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Ben 10 True Omniverse Season 2 Episode 7
Episode 7: Girlfriends
In late afternoon, group of three American-Native archaeologists have arrived and approached to the legendary and mysterious yet most ancient landmarks as one of Seven Wonders of the World - Stonehenge.
One of them is an old man with grayish ponytail worn a light yellow shirt under a dark green vest, blue-gray pants, and dark gray shoes, another was an an older man with black bearded and short hair worn a beige collared archaeologist shirt with long sleeves, dark brown best, beige pants and dark brown shoes. And the last one was a teenage Native American with black hair in ponytail worn a sleeveless collared pink-red shirt, dark green shorts that tightly covered her thighs, knife holder belt on right leg, blaster holder on left side, and pair of brown loves, and pair of adventure boots. All of them awed and looked in amazement and surprise as they were looking and inspecting on Stonehenge.
"So, this is Stonehenge?" The teena
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My Little Pony Mystic Season 3 Episode 13
Author's Notes:
This episode will set after 'Not Asking for Any Trouble'. And the reason I didn't want to focus on that because I want to focus on rebuilding and forming relationship between Yaks and Ma (Chinese) Ponies to be more friendly and open-minded to each other because they were once enemies. Think of them for both Chinese vs. Mongol during Hua Mulan's time or 14th Century.
This episode is based on 'Seed of Destruction' from 'The Legend of Tarzan'. Let's begin.
Episode 13: Tug of War
After surviving the attacks of terrifying and dangerous Ancient Beasts and Storm Guards from the Jurassic Land, Twilight and all of her friends were recovering and resting for two months. And the latest event they were dealing with is Yakyakistan. Pinkie has become the Friendship Ambassador to the Yaks. She learned more about their culture, and even helped the yaks realize that hav
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Kyuubi Lilith by nigel5469 Kyuubi Lilith :iconnigel5469:nigel5469 15 3
Ben 10 True Omniverse Season 2 Episode 6
Episode 6: Sibling's Comfort
In the evening, Argit was running for his life as he was heading straight to Bellwood's Alley. He then hid inside the dumpster. He panted and breathed heavily as he was taking a break. He has been running away from the authorities for two - three days, after Albedo, Vilgax's Forces and even Incursean Empire's defeat by Alien X.
After minutes have passed, the rat alien took a peek in hole through the dumpster's door. He saw and heard nothing. No sign of authorities or gangster especially if it's Albedo, Vilgax and Emperor Milleous. He sighed in relief as he came out from the dumpster.
And just before he could do anything, a group of Forever Knights worn their old suits (King Driscoll's Reign) armed and aimed their blue energized swords, laser spears and shields at him.
Argit screamed, "You're kidding me?! I thought you guys are goner!"
"Not everyone, beast!" Forever Knight #1 said firmly.
Forever Knight #2 nodded, "Inde
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My Little Pony Mystic Season 3 Episode 12 (B)
Twilight and her team have entered the compound. With the help of Canter Zoom's guidance, they're now heading straight to maintenance chamber while finding Nerdy. And so far, they haven't found him but they have arrived at the maintenance chamber. Jason and his Vileraptor were keeping Twilight and Spike are rebooting Jurassic Land's System via following Canter Zoom's instruction. After Twilight has finished activated the reboot on maintenance system, the Jurassic Land system's power has come back on.
"You did it," Jason said in surprise.
Twilight nodded, "Yeah, we did it. Now we have to activate the security system, and deactivate force field for Armor Strike-I to fly!"
Jason nodded in agreement. He gasped in shock as he found something behind Twilight. He quickly grabbed and pulled her and Spike away from the maintenance box. He then fired his blasters at the creature. It came out and revealed to be an injured Storm Guard, who fell to the ground hard.
Twilight was in shock and fright
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My Little Pony Mystic Season 3 Episode 12 (A)
Episode 12: Jurassic Land (II)

