got lost and/or stolen last night. We had insurance on it and have to call a certain number to get a replacement sent. :stupidme: This wouldn't of happened if I had just left the damn phone in the car like I usually do.

~Kuja Progess~
Jacket = 98%
Skirt and Manthong = 100%
Handwarmers = 100%
Chest Piece = 5% (Patterns were made and one fabric piece was cut out)
Wig = 100% (ETA~ 11:46 pm Mum helped me style the wig. It's lovely and Kuja-y!)

Again, I'm hosting "Into to Acting" at Tokyo in Tulsa, a panel discussing what acting skills are useful to cosplayers. The Panel is in Panel Room A at noon on Saturday. Please come.