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D: Castle Glow by AngelicHellraiser D: Castle Glow by AngelicHellraiser D: Castle Glow by AngelicHellraiser

D : Happy Halloween 2016 by AngelicHellraiser

Hanzo drawn by me, Original Design by Shiranova

D: Castle Glow by AngelicHellraiser D: Castle Glow by AngelicHellraiser D: Castle Glow by AngelicHellraiser
Gif by Emoxynha

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I really wanted to do a short story for the current prompt and well I kind of had to rush it a bit ... since it's the middle of the month already so I apologize a bit for the lack of quality at the end.... I do hope you enjoy this short story.

Story Setting and Goal can be found here  [PROMPT!] 'A Fey in Need' - [CLOSED]General Prompt Entry Rules and Guidlines
Please be sure you're familiar with our basic rules before continuing!
This month's "Quick Rules":
Entry Window: 04/01 - 04/30 11:59pm PST.
Entry Folder: [Here]
Completion Reward: 6EC
One of the following:
[For written entries]
Word count reaches 1200: 2EC
[For drawn entries] Including a second elnin: 2EC
Maximum Entries: [1]
A spring sylph appears before you out of the blue, two brightly colored seedlings fluttering around them in agitation. "Hey!" she sings excitedly right into your face, "Listen!" It's more than a little odd to see one of the shy sylvankind so boldly approaching a mortal. But there she is, and boy is she insistent on getting your attention...
"Mortal! I need your help.

Character List 
Urania and her Pomu Owned by MowenDesigns 
Kormir Owned by starbask 
Nisha Owned by me :3
"Bad guy" Breglin Designed by manaberry 
Comic001 by Night-Class 
Comic Panel 1 - Page 1
 Here Urania, Kormir and their daughter Nisha are about to head into the forest 

Comic Panel 2 - Page 1
Urania remembered she purchased a Talisman to help them in their travel. Looking down at her shadow you see these tiny little claws reaching out giving her the talisman

Comic Panel 3 - Page 1
Urania starts activating the talistam, it glows brightly with a pure light

Comic Panel 4 - Page 1
This is Nisha's first adventure so she is very excited to see all of the things she has read in books come to fruition. She really really wants to touch it.

Comic Panel 5 - Page 1
Showing the full activation of the Talisman, the light dimly glows around all three Elnin giving them a sense of peace and serenity in their travels. This talisman is mainly to raise their luck though.

Comic002 by Night-Class
Comic Panel 1 - Page 2
Unfortunately for them, the Breglin was much too close for the luck to fully kick in. Kormir with his higher sense of danger notices weird noises coming from the other side of the bushes.
Mean while, Nisha and Urania are both quickly moving through the forest trying to get to their destination which is the Fairies Circle in the middle of the forest.

Comic Panel 2 - Page 2
Breglin driven in madness couldn't resist at the sight of all three but the one he was most after was cute little Nisha 
* Really love Panel 2*
Comic003 by Night-Class

Comic Panel 1-3 - Page 3
Quick acting Kormir lounges himself at the arm reaching for his daughter. Piercing the skin with his small fangs and claws cautioning the Breglin to not move any closer.

Comic Panel 4 - Page 3
Kormir summons this Phasma Horns for intimidation and a higher chance to protect his kin from danger. Urania is trying to hide Nisha as much as possible from the Breglin. But their poor talisman ripped into pieces due to the unimaginable amount of bad luck in the area. Poor Little Nisha is in shock from all the scare.

Comic004 by Night-Class

Comic Panel 1-3 - Page 4
Urania told Nisha to study herself some adventure books before they left for their trip as a test. Nisha remembered that the berries and herbs she had picked had sleeping and stunning properties when eaten raw. She whispered this to Urania and with quick wit she ordered her pomu to fly high until he found a good opportunity to chove the herbs into the Breglin's mouth. With his mighty cute wings he flies up and carefully flies around the Breglin until an opportunity shows up.
Comic005 by Night-Class
Comic Panel 1-5 - Page 5
Back to the standoff between Kormir and the Breglin. Kormir Found an opening at the heels of the Breglin and he dives in and bites him as hard as he possibly could. At this instance the Breglin Screams in agony opening his mouth wide; perfect timing for Pomu to drop in the herbs.

Comic006 by Night-Class

Comic Panel 1 - Page 6
Unfortunately the herbs and berries don't affect Fae creatures very well so they had to quickly run away. Poor Nisha will shave to start all over at collecting her herbs before they can go to the Fairy Circle once more.

(Prompt) Fey In Need by Night-Class
Thanks for Reading <3


Holy crapola!! I've been so busy with things I haven't really posted much for you guys.... sorry
I'll try and stay posted but this year doesn't look like it will be any different...
Ya'll have a good time <3
I hope everyone is having a great thanksgiving <3

꒰๑˃꒵˂꒱◞ ♪


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