Hollow Shade's Forest, Equestria, 1,200 A.E.
BOOM! During a heavy rainstorm, young Shadow Dragon was panicking and running away for his life. Ever since he unintentionally hitchhiked a ride on the wild Hydragoon, he got separated from his family and now trapped in Equestria. He's all alone now. And also, he has to get away from the Ancient Beast before he get himself killed and devoured alive.
Young Shadow Dragon panted heavily as he was running through hallway of tall grasses and couple of sticky yet muddy puddles. And at the same time, he was looking back. Looked scared and worried, he has hoped that 'thing' didn't follow him. Managed to get out of grasses and muddy puddles, he took a deep breathe and calmed himself down.
GROWLED! Young Shadow Dragon yelped in fear. He turned to his back. He looked up and found shadow beast figure-like raised its long neck up. It gr
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My Little Pony Mystic Season 3 Episode 11 (B)
During their tour, ponies were busy with their own activities while enjoying the tour on the amusement park.
In the first car, Cutie Mark Crusaders were taking pictures on Jurassic Land's area and Ancient Beasts while commenting about it. They even joked about Lance and Juniper being a couple, making them both annoyed to snap back at them. In the second car, Pinkie was chatting happily about making 'Jurassic Party' for all Ancient Beasts, Rainbow was looking excitedly at the creatures, Rarity consulted with Spike about bringing some souvenir gifts for her boyfriend. In third car; Twilight, Shadow Dragon, Applejack and Fluttershy were debating about endorsing the park; despite Jurassic Land looked secure and safe, and even get to see the Ancient Beasts.
As Mane Six and their friends were touring across the Jurassic Land, Fluttershy spotted a large grayish Triceratops-like creature with long and sharped three horns, strong blackish armored skin and small ears lying down on the ground, ac
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My Little Pony Mystic Season 3 Episode 11 (A)
Episode 11: Jurassic Land (I)
Three days ago...
During the cold and windy nighttime, two mysterious figures were at the docks. One of them was a dark purple unicorn worn the blackish crystallized armor with black hooded cloak over her, and her face was covered by the black breathing masked with cyan goggles. And another was a short creature also worn black sleeveless shirt and black hooded cloak, and also he was eating and munching his sandwich happily. They all were waiting for someone.
Through the black smokes, Guildenstern teleported and appeared before his allies. Both of them bowed humbly and firmly before him.
"I see you're punctual as usual," Guildenstern said amusingly.
"I'm always on time," The masked unicorn said firmly.
The short creature scoffed before munched on his sandwich, "Well, it's about time! I was in the middle of a sandwich!"
The masked unicorn sighed in annoyance, "That isn't important right now. What is our mission n
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Ben 10 True Omniverse Season 2 Episode 5
Episode 5: Ancient
A familiar yellowish truck-like spaceship was flying wildly and casually across the vacuum black space. It now has arrived at Planet Earth. And at the same time, there was a humming and singing inside ship. The passenger was singing 'She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain'. Rhomboid sang it happily and wildly, while his older brother - Octagon was irritated by the song.
"Boid, will you shut the hell up?!" Octagon demanded in anger, shocking and scaring Rhomboid. He snorted, "I'm sick of hearing that song! Honestly, how could you stand on that song?!"
Rhomboid shrugged, "No idea. But it sounds catchy. I like it."
"Well, I don't..."
"So, Octagon, what are we doing here again? We're wandering to nowhere, you know?"
"Well, sorry for driving to nowhere because I blame some idiot, who forget to turn off that goddamn detonator! And the next thing, you know, we got kicked out of Plumber Academy!"
"Aw! Don't be mad at me, Octagon! You know
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My Little Pony Mystic Season 3 Episode 10
Episode 10: A Royal Problem
At the Castle of Friendship, Twilight was gasping in shock yet strained. She was looking at the Cutie Map, where both Sunset's and Starlight's Cutie Marks floating and rotating around the Canterlot Castle. For the first time, Cutie Map has chosen her students for friendship mission, and it usually chosen one of her friends to do so since Mane Six were Wielders of Elements of Harmony.
Shadow Dragon was there as he too was in shock and surprise. He closed his girlfriend's mouth. Starlight and Sunset arrived at the scene as both of them were excited and happy about it.
"I know! I can't believe it either!" Starlight exclaimed excitedly, "The map has never called me before!"
"Me neither..." Sunset said in shock and concern, "I'd never thought that the map would call for me when I'm not a pony."
"Maybe... Maybe there's something I'm missing about Cutie Map's purpose," Shadow Dragon said thoughtfully, "Clearly, it's not just a
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Kyuubi Lilith (Draft) by nigel5469 Kyuubi Lilith (Draft) :iconnigel5469:nigel5469 1 2 Laxtinct (Mystic Equestria Girls Version) by nigel5469 Laxtinct (Mystic Equestria Girls Version) :iconnigel5469:nigel5469 8 1
Ben 10 True Omniverse Season 2 Episode 4
Episode 4: Normal Life
In late nighttime, Bellwood Bank was under attacked and robbed. Most of security guards were wounded and knocked out while the area was badly burnt and damaged. The attackers were robbing and moving couple bags of money and golds while exiting the bank. They all put the bags on the large trunk that attached to advanced futuristic motorcycle without wheels.
This group are the female gangster. Most of them worn worn blackish jumpsuit with white skull symbols on their armored chests and different colorful lines, spiked armored black gauntlets, colorful shoulder pads with spikes, jet boosters-like and armored helmet. One of them has maroon spiky hair worn her armor that is much darker with red colors on lines, sharper spikes and shoulder pads. Her name is Rojo.
"Alright, team!" Rojo called her team, "We've got gold in our hands! And we need to get the heck out of here ASAP!"
Azul nodded firmly, "On it, boss!"
"We won't let Tenny
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My Little Pony Mystic Season 3 Episode 9
Author's Notes:
Applejack is my favorite MLP Character, and so she deserve better treatment for her story. 'Honest Apple' really needs some work out because Applejack knows when to be honest and not to be blunt as Sugarcoat, who plays key role of this story. Enjoy reading this new episode.
Episode 9: Sugar Blunt
Like everyday's daily morning basis; Applejack, Sugarcoat and Big McIntosh have arrived and set their apple cart at Ponyville Town. They're now selling the apples to their customers. It was quite busy for them to do their jobs.
Half of the day has passed, the Apple Family has sold most of their apples and apple-related foods to the customers. They also have make a good business and gained a lot of bits as well. Their business is success as usual. They all sighed in relief as they were all taking a break.
"It's been quite busy, doesn't it?" Applejack asked in relief. Big McIn
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Chaos Slayer by nigel5469 Chaos Slayer :iconnigel5469:nigel5469 14 6
Ben 10 True Omniverse Season 2 Episode 3
Episode 3: School Rook
Deep and distanced district from Bellwood City; the area was filled with messy garbage, vandalism and destructive ruins. A couple of criminals and thieves have arrived and met up with a familiar gang, who were with the advanced weaponized futuristic truck-like.
"Alright, boys! Welcome to our shop!" Corvo greeted happily and wildly. He turned and pushed some buttons on it. The truck has its side opened and revealed couple of various and advanced weapons. He smirked, "And as promise, dude! Here are your Christmas Presents! So, come and get them!"
Criminals and thieves cheered wildly and happily. They all charged in and grabbed some couple of weapons and grenades. They awed and chatted in amazement and happily about seeing and having the weapons as we theirs.
"Hold the applause, everyone! I've got something awesome!" Corvo said wildly and happily. He revealed a black-dark blue colored armored giant missile launcher-like, "Say h
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Sunset Shimmers Friendship Mirror by 13mcjunkinm Sunset Shimmers Friendship Mirror :icon13mcjunkinm:13mcjunkinm 3 2 Sunset Shimmer friendship mirror(rough draft) by 13mcjunkinm Sunset Shimmer friendship mirror(rough draft) :icon13mcjunkinm:13mcjunkinm 1 5 HikarixSatoshi - happy dream by koreanmonk1984 HikarixSatoshi - happy dream :iconkoreanmonk1984:koreanmonk1984 126 16 Summer Sun Fun by ShutterflyEQD Summer Sun Fun :iconshutterflyeqd:ShutterflyEQD 254 63 Kami no Shizuku:Ben+Julie by Kapaychan Kami no Shizuku:Ben+Julie :iconkapaychan:Kapaychan 233 92 Could I...? by kitsune999 Could I...? :iconkitsune999:kitsune999 407 39
Next Time on Mystic Ponies Season 3 Episode 14
"Next Time on Mystic Ponies"
不和諧的蝙蝠 (Discordant Bat)
Both Terrorcreep and Discord were at Fluttershy's cottage as they both were having tea party with her. They then noticed and realized something of what the shy pony has done for the tea party.
Discord: Oh. I never realized how much work you put into hosting these tea parties.
Terrorcreep: I agree. You work so much for the sake of us...
Fluttershy: Oh, it's really not that much.
Discord: No, no, no, no, no! We've been taking advantage of your hospitality for far too long. Unlike your 'boyfriend', it's high time I do something about it. What to do, what to do...
Terrorcreep: Dimwitted as usual. It's simple. I host the next tea party?
Discord: I've got it! Why don't I host the next tea party at my place?
Terrorcreep: Hey, that's my idea.
Discord snapped his fingers, summoning a garlic stick near to the vampire pony.
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Ben 10 Guardians Season 3: Visit to Earth 23
Okay, time to get into the war. I would like to thank in advance Splashpointparabox, Brave-King-Shishio, Story Blade, Darinas and chann1 with this chapter. Remember, I only own my own OCs and nothing else, and Ben 10 belongs to Man of Action. Please Enjoy!
Visit to Earth 23
(Bellwood, USA. Undertown Marketplace. July 7th, 11:04)
The Marketplace was abuzz with it's usual amount of energy, but in this case, some people were surprised when things starting to spark up when Four Arms tackled into one of the robotic thugs they were fighting...the same ones Vilgax had used in the past.
"Surprised ol' Squidface's robots are still around...thinking the frogs got their attention?" asked Four-Arms to Grandpa Max, who was firing his blasters as he was protecting something else.
"Had to be when we were getting these eggs back to their parents…" Max muttered in annoyance, while the Tetramand blocked a blow but one got under him and sent him flying upwards, transforming him back to normal as he
:iconshadow-dj:Shadow-DJ 7 20
TwiJack reading by HareTrinity TwiJack reading :iconharetrinity:HareTrinity 49 11 Pwer Rangers Mythich Champions by the-newKid Pwer Rangers Mythich Champions :iconthe-newkid:the-newKid 747 90 Commission: Tempest Shadow by DragonChaser123 Commission: Tempest Shadow :icondragonchaser123:DragonChaser123 113 6 Canter Zoom and Juniper Montage(Revised) by 13mcjunkinm Canter Zoom and Juniper Montage(Revised) :icon13mcjunkinm:13mcjunkinm 7 2 Canter Zoom and Juniper Montage.  by 13mcjunkinm Canter Zoom and Juniper Montage. :icon13mcjunkinm:13mcjunkinm 3 2
Next Time on Mystic Ponies Season 3 Episode 13
"Next Time on Mystic Ponies"
拔河比赛 (Tug of War)
At the Council Chamber, Twilight and her friends were discussing about the latest problem they're dealing with, which concerns them and the Equestria.
Twilight: Guys, we've got the situation.
Fluttershy: What is it, Twilight? Are the Ancient Beasts invading our home? Are in we danger? Are we going for dangerous quest?
Pinkie: Does this involved of me being Friendship Ambassador for Yaks?
Twilight: It's about The Land of Ma and Yakyakistan. We need to do something about it.
The yaks were outside of Yakyakistan, which was destroyed and covered in snow. Twilight and Pinkie were in shock and concern.
Pinkie: I hate to ask. What happen here?!
Prince Rutherford snorted: Pink pony's boyfriend happen.
Cheese Sandwich laughed uneasily: Sorry about that. Really didn't mean it.
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The Mystics History chapter 18
[Enter Three Kingdoms Theme Song]
Twilight Sparkle and her friends screamed wildly as they entered into the Book of Ages. As they landed on the ground, they came across the Ancient Land of Ma. They all entered it as they're ready to face it. They witnessed the land was in turmoil as Imperial Court argued with each other while civil war broke out between peasants, rebels, imperials, warriors, nobles, warlords, ministers and even the Emperor.
Stallion: Through the storm,
Through the darkness,
The once peaceful kingdom
Lost its Love and Harmony
Turn into grief despair
Virtue Dragon, Blade Dragoon and Warpath Temper prayed and bowed down before the altar as they make a vow of sworn brotherhood. They joined up with various brave and compassion warriors in journeying across the land to help troubled ponies.
Azure Phoenix stood on the Imperial Palace's entrance as he held his sword up high proudly as his Imperial Phoenix Army. His army cheered wildly and proudly. They all went from territory
:iconjussonic:JusSonic 3 2
My Favorite Same Universe Couples
Inspired by Julayla's list along with Detective88, Cmara, and Essteka. I made a list of favorite couples specifically from each the same universe and in fan fictions as well. And That will include some OCs(at least they are made for a specific show). Maybe later I might talk about crossover couples. Anyways here it is:
Heart Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse (classic Disney)
Donald Duck/Daisy Duck (classic Disney)
Max Goof/Roxanne (Goof Troop/Goofy Movie)
Goofy Goof/Clareabelle (Goof Troop)
Belle/Beast (Beauty and the Beast)
Aladdin/Jasmine (Aladdin)
Simba/Nala (Lion King)
Kiara/Kova (Lion King 2)
Scrooge McDuck/Goldie (Ducktales)
Louie/Webby or Dewy/Webby (Ducktales 2017 when they're older)
Buzz/Jesse (Toy Story)
Hercules/Meg (Hercules)
UPDATE: Mike/Cylia (Monsters, inc.)
Stitch/Angel (Lilo and Stitch)
Bob/Helen (The Incredibles)
Wall-e/Eve (Wall-e)
Tiana/Naveen (Princess and the Frog)
Eugene/Rapunzel (Tangled)
Carl Fre
:icon13mcjunkinm:13mcjunkinm 6 10


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Episode 7: Girlfriends

In late afternoon, group of three American-Native archaeologists have arrived and approached to the legendary and mysterious yet most ancient landmarks as one of Seven Wonders of the World - Stonehenge.

One of them is an old man with grayish ponytail worn a light yellow shirt under a dark green vest, blue-gray pants, and dark gray shoes, another was an an older man with black bearded and short hair worn a beige collared archaeologist shirt with long sleeves, dark brown best, beige pants and dark brown shoes. And the last one was a teenage Native American with black hair in ponytail worn a sleeveless collared pink-red shirt, dark green shorts that tightly covered her thighs, knife holder belt on right leg, blaster holder on left side, and pair of brown loves, and pair of adventure boots. All of them awed and looked in amazement and surprise as they were looking and inspecting on Stonehenge.

"So, this is Stonehenge?" The teenager asked in amazement while touching the Stonehenge's stones, "This is amazing, dad. It's so hard to believe that this landmarks make so many folklore and stories about it like King Arthur and Knights of Round Table."

The Native American man laughed a bit, "Yes, Kai. It is indeed amazing. Stonehenge has indeed make incredible cultural impact on stories and media," He sighed before turned and looked at Stonehenge, "But still - one thing hits me the most - who and how did the civilization built it?"

"No one knows, Achak," Wes answered before looking at the middle stone of Stonehenge, "One thing for sure is that we're going to solve it today."

"So, where do we start, dad and grandpa?" Kai asked curiously.

"Find some symbols," Achak said firmly while looking at one of Stonehenge's large stone, "Usually, symbols can tell the stories behind its civilization and events. And who knows? We might figure it how the Stonehenge got created in the first place."

