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So I've never done sequential arts before... but I've been tossing around the idea of doing a comic about my character Silver. Well, I was listening to Heather Dale's "Hero" on repeat last night and Silver and her opponent - The Tyrant (working name) - popped up and demanded to be drawn. So, I did three pages of sequential arts inspired by "Hero" with lyrics from the song as dialogue. Guys... this is BIG, :la: I've never, ever, ever been able to do a comic before, but those two just came out so easily once I got started. So then two more characters for the "Legend of Silver" comic/story popped up and demanded to continue the scene, so now Vita and Mother have made an appearance and... OH GODS I THINK I'M MAKING SOME KIND OF SKETCHY COMIC HERE THAT THINKS IT KNOWS WHERE IT'S GOING. XD

Well, whatever happens, I'm really happy with those first three pages and I'll probably post them sometime in the near future. Brace yourselves, internets... cuz here comes Silver. :meow:
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~:sing: "Up to no good, I love plottin'! CUZ I'M GOOD WHEN I'M ROTTEN!":sing:~

The song I listen to when I'm feeling TEH EVULZ:

In other news, I'm adding "Doodle Bug" to my list of "Insults that People Have Tried to Offend Me With That Failed Miserably." However, nothing tops "Psycho Bitch" and I don't think anything ever will. :meow:

Also stumbled upon an awesome Tumblr blog lately - Escher Girls. It's all about pointing out the anatomy fails in media depictions of the female form. It' definitely disheartening to see how low professionals stoop in order to deliver TEH SEXY as well as the lack of diversity in the depiction of the female form. It seems to be thin and busty or nothing. No card-carrying members of the itty-bitty-titty- committee nor plus sized women, when they're fully willing to show a wide variety of men ranging from gawky to rolly-polly. Of course, if you point this fact out to "the Big Boys" they get butt-hurt about it and say that YOU have odd views of beauty.

Oh, and it's apparently rude to state bluntly how you feel and make observations about someone arts. But I am so tire of "keeping sweet," it's high time the underdogs start bearing their teeth and showing that we mean business, regardless of who you are. You can call me an angry feminist, or a bitch, or whatever you want, but I'm tired of seeing the same old stuff re-packaged, dressed up, and sold as new.  Who's with me?
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I WOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNN! NaNoWriMo 2011 was taken down, beaten, and sent home crying. :la:
Oh my, so much to do, so little time! Work + School keeps me so busy, but I will endure! :shakefist:

~ Lady Riddler
-Finish skirt and choker for Halloween.

- Resin cast red gems with translucent red dye this time...
- Finish Tacky Headscarf.
- Finish measurements for armor, make mock-up.
- Obtain headliner and vinyl to make armor.
- Obtain spandex.
- Figure out how exactly the leg armor is put together..

- Buy new wiggy, dye and style.
- Decide on "consort" design to go with the Emperor of Heaven.
- Obtain fabric for consort design.

That's it for right now. Just a peek for you guys and a good list for me to work with. :meow:

Oh, and just so you guys know it to. :icontoxikelement: taught me an awesome trick to save your wigs. Spray them with Aussie hair insurance. It literally saved Saix tonight. :la:
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Sooooo.... I'm not yet dead! :la:

Just been very, very busy. Working too much lately, if you ask me.

BUT! The good news is that next weekend is Tokyo in Tulsa! My one and only con this year. :cry: Oh well, at least it'll be a good one. ^__^

I have the Cosplay Chess game from 12 to 2. It looks like we'll be playing without pawns this year, unless I magically get a huge flood of entries. :shrug:

So! Costume Line-Up!

Friday - Kuja/ PJ Saix/ Possible Rave Outfit

Saturday - Angela (Kuroshitsuji, Cosplay Contest outfit!)/ Maggie the Magpie (OC character to be the chess announcer)/ Glamorous Formal Kuja

Sunday - Cloud/ Something casual

:iconanubissilvermoon:, :iconjodragen:, and I are all rooming together. We'll be heading up on Thursday, so prepare for insane shenanigans! :evillaugh:

Angela is all ready and put together, just need to add a few last-minute details and clip unsightly threads. Bought a whip for her today, so all Sebastians better look out! And I totally made Formal!Kuja in 4 hours tonight. I've been intending to do it since AFest last year, but never found the time. Today I went shopping at Payless shoes for kicks and found the perfect formal!Kuja shoes and my inner-Kuja popped up and said that I now have to actually make the dress. So I also popped into the dollar jewelry store looking for Firion rings (found the red one, still need the blue one) and found a buncha Kuja jewelry instead. :la:

So, when I got home I immediately started on the formal dress. I've had the fabric actually cut out for some time, it just needed to be put together. It's a beautiful gold shantung with a royal purple fancy organdy overlay. Now to convince Sherry to bring formal!Sephy... :evillaugh:
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Hey everyone! We're ready for sign-ups for Tokyo in Tulsa's first ever Cosplay Chess!

