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If only you really knew me... by Night-Hawk-307 If only you really knew me... by Night-Hawk-307
Scorpion: Why are you crying? :| (Blank Stare) 

Night Hawk: To save your sorry assCrying don t know me at all even if you claim you do!Upset 

Scorpion: Really?:shifty: And how is that?Unimpressed 

Night Hawk: :saddestthingintheworld Did you know that I am possessed by a bloodthirsty demon,that I m trying to hold under control with my life so no one gets hurt? :( (Sad) Once it takes control over my body no one around me makes it alive! I had killed some of my best friends blinded with that rageWaaaah! ...that's the reason you don t know me! If you did you wouldn t be trying to make me so angry...Rage 

Scorpion:  Worried I am sorry....So it really isn't Assassina.....Waaaah! 

Night Hawk: Is she really your sister?:| (Blank Stare) 

Scorpion: No actually...No, I disagree! 

Night Hawk: Ummm.......:stare: 

Scorpion: I ve mistaken you for her because you wear the exact same real name ,have the same brother and friend like her...Emote Minute 

Night the f*WTF?! 

Scorpion:She told me they were from the future.....I'm constipated 

Night Hawk:.........could it be??Eyepopping 
Scorpion: Well...I'm constipated 

Night Hawk: It would really be me......O_o 

Scorpion: Mhm hmm 

Night Hawk: but even tough it makes perfect sense now...i still am not your real sister Roll Eyes 

Scorpion: But you / she told me that i am supposed to be....Sad dummy 

Night Hawk:Confused ........  Hmm. Evil plotting in progress. aaaaa....Giggle i see...that kind of brother:D (Big Grin) ....okMeow :3 ...i dont mind then..Sweating a little... 

Scorpion: Tough im still kinda mad that she never said goodbye...i miss you glomping me 

Night Hawk: I wonder why my future self didn t say goodbye:( (Sad) ......maybe because thinking like myself:| (Blank Stare) ....i wouldnt want to leaveWaaaah! 

Scorpion: You are rightWaaaah! 
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