"You learn, my son," Wes remarked in impressive tone.

Achak smiled, "I learned from the best, even though I don't deal with 'aliens'."

"Son, Plumbers don't just deal with aliens, but also some supernatural and mysterious creatures and their powers as well. And besides, I'm not expecting my son to be a hero, but finding a career he enjoyed working on especially when one was my first hobby."

"Yes, father. I know what you mean. And I enjoy it so much."

Kai frowned and upset, "I sure wish that you take me with you, dad. We could have explore and make some discovery on the world."

Achak sighed as he patted Kai's head, "I know. You're too young to handle this especially the tradition we have."


"I know. That is no excuse for me not taking you with me for exploring and making discovery. But now, I make this up for you."

Kai smiled a bit as she hugged her father, "I wouldn't have another way, dad."

Achak smiled as he hugged his daughter back, "Thank you. We're gonna spend as much as we can for our day, little Kai..."

"Everyone, focus on our work," Wes said firmly. He then looked surprise as he was looking at strange symbols on the wall. He spoke, "Strange. I've never seen them before. What kind of symbols are these?"

Achak and Kai approached to Wes as they were checking and looking at the Stonehenge's strange symbols Three of them awed in amazement and surprise about it. They all studied and analyzed the symbols carefully as they were trying to understand it.

"Incredible..." Achak commented in shock and surprise, "These symbols... They must be very ancient language have yet discover. It has to be before the Medieval Period, or at least I believe is either during King Arthur's or Sir George's Time."

Kai hummed as she was taking picture of Stonehenge's stone, "What do you think it was saying?"

"I don't know..." Wes admitted before smiled, "But I look forward to study it."

Achak nodded, "Me too. I want to know and learn more about this. The world must see this."

"Which is unfortunate..." The dark voice spoke. Wes, Achak and Kai gasped as they turned to their back and found Quintessa stood and floated before them. She continued, "No humans are allow to see and use it. You have no rights. It belongs to me alone..."

"How dare you?!" Achak demanded in anger, "The world has the right to see it!"

Wes nodded, "Indeed. Who or what are you?!"

"A powerful and ancient species you will never live to see and tell a tale about me, filthy humans," Quintessa said darkly and firmly, "And I can assure you that I will not let you or my enemies interfere my plans."

Kai scoffed as she armed her blaster, "Whatever it is, we're gonna stop you. The Plumbers will!"

Quintessa laughed amusingly, "That is quite amusement, but pathetic. Last warning - leave now or meet your doom..."

"No, we will not..." Achak said firmly.

Wes nodded, "Yes. We have faced more worse monsters and aliens than you! Whatever you have to throw at us, we can take it!"

"We shall see..." Quintessa said amusingly, "Lockdown!"

Suddenly, a grayish Lamborghini Gallardo Car came out of nowhere as it fired a throwing chains-like at both Wes and Achak. They tied both Native Americans as the latter struggled to escape the captive. The car was about to do the same thing at Kai, who luckily took and use her knife to cut chains in two.

And just before Kai could do anything, Quintessa teleported before her and waved her hand magically, affecting the Native American to get grab and levitated like an invisible hand was holding her. Quintessa smirked amusingly and darkly.

"You and your family should have stayed out of this..." Quintessa said amusingly.

And just before Kai could do anything, Quintessa swung her hand, causing the Native American got thrown straight to one of Stonehenge's stones. She got knocked hard and fell to the ground hard. Before gone unconsciously, the last thing she ever see is Quintessa levitated and thrown her father and grandfather into the Lamborghini Car at once.

"Dad... Grandpa... Someone... Help..."


Unknown to anyone from the Stonehenge, there was a mysterious girl worn yellow and orange colored  blouse-like with skirt, metallic armor with rounded shoulder plates, grayish wings-like, long battle gloves, white long pants, orange skated boots-like and also worn a metallic helmet with two horns, battle mask and ear muffler-like was standing on top of the rock's edge. She was accompanied by a silver robot with wheels on bottom and two winged doors-like on back, and another was lighter greenish robotic female has rounded-like samurai helmet, armor with twin wheels on back and boots.

"Looks like we're too late," The silver robot said in concern.

Greenish female robot narrowed her eyes in suspicious and concern, "What do you think Quintessa is after, Sideswipe?"

Sideswipe hummed in concern, "No idea. But we need to watch out and be prepare for anything, Moonracer. Right, Sari?"

While looking at Stonehenge, Sari hummed while crossed her arms, "Yeah. And that Stonehenge is holding something she's after. Whatever it is, we can't let her get it."


At Tennyson's Resident, both Ben and Julie were on his bed. They both have undies only. They both were smiling and looking at each other. He then gently pushed his girlfriend on the bed before laid down on her. They both gave a long passionate kiss to each other, as well as licking tongues. And at the same time, he slowly and gently rubbed her breasts, making her moaned happily. This prompted her to bring his head down for her to kiss his lips happily and passionately. After rubbing her breast, he helped removing the bra while she helped removed hers and his undies down slowly gently.

Ben held Julie as he has his chest touched and rubbed gently against hers for few times while Julie gently touched and rubbed their bottom parts They moaned and groaned happily for the moment. He then kissed and licked her chest, tickling her a lot. She then held his head up to face her. She then pushed him before got herself up. They both sat properly while having their chests touching each other. They both began shaking and nuzzling wildly and happily, making both of them moaned and groaned happily. And at the same time, they both kissed passionately and happily for the moment.

Ben and Julie sighed in relief as they slowly shaking and nuzzling each other's bodies. And at the same time, they both were looking at each other and moaning happily.

"Ben, this... This is amazing," Julie commented before sighed as she hugged him, "This is really my first time to do this."

Ben smiled, "So was mine. And to be honest, I'd never been so relax and wild after hero. I really love it, Julie. Thank god, we've gotta do it."

"And you enjoy it a lot, didn't you?"

"Uh... Mostly?"

Julie shook her head amusingly, "Silly Ben as always. I also enjoy it too."

Ben sighed in relief, "That's a close call." He got up from his bed. He helped her to get up. He then carried her up by holding her thighs. He then looked at her, "So, you'd think we can do this for every weekend?"

Julie scoffed a bit as she gave him a brief kiss, "Don't push your luck, Ben. Just be lucky that this weekend that our parents gone for their business trip. If they're here, we'd be in big trouble."

"Ouch. Mostly I hate to see your dad's angry looks." Ben joked a bit before laughed, "But at least, one month is enough for us to enjoy it, right?"

Julie smiled, "Why not? Just make sure that I don't get pregnant, lover boy."

Ben scoffed, "Just tell me when to stop because I enjoy it too much. Let's do the best one."

Placing her hands around Ben's neck, Julie held tightly on him as he began shook her up and down wildly and happily on his bottom part. They both moaned and groaned happily and wildly for performing their sex as they quickly gave a passionate long kiss while tongues were licking and interacting each other's. Ben then kissed and licked on her breast passionately and happily, making her groaned and moaned happily.

As both Ben and Julie continued their sex wildly, they then heard a loud ringing tone, which irritated and annoyed them.

"Honestly, can't I get some peace quiet," Ben asked in annoyance as he put Julie down.

Julie shrugged while sitting down on the bed, "Well, saving the world is always busy."

Ben groaned in annoyance, "I hate it when you're right." He approached and held her close to him for a long passionate kiss, "But we'd better make it fast. I wanna finish this up."

Julie scoffed, "If you can pull it off first, handsome."

Ben scoffed as he then responded to his Omnitrix, "Alright, Rook. This better be good! We were getting to a good part."


"I can't believe this!" Ben complained in anger.

Using the Proto-TRUK, Ben and his Team Ben including Max were heading to the England, where Kai is. She has called them for their help. They're now in middle of the ocean while still heading straight to their destination.

"Wow, you seemed upset, Ben," Julie asked in concern. Ship beeped in agreement. She petted her Mechamorph Pet gently, "Did Kai do something wrong to you?"

Ben sighed, "I don't like talking about it, Julie."

"Kai was Ben's first crush," Rook answered. This revelation shocked Julie, surprised Tetrax, Max whistled and looked away innocently, and also earned Ben's anger. He yelped a bit, "Magister Max and Helen told me about it."

"GRANDPA?!" Ben exclaimed in anger, "I thought we agreed not to talk about this!"

Max shrugged, "Your team need debrief. And so, I give the details about it especially when one of my old friend is in danger."

"But seriously, Kai was your first crush?" Julie asked in annoyance while glaring at nervous and worried Ben, who nodded fearfully. She groaned, "Who is she? How and where did you meet her?! Why do you like her in the first place?! Is she better than me?!"

Ben yelped and exclaimed nervously and frantically, "I met her at Mexico from one of Summer Vacation! I got crush on her because she was pretty and very good at dancing. So, I thought I tried to make myself cool and awesome especially showing off my aliens and even Blitzwolfer to impress her." Julie groaned a bit. He gulped, "But she broke my heart and say that she liked Blitzwolfer for taming and training! So, she and I haven't spoken for almost seven years!"

"Until now..." Tetrax answered amusingly before whistled, "Wow... Ben, you really know how to attract ladies to like you especially the jealous one."

Ben and Julie snarled, "Shut it, Tetrax!"

"Honestly, Ben! I can't believe you!" Julie snapped in annoyance.

"Easy, Julie! I didn't bother to call or visit her. Honest!" Ben explained gently and calmly before giving her a kiss on cheek, "And I really love you, Julie. I do."

Julie scoffed while crossed her arms, "Sorry, Ben. I'm not convinced until I confront and meet this Kai. I want to confirm her honesty and story about you."

"Is this about Jennifer Nocturne being my date when everyone knows about me secrets? I'm sorry about that! You're still my girl!"

"Geez. If only that is true, Ben."