Info and sign-up sheet over this way:…
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I got awesome news today! There's an opening in the Graphic Design program at EOC Tech! I gets to go to schools again!

:blowkiss: Working hard on various cosplay thingies in between working. Been working ALOT lately.
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Alright sweeties! Time to announce that I'mma going to AFest, lol. Seems to be the popular thing to do, and we all know I looooooove the bandwagon. :sarcasm:

Rooming with the lovely :iconjodragen: and my beloved :heart: :iconanubissilvermoon: :heart:


Dissidia Kuja 2: Electric Boogaloo. :dance: Just have to finish up the handwarmers and this boy's back to kick even more arse.

KH II Saix. You kiddies know the drill. :giggle: Besides, Xemnas needs someone to watch over him on drinking night. :blowkiss:

AC "Casual" Cloud/ Formal Cloud. Taking two variations, one to wear to the ball since I didn't get a formal Kuja done this time around.

:giggle: Is it kinda sad that I'm packing already? I got myself promoted to Supervisor at work, so I kinda want to get my packing done early as opposed to running around Wednesday/Thursday night like a chicken missing it's head. XD
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First up, I'd like to thank everybody that sent me b-day wishes both on here and on facebook. I had a good b-day with my family and scored some sweet stuff. Namely the Naked Pallet from Urban Decay and a dress form. ^^

Secondly, my computer is up and running again. In the end, they replaced both the hard drive and the motherboard before it would run 100% again. Of course, it looks like the disk drive may start acting up, so we'll see what else needs to be replaced.

Thirdly, I'm awesome and that always needs repeating. XD
It's been two weeks of my dad's old clunker computer, but we're back with the Toshiba! Finally got in the restore disks and Aeolus is up and running again! Nothing can stop me now, mwahahahahaha! :evillaugh:

I lied... the damn thing is doing the same shit again.
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I've got a couple of yards of black vinyl I'm trying to get rid of. It doesn't look like the person I originally bought it for is going to pay me for it. Sooooo, here's the dealio:

$20 for it or best offer. I'm trying to find the original receipt so I can see how many yards exactly I have, but I think it's at least 2 yards. Any questions or offers, either comment or PM me.

Also... if you likes jewelry n shit, take a look here and see if there isn't a piece you'd like to buy off me. My bank account is suffering something fierce, so I'd be pleased as punch if someone bought something.

Linkage to the pretties:…
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Well, guess I should go ahead and post a new TnT journal. It seems to be the popular thing to do. XD

-Cosplay Guide-

~Cloud Strife (AC Version) - have to fix up a few things and then he's ready to go. I may take a casual as well as a "Wall-Market" style using my old prom dress.

~Kuja (Dissidia) - Pretty much ready to go. Making a few improvements as well as dealing with another Kuja who isn't so friendly. Let's just say that I may not be participating in photoshoots.

~Saix (Original, PJ, and Casual) - Making a new scar. Bought the latex today to work on it. Need to sew up the pajama pants. ^^
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:iconpencilfeather: Taggeded me. ^^

RULES: You must answer each question yes or no, and WHY!

1. Would you have sex with Xemnas?
-:nod: Cha! Sexah man wif sexah voice. *delighted shiver*

2. Would you have sex with Xigbar?
-*gives Xig a side-long look* Ummmmm.... not really. Not into surfer-dudes.

3. Would you have sex with Xaldin?
- Here I am! Rock me like a hurricane! *opens arms wide for the Xally*

4. Would you have sex with Vexen?
- Even though I like Vexen.... not really...

5. Would you have sex with Lexeaus?
- As long as I top. XD *grabs the strap-on*

6. Would you have sex with Zexion?
- *hums* I don't think so... My men have to be taller than me. XD

7. Would you have sex with Saix?
- Only if it's a threesome wif the Superior! XD

8. Would you have sex with Axel?
- No, firecrotch probably has a nasty STD....

9. Would you have sex with Demyx?
- Maaaaaaybe.... me likey bohemians. =D

10. Would you have sex with Luxord?
- :nods: British man is sexah.

11. Would you have sex with Marluxia?
- Nope. Too pretty.

12. Would you have sex with Larxene?
- >.> No. Lightning bug is a bit frightening.

13. Would you have sex with Roxas?
- No thanks. Not tall enough.

14. Would you have sex with Xion?
- Age her up a few years and we'll talk. XD

RULES: You must choose which one you would rather have sex with! No neither or both!

