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:iconnight-hawk-307:Night-Hawk-307 posted a status
               flawed 3d version of Be My Prey Filmed  by Night-Hawk-307          
The story behind *Be My Pray* short film

this is the soundtrack for the film i wanted to use but DA lets me upload only animated gifs and not films

Dark Magician wakes up early in the morning to watch the sunrise.
He walks to his balcony and grabs a fresh green apple from the table.While eating his apple a Harpie Lady sees him...That same Harpie Lady has been spying on him for days and today she descides to make her move.Dark Magician sleepy and unaware of the Harpie Lady's presence countinues eating the fresh apple.
Harpie Lady enjoys watching him but she looses her patience and grabs him from above with her legs.Dark Magician, startled and confused fails to react and misses his magic rod when he reaches out for it.Harpie Lady flies with Dark Magician in her claws for about 1 hour when she looks at him with psychotic face and then drops him...Dark Magician is not able to fly without his scepter so he continues falling...even tough he tries to be calm he looses his cool and screams...The Harpie Lady tought to herself that she had enough excitement and catched the Dark Magician right before him falling on the ground.Dark Magician startled but relieved turns his head to see the face of the Harpie and just as he looked into her eyes she kissed his lips...Because of the big stress she caused him in this 1 full hour of pretty uninspected events, Dark Magician faints. Harpie Lady puts him slowly on the ground and when he doesnt open his eyes for a long time she panics...she thinks that her hasty actions might have caused the handsome magician to lose his life.She holds him in her arms and starts crying.The Dark Magician hears her cry and wakes up.When he sees her, he realises that his adventure wasnt just a dream... He looks at her sad face and says that he is ok and that she just took him by surprise.The Harpie Lady is happy that her handsome magician didnt die because of her crazy game and slightly smiles...

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CharolHopeXIII Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2017
Its very good, i love the story behind the picture x3
Night-Hawk-307 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
im happy u do ^^
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