"Don't you think you're overreacting?" Ben asked fearfully before gulped, "Also... You're not jealous, right?"

Julie screamed in anger, "I'm not overreacting and jealous, Tennyson! I told you before that I want to confirm her story about you and her are not dating at all especially in secrets from me! Do you get me, Benjamin Tennyson?!"

"Got it..." Ben groaned in annoyance as he turned and glared at Rook and Max, "Thanks a lot, guys..."

"Don't get me involve!" Rook exclaimed innocently, "I have no idea about it."

Max nodded, "I was just debriefing and also wanted to help my friends. That's all."

"Good thing I didn't date more than five," Tetrax said in relief. Everyone looked at him. He blinked in shock. His greenish crystallized skin slowly changed its color into bright pink. He screamed in anger, "Myaax and I are just friends and partners, not on date!"

Julie nodded in annoyance, "At least, you didn't try to cheat on your girlfriend with another girl." She turned and glared at Ben, "Unlike him..."

Ben sighed, "Here we go again..."


Proto-TRUK has arrived at Stonehenge, where Kai was waiting and standing close to her Green's Jeep. It slowly descended and landed on the ground. It then transformed back to commercial truck. Ben and his team climbed down from it. They all approached and meet up with Kai.

Ben gasped in surprise, "Kai? Is that you?" Kai nodded firmly and amusingly. He whistled, "Wow... You're taller and more..." He then found Julie showing her sour and angry looks. He gulped, "Good looking?"

Kai smiled before snorted a bit, "What can I say? It's been seven years. We all have to grow up and get taller especially when all of us got life and job than being a hero."

"Hey! Being hero is my job and work!"

"Yeah right, Ben. Being hero is barely a real 'job', Ben. Unlike me, mine is real and professional. I'm an adventurer and archaeologist. Working with my dad and grandfather."

"Wow! Really?! That's cool, though I'd never met your dad."

"That's because he traveled around the world to find, discover and study some ancient artifacts and history. After all, he's an archaeologist. Duh."

"I know that, obviously." Ben scoffed, "You didn't just call me for a help, didn't you? You missed me being a werewolf, so you can tame and train me?"

"Are you kidding me?! You still haven't let go of that?! I was just a kid, and also I loved wolves especially when it's Benwolf - your alien wolf! I can't help it."

"What?! You're kidding me or something?! I don't call myself 'Benwolf' anymore. It's now called 'Blitzwolfer'. Sounds awesome enough!"

"Really? Blitzwolfer? I think Howling Wolf is better than that!"

"Hey, you can't decide what name to call because superhero aliens are mine to call, not yours!"

"Sounds like you're pretty bad at it."

"So, not cool!"

"Hello?! Can we get back to the mission?!" Julie snapped in annoyance and anger, "You know - rescuing Kai's grandfather and father, not chatting and dating with your crush, Tennyson! Sometimes, you two acted like a real married couple."

"WHAT?!" Ben and Kai asked in annoyance before exclaimed, "WE'RE NOT COUPLE!"

"Sounds like one," Tetrax said amusingly.

"I do not understand it," Rook asked confusingly in soft tone to Tetrax, "Ben and Kai haven't married especially they're still 17."

Tetrax groaned in annoyance, "That was the expression and a joke about those two for arguing and complimenting to each other."

"Ah. I see. That was indeed amusing," Rook said amusingly.

Max sighed, "Either way, she's right. We need to find and get Wes and Achak back. And also, we need to find out of what that metallic woman is up to."

"Thanks, Mr. Tennyson," Kai thanked in relief. She turned and looked at three new guests especially a Japanese Girl among them. She asked, "Who are they?"

"Right, sorry, Kai!" Ben apologized as he introduced to his team, "That's Tetrax - my friend and leader of the team. Rook - my partner and rookie. And this is Julie - she's-!"

"I'm his girlfriend," Julie answered dryly at Kai, "Ms. Green."

Kai looked confuse and uncertain as she held her hand out, "Okay? Nice to meet you too, Julie." Julie did not shake her hand but glared at her. She was annoyed a bit, "So it's like 'whatever', I suppose. Anyway we should get moving and find them now. Who knows what that bitch is gonna do to them?"

Max nodded, "Yeah. Do you know where they go?"

"No..." Kai admitted in concern, "I sure wish I know where she went. She did say something about Stonehenge belongs to her alone..."

"That's odd..." Tetrax said in concern, "Why would she say such a thing? Stonehenge belonged to humans since Earth is their home."

"I have no idea," Kai admitted in concern before turned and looked at Stonehenge, "But I believe that Stonehenge holds some clues that can help us to find out more about her and why she wanted it so badly."

"You believe it's somehow connected to her?" Rook asked in concern.

Max hummed thoughtfully, "Come to think of it, Rook. I also have the same thoughts. Stonehenge may have some connection to her. After all, it is one of Seven Wonders for being the most mysterious ancient landmark, and no one knows when or how it was built. Some think it's an early civilization. Other believed it was made by aliens. I chose the latter."

Ben hummed while looked back at the Stonehenge, "Okay, so we checked on the Stonehenge again?"

"We'd better. There might be clues," Kai agreed.

Julie scoffed, "Hopefully, you won't misled us to nothing."

"What was that?!" Kai demanded in annoyance.

"Alright, knock it off. We've got work to do," Tetrax ordered firmly, "So, let's move it and do it. We don't have much time."

Team Ben and Kai approached to the Stonehenge. They were investigating and inspecting it as they were searching and looking for clues. And unfortunately for them, none of them understand the symbols since they have never seen them before. Luckily for them, Ben has activated and turned into Grey Matter.

Grey Matter looked and read carefully on the Stonehenge's symbols as he was trying to encrypting and deciphering them. Tetrax, Max and Rook helped and assisted Grey Matter to understand the ancient symbols. Julie and Kai stood still and leaned against the jeep while waited patiently for their friends finish their work. And at the same time, they were looking at each other.

"So, you're his girlfriend?" Kai asked amusingly. Julie nodded firmly. She scoffed a bit, "Wow. That's something."

Julie scoffed before patted her Ship on crossing hands, "It is. And I'm surprise that you're actually his first crush."

"Yeah, I was. But if you're worrying about me taking Ben away from you, then you shouldn't. Ben and I haven't seen and talk with each other for a long time."

"Oh, that's good to hear. The last thing I want is some girls tried to take him away from me."

"Like Jennifer Nocturne?" Kai asked amusingly, making Julie annoyed to glare at her. She smirked, "I watched the news. And I can tell by your looks. You're jealous on her for being popular and special."

"I am not jealous of anyone especially you and Nocturne. And unlike you, I don't treat Ben like an animal. I treat him like a person."

"I was a ten-years-old kid. And plus, I loves wolves. I can't help but to say it to hom."

"That doesn't excuse of what you say to him. That was very rude."

"I only say that to him, so he can get the message that I don't like him as crush but a friend. He's not that awesome."

"Could have told him off a bit of nicer way. And unlike you, I know him more than you do. You're such a bitch."

"Like you're any different," Kai asked in annoyance before smirked, "Sooner or later, you and him won't be together. Just imagine if you ever dump on him, you'd be going with some perfect French Boyfriend while me and him are dating like a couple."

Angered of what she has heard, she pinched hard on Ship's back, making the latter yelped in pain. Julie hissed in anger at Kai, "Watch it. You so do not want to mess with me."

Kai scoffed while glared at Julie, "I could say the same thing to you too, Japanese Girl."

Julie and Kai groaned in anger while glaring at each other. And just before they could do it, they turned and found Ben and his team were standing there and looking at them oddly and awkwardly.

"Uh... I've already deciphered the symbols. And I know why she wanted it so badly..." Grey Matter answered awkwardly, "If you're not busy..."

Julie and Kai huffed in anger, "We're done..."

Team Ben headed to the Stonehenge's middle plain field, where they found three strange keyholes-like on the large rock. He jumped on it before turned and looked at his teammates.

"See these?" Grey Matter asked. Everyone looked at three keyholes carefully. He continued, "These are the keyholes. They opened something kinda like a door or a vault. And whatever it's inside, she wanted it so badly."

Rook nodded, "Agreed. After deciphering the symbols, we believed it's the message or at least, waning. Listen to this, 'Beyond the Vault lies a entity awaiting to be awaken on the Day of 47 Spheres Aligned for 'The Rising Darkness'."

"I don't like the sound of that..." Tetrax said in concern before giving some thoughts about the message, "And 'the Day of 47 Spheres'? That sounds a lot like planetary alignment. That's gonna happen for next six months."

"'The Rising Darkness'? Think it's Diagon?" Julie asked in concern.

Grey Matter transformed back to his normal form, Ben shook his head, "No. It's not Diagon. It must be something else. And whatever it was, that metallic witch wants it so badly."

"We can't let her get it," Kai said firmly, "But we also have to find my grandpa and dad first! She believed they might helped her to get the keys."

"Then, we have to find and get those keys now before it's too late," Max said firmly, "And also get Wes and Achak back too."

"But where do we start? We don't even know what and how the keys looks like," Rook asked in concern, "And not to mention, we don't know where Ms. Green's father and grandfather could be. They could be anywhere."

BEEP! Everyone turned and looked at Max. He turned and picked a small black-white device with screen from his back pocket. It revealed the red dots beeping and flashing on the screen. They all turned and looked at it carefully.

"I think we might have the lead," Max said amusingly.


Using their spy drones to spy on Team Ben, Sari and her team have overheard their conversation. They then looked at each other as they have shown both serious and firm looks. They know what they must do now.

"Think you can locate the keys, Sideswipe?" Sari asked confidently.

Sideswipe nodded as he has his right gauntlet to open and revealed screen-like, "Yeah, I've got them. Only two more left to find."

"I'm guessing Quintessa got one already," Moonracer said in concern.