15. Kairi or Namine?
- Kairi, she doesn't get enough love. ^^

16. Riku or Ventus?

17. Terra or Vanitas?
- Vantias because he*SPOILERY SPOIL!!*

18. Aqua or Master Xehanort?
-Aqua, I don't like Baldanort.

19. Jiminy Cricket or Yen Sid?
-Yen Sid as well.

20. Olette or Pence?

21. Vivi or Rai?
- Rai, Vivi's Kuja's plaything. XD

RULES: Answer each random question truthfully!

22. If Sora asked you to stick a paopu up his bum, would you?
-I would back away veeeerry slowly. Food kink not my thing.

23. If Riku and Kairi were having sex in the cave on Destiny Islands and you walked in, what would your reaction be?
- I'd be happy for them, I guess, while leaving as quietly as possible.

24. Ventus and Terra came up to you with a box full of sex toys, saying they can't fit them in their panels. What do you do?
- Offer to hide them under my bed. XD

25. Would you be happy or sad if Tetsuya Nomura made Axel and Roxas REALLY get together?
- Neutral.

26. Do you believe Vanitas gets hot for Master Xehanort because of his wiggly fingers?
- The proper term is "evil fingers." XD

27. Sea salt ice cream is the best lubrication there is.
- Salt + neither regions =/= good, fool!
Have da Laptop back! :meow:

It's equipped wif a new keyboard and mouse and is all shiny again. XD

The parents have returned and we're getting everything ready for the funeral and all the things that go with death. Blah... when I die, just stick me in a cardboard box and bury me in da field.
Haven't heard anything from Best Buy about the Laptop. I know that it has been sent to the service center to be fixed, but beyond that I don't know anything.

I'm not expecting to get it back soon, but we'll see what happens...

Also, my grandfather passed away suddenly today. My parents will be trying to return from their Bahaman vacation a bit sooner than planned.
Anyother comp is going to die becase of my stupidity.... spilt soda ony the keyboard last night.... the machine still works -for now- but it's acting strangely. I won't be able to rp until further notice. I'm going to take the thing to get looked at sometime soon, wish me luck...

EDIT 11:24 pm - on my da's laptop atm. The good news is that the lovely people at Best Buy worked us a solution. =D We thought we had purchased an extended warranty with accident protection (which covers things like spills and other abuse) but it turns out we didn't. However, they were willing to refund us $150 back on the warranty we DID purchase. We just had to make-up the difference to purchase the extended warranty with accident protection. In a few days, they'll send good old Aeolus off to see if he can get fixed. ^^

Hopefully I should be back running at full 100% within the next week or so.
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Lolz, so happy my April Fools icon isn't a Twilight one. =D

Of course.... my inner!Kuja likes Gaga for some reason. XD
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I just finished my Fabulously Loud Bag of Awesome!

I decided, about a week ago, that I needed moar color in my life atm. I was working when a lady brought up this really, really pretty batik print - deep purple with green/gold Aztec-y squares on it. I immediately decided that I must have this fabric. So, I did what all smart fabric employees do... I hid it in plain sight until the end of my shift. XD

I purchased me sum, as well as lining and other shiz that the pattern I found called for. Now I have a lovely messenger bag of awesome and BRIGHT colors. It sorta makes up for not going to Naka, and it does make me happy.

It has butterflies and shiz on it, it's purdy. XD And no one else will ever have it! It's mine! :boogie:

I will post photos tomorrow when I feel less sleepy. :giggle:
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Due to unforseeable and stucky circumstances, I cannot attend NakaKon.

Looks like I've got a free weekend............. and I so did want to get away from the negative energy floating around my house and life. Looks like I'm stuck in the shit-hole for a while.

Good a time as any to go looking for that 2nd job.
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So, it has become clear that my work officially sucks ass.

And I'm not 100% sure I'll have the funds to attend NakaKon. If I could just squeeze $20-30 more dollars out of somewhere, I'd be good. But....


Buy mah shit:…

Also, if anyone is interested, I can offer up some Saix puppy plushes. Lil squishies based off of the popular "Saix puppeh" fad. I have no pictures to show you atm, but I can tell you they're made of fleece and super cuddly.

They're going for $10 a pup.