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Why,you! by Night-Hawk-307 Why,you! by Night-Hawk-307
I'm thinking to make my new self-oc to be a Naruto from a different world just like Menma but she will remain in the current world

Saito --- characteristics from Sai,Naruto,Cushina,Kakashi,Saske,Samui and Yugao (You can guess what is from who if u know me and you are a Naruto fan XD)


Sakura: Narutooooh! *punches Naruto*

Naruto: Auuu, Sakuraah!? *looks at Sakura sadly *

Saito: Hey,You? *yells pissed off*

Sakura: Huh? * looks around surprised*

Saito: * as fast as lightning, gets behind Sakura and restrains her*  Who do you think you are? *growls*

Sakura: *gasps in surprise* Who the heck are you? Let go of me!
Saito: I come to see the hero of this village and what do I see? Some little bitch is punching him in the face for no good reason.

Sakura: And who do you think you are to call me a little bitch!?

Saito: OOOH, I'm sorry! Then you are a BIG bitch! *talks sarcastically* ; *twists Sakuras fist*

Sakura: *screams in pain* Stop it! What do you want?

Saito: APOLOGIZE! *yells*

Naruto: Hey! I didn't ask for your help,stranger. Just let her go!

Saito: Shut up you moron! I am not a stranger to you. *lets Sakura go*

Naruto: *confused*

Sakura: Humph! Leave it to Naruto! Always getting me into trouble.

Saito: It's your own fault, now get lost! You annoy me! *looks at her calmly*

Sakura - thinking: She reminds me of Sasuke! *walks away*

Naruto: Sakura,wait!

Saito: Let her go.. she's not worth it.
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