"Looks like it," Sideswipe said in concern while looking at screen, "One is a bit far from here while another is at Blenheim Palace. That's quite close by."

"Then, we go for Blenheim Palace," Sari said firmly, "Hope Winston Churchill let us in his palace and don't get mad at us."

"We'd better get moving now. Quintessa could be there now," Moonracer said firmly.

Sideswipe nodded, "Yeah. We'd better now."

Both Sideswipe and Moonracer transformed into silver Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Concept Car and greenish Suzuki GSX-R1000 Motorcycle. Sari gotten on the motorcycle. They're all ready tp start their engines and ride out for their destination.

"Let's ride!"


Following Max's tracking signal, Team Ben and Kai were heading straight to their destination via driving Proto-TRUK. They are have arrived at the 'Howl's Moving Store Castle', where they believed both Wes and Achak are being held. The team armed and readied themselves for the fight especially Ben turned into Blitzwolfer.

"Nice to see you again, you big good hairy boy," Kai teased amusingly while patted Blitzwolfer's head, "Kai missed you so much."

Blitzwolfer whined happily. He then noticed Armorstrike frowned and glared at him. He yelped as he cleared his throat, "Knock it off, Kai! This is not the time for you to play with a wolf!"

"Like you, Benwolf?" Kai asked amusingly.

"Yeah, like me - Benwolf!" Blitzwolfer exclaimed firmly before yelped in realization, "I mean Blitzwolfer! Seriously, Kai! Knock it off!"

Kai shrugged amusingly, "Okay. I get the clue, Ben. Just make sure you don't make your girlfriend upset and jealous of me petting you."

Kai walked passing him by while flipping her ponytail back a bit and winking at him. Blitzwolfer growled in annoyance at her from back. He hated her teasing and making fun of him.

Bliztwolfer turned and found Armorstrike was still glaring at him. He shrugged innocently as he didn't mean to make her jealous and angry. The armored Mechamorph Samurai sighed in annoyance as she headed off at once. Biltzwolfer turned and found Max, Tetrax and Rook whistled and looked away innocently while entering the storehouse as well.

Blitzwolfer growled in annoyance, "Seriously... What's with these guys?!"

Team Ben have entered the storehouse castle-like, while they're still armed with their weapons. However, they have found no one inside including Wes and Achak. And it's nothing but thousands of crates ad boxes of supply and resources. Nevertheless, they all followed Max as he was following his tracking device, which led them to the corner. They have found the same yet broken device Max has used.

Max sighed, "Looks like she figure out we're onto her."

"So, what's next? Split up and find clues?" Blitzwolfer asked in annoyance.

Tetrax groaned a bit, "Obviously. I doubt Wes and Achak wouldn't let their device get destroyed. They must have left the clues behind for us to find."

"Oh! Great idea! Julie, Kai and I will go to the west. The rest of you take the east. We should able to cover it up!" Rook said proudly and firmly. Everyone looked at him oddly, "I know this one well. I watch the television about four teenagers and dog solving the mystery, with Julie."

Blitzwolfer was annoyed, "Seriously?"

"Either way, let's do this. Time is running out," Max said firmly and seriously.

Blitzwolfer, Max and Tetrax headed to the east while the rest of their team headed to the west. And at the same time, Julie and Kai were glaring at each other while Rook looked nervous and worried about it. They all looked around and searched for the clues that could help them find their friends and getting the keys before the witch does.

Blitzwolfer, Max and Tetrax were on the eastern part of storehouse as they were searching for clues. Blitzwolfer used his nose to smell and finding anything that has the scent of Kai's family. Max and Tetrax thoroughly sweep and checked on the crates and areas.

"I think it's bad idea for Kai and Julie," Blitzwolfer said in concern. Max and Tetrax stopped and looked at him. He continued, "I mean it's bad enough that I have to deal with my girl's anger issue on me, and now making Kai and Julie to team-up. They're gonna kill each other for good."

Max sighed, "Don't be ridiculous, Ben. Compare to you, those two girls are mature and never let jealousy blind their judgement during the mission. Besides, Rook is with them. They're in safe hands."

"Yeah. Everything will be fine," Tetrax said confidently.

Unfortunately, both Julie and Kai argued and shouted at each other about where and how to look especially finding and getting the right clues. Rook was annoyed and irritated about it. At this rate, they won't able to find and save Wes and Achak in time.

"Girls, stop it," Rook demanded in annoyance. Julie and Kai stopped and glared at him. He sighed, "If you keep this, we won't able to find any clues to find your family or even find the keys!"

"Well, we would have if not for this Samurai Girl keep complaining about what we were doing!" Kai snapped in anger, "Seriously!"

Julie scoffed before crossed her arms, "You're the one to talk! All you ever did is randomly pick and check, knowing that they have nothing to do with the mission."

"Ooh?! The detective knows what she's doing, even though she won't admit that she's wrong."

"Unlike you, an archaeologist can tell the difference between 'clues' and 'junks'. Because from what I see, you like junks than clues."

"You'd better watch it because I would like to kick your ass!"

"Go ahead and try, you bitch!"

Kai snarled as she jumped and attacked Julie to the ground. Both of them wildly and fiercely punching at each other while knocking and ramming on the walls and crates for few times. Rook struggled to get them to stop fighting and get their act together.

Suddenly, during their brawl, they have accidentally knocked pyramid of crates, which make the top to fall and crashed on the ground. It revealed some jewels and papers. Julie and Kai landed punches on each other's faces, forcing them to depart and distance away. And just before they could try to fight, Rook quickly grab and push them back.

"Will you both stop it?!" Rook demanded in anger, "This is not the time and place to fight. Right now, we have a mission to perform. So, I don't want to hear this again. Understand?" Though annoyed and angered, Julie and Kai couldn't help but nodded in agreement. He sighed in relief, "Good..."

Rook looked up and found some papers and jewels on the ground. He approached and investigated it. He found that the papers contain the message by Wes, information about the witch and even sketches of 'keys'. Kai and Julie were confuse and surprise to hear it.

"Looks like we have found the clue. And I know who is this Quintessa now..."


After informing their teammates, Team Ben headed to British Museum, where they could find and get the mysterious key. And lucky for them, it was nighttime and Kai's skills to open the backdoor of museum. They're now have entered and inside the museum. And now they began their search for the second key.

"We're not going after Quintessa and Kai's family? Why?" Ben asked in concern.

Kai sighed, "Grandpa said that Quintessa has already got the first key from the Elizabeth Tower. Both my dad and grandpa managed to mislead her to another place while we get the rest of keys before she figure it out."

"Wow. That was selfish." Julie commented.

"Hey! This is not my choice. And knowing my family, they would rather die than letting some maniac and witches get the hands on keys. We put the mission first before ourselves especially family and friends."

"I see. It's no wonder you're a terrible girlfriend to Ben. You don't care about anyone."

"Again with this?! I swear that you're pissing me off now, Yamamoto! And I'm gonna kill for insults!"

"Well, truth hurts, doesn't it?" Julie asked amusingly, "You're a bitch!"

Kai groaned, "I've had it of you now!"

"Knock it off!" Max ordered angrily. Everyone stopped at once. He continued, "Honestly, you two are worst as Ben and Gwen when they were kids. So, put your difference aside now! We have the mission to do!"

Julie and Kai huffed and crossed their hands. Tetrax sighed, "First thing first is that we get the keys, and then we go and get Wes and Achak. Fair enough?"

Rook nodded, "Well, if we pick up the pace, that is..."

Julie and Kai sighed, "Fine..."

Team Ben continued their traveling and searching for the keys. Rook approached Ben for their private discussion.

"Wow. These two are very... furious and angry..." Rook remarked in concern, "I can see why you're against Kai and Julie teaming up."

Ben sighed, "You have no idea..."

Team Ben continued their search for the key while evading and avoiding get caught by both security cameras and alarm beam. But so far, they have found nothing but Medieval Era Artifacts, Knights, Weapons, portraits of Medieval, Revolution and even World War Era.

They went deep as they headed straight to the chamber. They then found a mysterious armored girl - Sari - has managed to disabled the security system - alarm sensors, unlocking the glass case, and replace the key with the miniature Big Ben Tower on it. She sighed in relief as she held two keys.

"I got them both now," Sari remarked. She turned to her back and found Team Ben stood before her. They all armed and readied to fight her off. She gasped in shock and worry, "No! You all shouldn't be here! You shouldn't!"

"Wow. That was fast," Ben commented in surprise, "Didn't know Quintessa able to figure out where the second key?"

Julie scoffed, "Should have gone to save your family."

"Shut up!" Kai snapped angrily before glared at Sari, "Where are my grandfather and father?!"

"And where's Quintessa?!" Tetrax demanded in anger.

"What?! No!" Sari exclaimed in concern and frantically, "I don't work for that witch! I don't have your family! Honest! I'm not your enemy!"

"Are you trying to fool us?" Rook asked angrily, "Coz it doesn't work well. We won't fall for it."

Max nodded while armed and readied his blaster, "Now give up, so we can go easy on you."

Team Ben armed and readied for the fight, and same goes to Sari.

"Sorry to disappoint," Sari hissed as she kept keys inside her bag pack. She then readied herself for the fight, "That's not gonna happen."

"Figures. Always straight to the fight," Ben sighed in annoyance as he activated his Omnitrix. He slammed it as he turned into Chromastone, which worn jumpsuit of black and white on sides with green colored triangle chest armor and short sleeves. He sentenced himself for fighting stance, "Give up now. We don't want to hurt you!"

Sari has her both hands glowed in blue, "Neither do I!"

And just before Team Ben could react, Sari fired multiple shots at them. Luckily, Chromastone stood in the way as he absorbed the blasts into him before firing back at her. She dodged some blasts at once by performing acrobatic backward flipping. As she landed on the ground, Chromastone unleashed and fired a powerful beam blast her. She blocked it but got pushed back to the walls hard.

