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Dissidia Tarot - 0 by Night-Shadow405 Dissidia Tarot - 0 by Night-Shadow405
First in a series of Tarot cards featuring the characters of Final Fantasy: Dissidia. What better way to start than with The Fool?

The Fool card usually portrays a carefree young man on a journey with a small dog accompanying him. He is oblivious to the road ahead of him, which is rather dangerous indeed.

Bartz makes for the perfect "fool." He approaches the world in a care-free and jovial manner, but often times rushes head-long into danger because of this.

Bartz/ Final Fantasy: Dissidia (c) Square-Enix
Art(c) Night-Shadow405/ A. King
Jecht-X Featured By Owner May 9, 2012
They was tarot card long time ago of Dissidia...

they was pretty good... more the one of Jecht. no more to say that show the "Strength" tarot card in more better way
Night-Shadow405 Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Actually, the "Strength" card is representative of restraint rather than physical strength. The card is normally shown with a lion and a woman, the woman always having some sort of restraint over the lion. The divinatory meaning and use of "Strength" led me to choose Squall, since his character has the qualities the card is supposed to represent - patience, restraint, self-control, ect. Squall also has the added bonus of being associated with lion imagery, thus reinforcing his connection to the actual meaning of the card.

Jecht will likely be featured on "The Chariot" card due to its association with things like Honor, Conquest, Willpower, Victory, ect. ect.

If I remember right, the old deck was a group project, this is a personal project that I want to try and do the WHOLE deck, both major and minor Arcana, so it will be useable, not just the 22 Major Arcana like most tarot projects do.
Jecht-X Featured By Owner May 9, 2012
huh.. i see..
i don't remember so clearly the cards...
it have pass more then 10 years i have see them, well my sister read them, until she get overcharged and well... feel horrible things at night (and my dog eat one so XD)

i have all of them, mmm they're fine for the art books... someones...
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May 9, 2012
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