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Well, guess what happened to me last week? Yeah, my computer died! :cries: I lost EVERYTHING! All my fics are down and I don't have acess to Photoshop Elements.... yet! Youe see, it all started with a seemingly innocent can of coke which I poured into a glass, but the coke was evil and made me spill it on my old computer! Thus I am now having to start ALL over again on a new Laptop. It's sleek and shiny and will last me into the next version of Windows. But I still want all my old fics back! :saddrunk:

The silver lining is that my Dad's found a place that will get me all of my old files back! Yaay! So, I'm going to do that this weekend. For now, all my art will just be traditional pencil drawings until Ai~Shii gets me back my copy of Photoshop elements! Yaay! :boogie:

But now, a moment of silence for the old computer. :petting: :pc:
Hi everybody! Sorry I've been taking too much time off my art. I've got a file on my desk of all the art I wanna scan and it keeps getting bigger. The thing that's come in is school. It's in the way, even if I don't have homework to do, I come home drained and battered with emotions and physical strain. I don't think my shoulders are ever going to be the same thanks to my Messenger bag. The locker I got doesn't have any hooks to hang stuff from so I carry around my bag all the time. Just the other day my soda wasn't shut that tight in my locker and it leaked all over my Biology II book. Took a few hours to dry it out and now I've got to iron nearly a hundred pages of textbook. :-o

Then of course I'm having emotional breakdowns in my head out of boredom, creative issues, and school life. I made some friends, rat friends. But they were a week-long engagement. :cries: I didn't even get to say goodbye! Now I'm considereing getting a rodent, not nessicarily a rat but maybe start with a mouse and when it moves on to a better place, get a rat. I don't know. :-? Anyone have any suggestions?

Well, if I go dormant for a while then it's because I'm wandering in the labyrinth of my brain to find where my soul has hidden. Unless I find it soon, I might have to ransom myself or snap and go insane. Then I can kill my evil nephew and plead insanity. :evillaugh:

I'm still for :jark:. Haven't heard anything lately but I'm sure that it's just the quiet before the storm. Well, see yas laterz.
DevArt is going to the dogs, I swear it. I've been seeing and reading alot of art and posts that inform me that one of the original creators of DevArt has been given the boot... NOT GOOD! Whenever a creator leaves or is let go, bad things happen. It happened to Gargoyles. Gargoyles didn't last long after Greg Wiseman left. I have a feeling that DevArt may go the same way now that :jark: is no longer part of the Lords that rule over DeviantArt. I'm going to start doing pics that center over this issue and change my avatar untill there is resolution. For now, break out your :greenprobe:, make sure you have plenty of the following: :biscuit: :spam: and :donut:, make sure you have a :stormtrooper: at every door in your home, and beware anyone with the :evileye:.


:jarklarge: <--- Support! :salute:
I've been working hard the last few days in my church's Vacation Bible School. I've been running everywhere in my Church for the teacher. Gah... my legs are so FREAKING sore! I've still got two days of it to go through. *falls over* Night night.
Well, most recently I've been having dreams that inspire me to write and draw. The most recent is one about a werewolf who is looking for an artifact called "The Wish Cloth". As it's name implies, it's a cloth that will grant wishes. Weird, I know. And in this dream my werewolf (from which I was the POV) falls for a human girl. The girl's family is a little chaotic. Well, it inspired me to write three stories about the wolf, the girl, ang three ancient artifacts.

Well, only a day till Harry Potter 6! :woot: I'm going to beat my goal of 3 days. Yea, it only took moi three days to finished Harry Potter 5. I suppose I shall go now a wreak havoc! Tata!
YAAAAAAY! I was sooo happy! My muse finally came back while I was at TAFB yesterday. Now he and I are working double time to get everything in order to post when I can get back onto and upload. Eh......:sweatdrop:
TOday I found out that is an ass. Now I'm really :pissed: because they rejected "Millennium Items are A Girl's Best Friend" and I can't upload anything for a while. That's not really a punishment for me at the moment because my Muse left for Mexico. I have a seperate devil for art so I'm covered there. I hired an Imp to investigate my missing muse but he's got nothing. So if anyone has a fic muse they aren't useing pleeeeeeease loan it to me! :please:
Weeeeeeeeeee! *does a little dance* I'm finished with "Trickster's Queen" by Tamora Pierece! I reaaaaaaally wanna do a fan art for it of Nawat Crow but I can't get the dang crow-turned-man to turn out right! I also wanna do good ol Kyprioth and maybe Aly.... maybe.

Something I'm noticing is that all the Mages get married first! Does anyone else notice that in all the book that star a mage as a supporting or main cast member ALWAYS get married to the romantic lead? Come on, authors, LEAVE THE MAGES SINGLE! At leat until the sequal...... ^_^ End rant.  
I am waiting for the results of May's MGC voteing to find out if my art is liked or not..... I used to post on my friend's account. Under her I was part of the SoraHoshi team. I seperated because I wanted to devote my gallery to gargies and whatever else i decide to do. Ah well.... see yas laterz.  
Hi, I'm Night-Shadow. I'm a huge Gargoyles fan as well as for YGO and LOTR. I tend to do my own characters because I can't really do anyone else's characters. Well, welcome to my nutty world!