Armed with his Gauntlets' Blades, Rook charged and struck them at her. Using her skated boots, she quickly and swiftly dodged the attacks while punching and kicking at him for a few times. But not before he got defeated, Rook unleashed his Storm Kicking by spinning and twisting himself to kick at her face. However, she slammed her punches on him to the ground.

Tetrax and Max armed and fired their blasters at Sari, who dodged the attacks while firing back at them. Luckily, Chromastone joined the fight as well by blocking and absorbing the attacks before firing back at her. She did her best to hide behind the walls and artifacts, as well as dodge the blasts. She also fired back at three of them, who return fire at her ferociously. Both sides continued firing and blasting at each other. Sari gave some thinking of defeating her enemies. Knowing the answer, she threw the smoke bomb, which blinded them. Sari charged in and knocked them out before firing a powerful blast at Chromastone at the portrait.

Sari turned and faced off at Armorstrike and Kai, who armed with swords. She armed with her scythes. She charged and engaged with two girls of Team Ben, who fought back. Though outnumbered, Sari managed to dodge and maneuvered the attacks while striking her blades at them both. Both Armorstrike and Kai struggled to attack and take her down when they got bumping and attacking into each other, got in the way, injured and blasted at each other, and they got into argument. As they were busy arguing and fighting with each other, Sari charged and gave some punches on them.

Managed to defeat Team Ben, Sari quickly make her escape but got her legs grabbed and coiled by Rook's grappling hook. She fired her blaster at him but blocked and deflected by both Tetrax and Chromastone as their blasts hit and damaged her blaster. She was about to use her scythes but grabbed and held to the ground by Armorstrike and Kai. Max came and grabbed two keys. Team Ben have won the battle and caught her.

"Good job, everyone!" Max exclaimed. Everyone smiled except Armorstrike and Kai to glare at each other. He sighed to see girls glaring and arguing at each other. He has seen't this argument since his grandchildren were ten. He turned and faced Sari, "Okay. Now we have the keys. Tell us - what does your mistress want from the vault?!"

Sari groaned, "I'm telling you that I'm not working for Quintessa! I'm the good guy! I work for the government!"

"As if we fall for the tricks," Julie remarked dryly.

Kai nodded, "Yeah. Save your breathe and tell us. And also tell us, where did Quintessa go and hid my family?!"

"Behind you..." Quintessa said amusingly. Everyone turned to their back and found her floated before them. She smirked, "Well done. Just as I plan. The keys are mine!"

And just before Team Ben could do anything, Quintessa fired her energy balls at them, knocking all of them down. Only Chromastone, Armorstrike and Kai stand as they armed and readied for the fight. She smirked as she unleashed the lightning storm-like attacks on three of them. It shocked the girls to get knocked out.

Chromastone struggled to hold the attacks as he was preparing to fire at her. He unleashed and fired a full powerful blast at her. Quintessa summoned a portal, which engulfed and transported behind of him. It hit him hard. Chromastone groaned in pain before falling on the ground. He transformed back to Ben.

Quintessa approached Max as she levitated two keys up, along with her current one. She smiled proudly and pleasingly, "Now... It's time for my next phase..."


Team Ben groaned and moaned in pain as they slowly opened their eyes while recovered from their unconsciousness. They found themselves tied by a large metallic yet magnetic rope that attached to them to each of Stonehenge's large stones, including Wes, Achak and 'Sari' among them.

"Grandfather?! Dad?! Are you alright?!" Kai asked in concern.

"We're fine," Wes said before sighed, "and we're sorry too."

Achak nodded, "Yes. We have underestimated Quintessa. We thought we could mislead her while you all get the chance to get them." He sighed in anger, "She played us. She tricked us into thinking that she 'followed' us until we arrived at the Britain Museum."

"It's okay, guys. You did your best," Max said calmly.

"And I'm guessing you're not really working for Quintessa," Ben joked.

Sari narrowed her angry eyes at Ben, "Geez. You think?"

"We are so sorry for mistook you," Julie apologized.

Rook nodded, "Indeed. Because your armor did have same designs as Quintessa's. We thought you were working for her."

"No problem. It happens all the time," Sari said calmly. She turned and glared at Quintessa, who was floating towards the middle stone while levitating three keys. She glared at her, "Alright, Quintessa, What are you up to? What do you want with Stonehenge for?"

After putting three keys on the middle stone, Quintessa smiled as she turned and looked at her hostages, "You know the answer too well, Human."

Sari scoffed, "Why I'm not surprise? Still want to rebuilt your civilization and home planet."

"That doesn't sound bad," Tetrax admitted. Everyone looked at him. He was confused, "What? I would do the same thing to get my home back."

"Unlike her, she cyberform this planet and  also destroy all the organic creatures to restore her civilization and home planet especially combining the universe into one whole planet for her to control," Sari explained angrily. Everyone gasped in shock and concern. She nodded, "This almost happen five years ago."

"And now she's doing it again," Rook said in concern and anger.

Ben hissed, "This is so not good. So, you think Stonehenge helps you, how?"

"And more importantly, what's with 'The Rising Darkness'," Julie demanded, "Who or what is it?!"

Kai nodded, "And what does he has to do with the our planet?"

"This 'Stonehenge' or should I say the 'Vault' has what I required to accomplish my objectives," Quintessa said calmly while approaching to the middle stone. She readied to turn the keys, "And as for 'The Rising Darkness', you do not concern yourself of that entity. Soon, he will be no threat to me or my new restored home planet and civilization. And I will have my revenge on my enemies..."

Sari snarled, "I've gotta stop her before she accomplish her goal!"

"Yeah," Ben agreed as he struggled to reach his Omnitrix, "Damn it! I can't reach it! I could turn into something Upgrade or Way Big to stop her."

Max nodded, "We'd better make it quick before she does it."

"Don't worry. I call the backup," Sari said confidently.

VROOM! Everyone yelped in concern and surprise of what they just heard. They looked up and found both familiar silver car and greenish motorcycle jumped out of nowhere. They all slammed and rammed on Quintessa to the walls hard. They then activated and fired their small blaster to release their friends out from magnetic ropes.

"Thansk for the assist," Sari exclaimed happily. Both car and motorcycle flashed the lights on her. She turned and readied her blaster at Quintessa, "It's over, Quintessa!"

Quintessa narrowed her glaring at Sari, "I'm not finished! Lockdown, take them down!"

Appearing out of nowhere, the grayish car fired and unleashed blasters at both silver car and greenish motorcycle. They both evaded the blasts before turned and drove off at once. The grayish car went after it. They all headed deep into the forest.


Three transports headed straight to the deep of the forest. And now, three of them immediately hit the brake at once while made twisted turn to stop their tracks. And at the same time, they quickly transformed into their robotic modes. They all armed and readied to fight. Sideswipe and Moonracer armed with their gauntlets' blades and claws while Lockdown readied both his machine blaster and right-armed hook.

Lockdown chuckled a it. Moonracer looked irritated, "What are you laughing about, Bounty Hunter?"

"I was wondering why you didn't transform to fight me," Lockdown said amusingly, "Now I know. You feared the humans resent you after what has happen five years ago. How touching."

Sideswipe scoffed, "Call us 'soft spot'. At least, we don't endanger the humans now. With more open space and no humans get in the way, we can fight with no problem."

"Whatever. I'm still going to defeat you, with or without humans' interference," Lockdown said darkly, "And I'm going to add another bounty to my collection."

"You wish!" Moonracer and Sideswipe

Three robotic warriors gave a loud battle cry as they all charged and engaged with each other fiercely and determinedly.


Team Ben and Sari armed and readied to fight Quintessa, who smiled amusingly. She has her chest opened and revealed the badly damaged Emberstone. It glowed a bit. She slammed her glowing yet electrically hands on the ground. The electrical powers shocked and electrified the land. The soil and dirt slowly emerged and combined with the blue liquid substance as they formed together into a group of metallic humanoid demon-like warriors. They all screeched in anger and wild as they all charged and engaged

Ben quickly used his Omnitrix to turn into Cannonbolt as he charged and rammed most of the minions. His team also joined in while providing him a covering firepower. As they're close to Quintessa, the villainess quickly summoned and activated her small drones to unleash the force field which was about to cover the whole Stonehenge. Luckily, three girls managed to jump and entered the area before the force-field closed down, leaving Team Ben behind.

"Kai! Julie!" Cannonbolt shouted.

"Worry about them later!" Tetrax exclaimed in concern before armed with his shards-like swords, "We've got company!"

Team Ben turned and fend off the army of Quintessa's Soldiers. Cannonbolt charged and rammed most of them. Tetrax swung and struck his sword shards at them to pieces. Rook used his Proto-Tool for firing blasters at them and swinging Power Sword at them. Max, Wes and Achak covered each other's back while firing their blasters and fighting off the enemies.

Inside the force-field of Stonehenge, Julie, Kai and Sari were now facing off at Quintessa, who was now annoyed and angered about it.

"Ready to give up?" Sari asked amusingly.

Quintessa narrowed her angry eyes, "Foolish human. You won't have the chance to defeat me. I will not stop until I achieve my objective!"

"We beg the differ. Let's get her," Julie exclaimed firmly.

Kai nodded, "We're gonna stop you at once!"

"Come and face me," Quintessa said confidently as she armed and readied her electrical powers, "Let us how you can defeat the Goddess..."

Three girls screamed wildly and angrily as they all charged and attacked her at once. But instead, she teleported and allowed three of them bang into each other. She reappeared on top of them as she slammed her fist to ground, unleashing a powerful shockwave to shock them off. She smiled darkly while gestured them to come and attack her.

Sari unsheathed her gauntlets' swords. She charged as she struck and swung hers at Quintessa, who easily dodged the attacks for few times. While the witch was distracted by sword fighting, Sari quickly used and fired her blaster at Quintessa by ten times. And just before the armored warrior could finish her off, Quintessa grabbed and strangled Sari tightly, making her to suffocate and was about to die.

Julie and Kai jumped off as they both slammed their swords on the witch's back. Unfortinately, Quintessa teleported at once. Julie and Kai have accidentally struck their swords at Sari to the ground hard. Two girls gasped in shock and worry. Quintessa appeared behind them as she fired her powerful blasts at them to the ground hard. Both Julie and Kai groaned in anger as they turned and attacked her at once. However, each time they tried to attack her, she kept on teleporting and attacking them by back and front or even allowing them to punch, kick, blast and injure each other for few times. They both got their final struck at each other by blasting before dropped to the ground hard.

Quintessa reappeared as she turned the keys, which is now opening the vault. Stonehenge glowed in dark purple lights, and also the ground was shaking like something is happening. Three girls yelped in concern of what they just saw.

Sari screamed in fear, "Oh no! She's gonna do it! She's gonna destroy the core now!"

"WHAT?!" Julie and Kai asked in shock and concern before glared at each other, "This is all your fault! My fault?! It's your fault, not mine!"

Julie groaned, "Maybe if you had save your grandfather and father before getting the keys, then none of this could have happen!"

"Me?!" Kai demanded in anger, "Look! When it comes to save the world, I put mission first before the feelings, even though it's my family."

"You really are selfish bitch. It's no wonder why Gwen said that I was a better girlfriend for Ben to like and hangout with. You don't care anyone but yourself!"

"Look, who's talking?! You're the one, who is more selfish than I am! I heard that you wanted Ben for yourself and wanted him to follow your way than being a hero. So, you're saying that you rather have the world died than saving it?!"

"That's not my point! I've always save people first, not doing some stupid mission! I would never abandon my friends and family!"

"I won't abandoned the world for the sake of my feelings! Mission comes first!"

"Selfish bitch!"

"Arrogant bitch!"

"Would you just shut the hell up?!" Sari asked angrily. Both Julie and Kai turned to her. She continued, "your fighting and argument is the reason of what's been happening. Now you either help me stop that witch or kiss goodbye to everything you have done!"

Julie and Kai were in shock yet surprise. They both turned and glared at each other before nodded firmly. They both armed and readied their weapons. Sari smiled beneath her mask as she turned and readied to fight.

They have found more stone emerging and combining together with other ruins. Both large and middle rings have been form. The center rock of Stonehenge continued glowing darkly, and slowly opening its hatch in two. Quintessa smiled darkly as she was looking something deep of the abyss, where its shining brightly.

"Yes, there you are..." Quintessa said darkly and proudly. She then heard some weapons clicking and clanking. She sighed, "You don't know when to quit, do you?!"

"Witch, don't you know heroes never quit," Julie said confidently.

Kai nodded, "Yeah. As long we're here, you'd never win and take our planet!"

"It's time to end this," Sari said proudly.

Quintessa smirked, "You're right. It's time to end this for good."

Quintessa screamed in anger as she unleashed and fired the lightning to the sky, scaring and worrying three girls.

"We can't beat her like this. She's too strong," Sari said in concern.

"No, we don't have to," Kai said firmly before glaring at the middle stone, "We have to destroy the vault's gateway!"

"But Kai... What about your research and discovery on Stonehenge?" Julie asked in concern.

Kai sighed, "I'll say this again. I won't abandoned the world for the sake of my feelings!"

Julie smiled, "Kai, I like your style. But we need to distract her."

Sari smirked beneath her mask, "Simple. We give everything we've got until we hit that target! Let's blow this up!"

Sari, Julie and Kai cheered wildly as they all charged and attacked Quintessa. The witch fired her lightning strike at them. Luckily, they all dodged and evaded the attacks while firing back at her. The mechanical witch didn't feel any pain as she continued firing both fire blasts and lightning attack at them.

Closing to their targets, Sari jumped while firing her blasters at Quintessa, who quickly summoned the force-field shield to deflect the blasts. She then levitated and halted her from moving. Kai jumped from behind as she was about to strike her blade on the witch. Quintessa turned and grabbed Native American by neck. Julie jumped on the front as she armed and fired her large cannon at  Quintessa. The witch quickly teleported at once, freeing Sari and Kai at once. But the blast headed straight and hit the Stonehenge's hatch It exploded.

As Quintessa teleported to the back of her enemies, she found the hatch has been destroyed and sealed tightly. Stonehenge has stopped glowing. She screamed in anger and agony. And just before she could finish the girls off, she found the force-field broke down. Team Ben and Ben as Swampfire were glaring at her. Everyone was ready to face her. She groaned in anger before glared at Julie, whom smirked secretly.

"We will meet again..." Quintessa whispered darkly to Julie's ear alone, "My faithful project..."

Quintessa teleported at once. Julie looked confuse and uncertain of what Quintessa has said. But nevertheless, she was happy that she and her team have managed to stop the witch from opening the Vault.


Lockdown groaned in pain as he got pushed back. He swiftly blocked Sideswipe on left before kicked Moonracer on the right. And just before he could fire his cannon, both of them quickly jumped and kicked him off. He dropped and slide to the ground hard. He groaned in anger as his head transformed into a long range sniping blaster to shoot and hit them both hard.

Lockdown continued firing his blaster at both of them before armed and readied his long sword. And just before he could finish them off, they quickly fired and shot their blasters at his chest, damaging him badly. They then thrust and struck their blades at him before kicked him off.

Lockdown groaned in anger. And just before he could finish the fight, he then received the call from his mistress. He groaned in anger and upset to hear it. Nevertheless, he comply to it. He stood up and glared at his enemies.

"We will meet again," Lockdown exclaimed in anger as he transformed into his car mode. He drove off while shouted, "Trust me. Quintessa will restore the order to all of our kind and home planets including this one. The Rising Darkness will not be awaken. Mark my word!"

Moonracer hissed, "What does he mean by that?"

"I have no idea," Sideswipe admitted, "We need to contact Prime now."


With Quintessa has been dealt with, both U.S. and Britain Government have sent the military army to Stonehenge for protection and investigation. Agent Fowler and Agent Simmons were sent there as in-charge for managing the situation.

Team Ben is taking a break and discussing, near to the jeep. Their new ally - Sari - approached to them as she was giving a report about the government's involvement on Stonehenge.

"So you're telling me that the Stonehenge is off-limits?!" Achak asked in anger.

Sari nodded, "After what has happened here especially Quintessa's involvement, we've gotta investigate and learn more of what she wanted with Stonehenge. There is more to it than meets the eye."

"I understand. But still, you should at least let us help you. We know something about it than you realize," Wes insisted, "And trust me, we've been through this a lot especially dealing with aliens and mystical beasts."

Sari sighed, "Trust me, I'd love to ask your help but this is classified. And the United Nation don't want any of you or 'Plumbers' involvement."

"Why is that?" Rook asked suspiciously.

"Trust me, I really wish I could tell you but I can't," Sari said in guilt tone, "It's best to leave it alone. Trust me..."

"Who are you?" Ben asked suspiciously, "Do I know you somewhere?"

Sari smiled beneath her mask, "One day, I'll tell you, Ben 10. See you again."

Sari turned and walked away from the group. Team Ben discussed and chatted with each other about what to do next. Ben has some chat with Kai and Julie.

"Finally lay off from fighting and working together?" Ben asked amusingly. Julie and Kai looked at each other before smiled amusingly. He sighed, "Wow. Glad you got your act together and finish the mission. Hate to imagine of what has happen."

Julie nodded before looked at Kai, "Yeah, me too. I'm glad we got it over and work together."

"Yeah. You're not bad yourself," Kai agreed, "And you know what? You're a perfect girlfriend Ben needed."

"Thanks. And you're not really selfish bitch I know of. You just did what you have to save our home. I wish I have courage."

"You already have. I just wish I could have soft side as yours."

"I think you have one. You just need to learn not to be a jerk to everyone especially to Ben."

"Sure. But if Ben tried to be funny, don't hesitate to punch him. If he were boyfriend and tried to be funny with me, I'd kick his ass."

"Not a bad idea. I'll make sure of that."

Kai and Julie turned and glared at him amusingly, Ben yelped, "Aw man..."

Tetrax turned and looked at Max, "What's up?"

Max sighed while looking at Stonehenge, "I can't help but wonder and have my own suspicious of what they're hiding from us for. What are they up to?"

On Sari's side, she approached to the military forces. And at the same time, she has battle mask deactivated and revealed herself to be an old friend of Ben - Sari Sumdac. She approached to Optimus Prime, Sideswipe, Moonracer, Agent Fowler and Agent Simmons. They all were looking at the Stonehenge's middle rock.

"What could this mean?" Sari asked.

Optimus Prime hummed in concern, "Quintessa knows something. And there's more to Earth than meets the eyes especially involving the prophecy from the Convenient of Primus. The Rising Darkness is coming here..."


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Main Casts:
Johnny Yong Bosch: Ben Tennyson
Kelly Hu: Julie Yamamoto/Armorstrike, Ship
Dave Fennoy: Tetrax Shard
Bumper Robinson: Rook Blonko
Paul Eiding: Max Tennyson
Bettina Bush: Kai Green
Tara Strong: Sari Sumdac, Moonracer

Minor Casts:
Gemma Chan: Quintessa
Mark Ryan: Achak Green, Lockdown
Miguel Najera: Wes Green
Todd Haberkorn: Grey Matter
Dee Bradley Baker: Chromastone
Kevin Michael Richardson: Blitzwolfer
Fred Tatesciore: Cannonbolt
James Remar: Sideswipe

Peter Cullen: Optimus Prime
Ben 10 True Omniverse Season 2 Episode 7
Kai, Ben's childhood crush, called him and his team for the help at Stonehenge, which she believed that has the origins to aliens. However, Quintessa has other plans of using Stonehenge. Can they stop her?

How will Kai and Julie react to each other when they first meet especially their feelings for Ben? And who are the mysterious girl in Cybernetic Armor and two mysterious robots?

PRE: Ben 10 True Omniverse Season 2 Episode 6
41 deviations
Author's Notes:
This episode will set after 'Not Asking for Any Trouble'. And the reason I didn't want to focus on that because I want to focus on rebuilding and forming relationship between Yaks and Ma (Chinese) Ponies to be more friendly and open-minded to each other because they were once enemies. Think of them for both Chinese vs. Mongol during Hua Mulan's time or 14th Century.

This episode is based on 'Seed of Destruction' from 'The Legend of Tarzan'. Let's begin.


Episode 13: Tug of War

After surviving the attacks of terrifying and dangerous Ancient Beasts and Storm Guards from the Jurassic Land, Twilight and all of her friends were recovering and resting for two months. And the latest event they were dealing with is Yakyakistan. Pinkie has become the Friendship Ambassador to the Yaks. She learned more about their culture, and even helped the yaks realize that having some ponoes to help them is not a bad idea, and also not to be stubborn. And thus, she was made as honorary yak to Yakyakistan.

Now Twilight has gathered all of her friends at Council Chamber for an important meeting. Lance, Nyx and Spike joined them as well.

"Good morning, everypony," Twilight greeted optimistically, "I hope you all have a wonderful rest for two months because we can have another meeting session.

With most of her friends and children chatted in agreement, Applejack smiled, "We're mighty fine, Twilight. Thanks for asking. So, what is this about?"

"Whatever it is, we're ready for next adventure!" Rainbow exclaimed proudly, "And hopefully, not another death trap at Jurassic Land."

"You know..." Twilight said thoughtfully, "When Spike, Jason, his Vileraptors and I were in the compound, we...found Nerdy's remains, like his foreleg."

Most of her friends yelped and groaned in disgust, Rarity groaned, "How horrendous!"

"Well, it's that hedgehog Grubber's fault that Nerdy died!" Nyx complained in anger.

Rainbow nodded as she looked at her wing while rubbed it gently, "Not to mention, that stupid Tyranno Chaos monster almost eat me and Pinkie alive! I mean, why did Canter Zoom even hire that hedgehog in the first place?!"

"You know why! To steal those embryos!" Spike exclaimed.

"Still, that doesn't explain why he did it in the first place," Twilight said in concern before sighed, "That wasn't the only things we saw. On the way to the compound, we came across some employees that had been turned to stone by the Storm Guards." She shuddered in concern, "I do not wanna be turned to stone again. Because without Geist's Venom, ponies will be stuck as petrified stone forever."

Fluttershy nodded, "I remember that night when I was foalsitting the Cutie Mark Crusaders."

"Either way, let's get back to our business. Guys, we've got the situation." Twilight answered firmly.

"What is it, Twilight?" FLuttershy asked in concern, "Are the Ancient Beasts invading our home? Are in we danger? Are we going for dangerous quest?"

Rarity sighed, "I hope it's not. I haven't recovered from it especially dealing with some Storm Guards..."

"Does this involved of me being Friendship Ambassador for Yaks?" Pinkie asked happily before smiled widely, "I did a great job for making best buddies with Prince Rutherford!"

Twilight nodded a bit, "Close, Pinkie. But it's about The Land of Ma and Yakyakistan. We need to do something about it."

"What's wrong with that?" Lance asked in confusion.

Spike nodded, "Yeah. I thought ponies and yaks are friends now. That shouldn't be a problem."

"True. But it's not Equestria Ponies, Spike and Lance," Twilight explained calmly and firmly, "It's about Ma Ponies. They and Yaks were once enemies from the ancient times.  They both have been waing war against each other for quite some time. They all don't get along well for a long time."

"So, why would they fight and hate each other so much?" Spike asked.

Twilight sighed, "In ancient times, Ma Ponies wanted to conquer Yakyakistan because they have strategic point of terrain for both battles and trading to other lands. And for Yaks, they believed that the Land of Ma has endless raw and rich soil, supplies and resources that could help them for stability and strength. And they couldn't find a way to negotiate and end their war peacefully."

"Ouch... That's one big heck of conflict," Nyx said in concern.

Fluttershy hummed, "No wonder Dragon Strike Force were so against the idea of building friendship between ponies and yaks."

Twilight nodded, "Yes, Fluttershy and Nyx. But Pinkie has proven them wrong. Yaks and ponies can be friends. We can do the same to Ma Ponies. So, my idea is that we have the rulers and couple of their citizens to talk, understand and work together peacefully with their own culture and customs to work on. They'll become good friends, and they'll end the feud and anxious for good!"

Pinkie smiled proudly, "Leave the yaks to me! You handle with the Ma Ponies!"

"Once we get them agreed on something, we should meet up at somewhere for discussion and negotiation," Applejack added.

Twilight smiled, "I've got this, Applejack. So, let's get it done. Applejack, Fluttershy, Spike and Nyx will go with me to Land of Ma for talking with three rulers. The rest of you go with Pinkie to talk with Prince Rutherford about our plans. And hopefully, it goes well."

The ponies chatted and cheered in agreement that they'll do their best to get both Ma Ponies and Yaks get along and become friends. Hopefully, everything went well...


Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Spike and Nyx went to the Land of Ma. They all arrived at Ma Lou Yang, a summit where three rulers were gathered for negotiation and discussion about their future alliance and trading with each other.

Twilight and her friends were inside the throne chamber. Twilight took the southern seat before the large round table, where three rulers took theirs. Azure Phoenix on northern seat, Virtue Dragon sat his western one, and also Courage Tiger have his eastern seat. However, they weren't alone as they were being accompanied by a group of ministers and military officers, and also a familiar friends of theirs as well.

Schemetrick, Ratio, Anger, Rhino Armor and Blazefist stood behind of Azure Phoenix. Skysoar Intellect, Blade Dragoon, Saber Dragoon and Dragonspear accompanied Virtue Dragon. Courage Tiger has Riverstrike, Scarblade, his two sisters and Hammerod with him. Shadow Dragon and Terrorcreep were with Twilight and her friends. The summit is about to begin as Twilight explained about her plans to three rulers, who were uneasy and concern with it especially involving the befriending with the yaks and allowed their former enemies to their kingdoms...

Twilight explained about her plans to three rulers about making better friendship and relationship between Three Kingdoms of Ma and Yaks. Three emperors were skeptical, uneasy and concern about her plans, despite aware of Equestria Ponies have succeeded making friends with the yaks. And even some of Dragon Strike Force have some doubts and concerns about it.

"I know it's hard for you all to accept the yaks," Twilight said in understanding tone, "But right now, the yaks have proven themselves to be more friendly and kind creatures, even though they tended to be sensitive, rude and rough when it comes to using or imitating their cultures and customs. But my points is that The Land of Ma and Yaks are no lingers enemies since the defeat of Brutal Khan. So, maybe it's time we should try to talk and get along rather than just being neutral and hostile to each other."

Her friends chatted and nodded in agreement. However, three emperors and their officers remained uncertain, unconvinced and skeptical of it. The rest of Dragon Strike Force also have their doubts as well, nevertheless, they're willing to give it a shot.

"She has the point," Shadow Dragon supported it, "It's all thanks to Pinkie and Metalgear for making friends with the yaks. So, it's time to put the difference aside and making peace with them."

Blazefist nodded, "Yeah, no harm to try it. We did the same thing with each other, why not with the yaks?"

"Definitely," Aqua agreed, "Three Kingdoms were enemies to each other during the Fall of Qin Dynasty, and now we become friends and allies. So, I believed we can do the same with the yaks."

"Yeah. I think it's time we moved on and try something new. Making peace and friends with them," Saber said in agreement.

Terrorcreep nodded and added, "And also, Princess Twilight and her friends helped and defended our kingdoms a lot. So, we should return the favor to them for once. And this is now."

Three Emperors of Ma remained skeptical and doubtful about it, nevertheless, they did gave some thoughts about it while chatting with both their officers and strategists about it, They all sighed in defeat while nodded firmly and calmly.

"While we're still having our doubts about it," Azure Phoenix admitted, disappointing Twilight and her friends. He continued, "But nevertheless, we are willing to try making peace, negotiate, trading and befriending the yaks."

Virtue nodded in agreement, "Yes. It's time we put our difference and make friends with the yaks."

"However, we cannot make promise that we and yaks cane become firneds," Courage added in concern. "But we will try."

Twilight smiled and bowed humbly, "Thank you, all of you. I promised you that we'll do our best. We'll make sure that Ma Ponies and Yaks can get along and become friends."

Azure Phoenix sighed, "I hope you are right, Twilight. I certainly hope so..."

"Now we wait for Pinkie and others to bring both Prince Rutherford and his volunteers to come and visit the Land of Ma," Twilight said happily and confidently. Suddenly, they heard a knock from the door. Everyone turned to the entrance, where Pinkie and her friends have arrived and entered, along with Prince Rutherford and Cheese Sandwich. She smiled, "Speak of which, they're here."

The ponies got up from their seats. They all approached greet Prince Rutherford, who greeted back in loud yet humble tone. The yak Prince even hugged three emperors tightly, making them yelped and moaned in pain to feel his strength. Twilight approached Pinkie.

"Pinkie, you did it. I knew you can do it," Twilight said happily, "So, how many yaks volunteer for this event?"

Pinkie laughed uneasily, "Yeah, about that. We might have some problem."

Twilight frowned and worried, "Pinkie, what happen?"

"Yeah. Funny story..." Pinkie said in concern before turned glared at innocent Cheese, who whistled innocently and looking away. She continued, "Because somepony make a big mess..."

Everyone especially Prince Rutherford turned and glared at him, Cheese laughed, "Sorry..."

Twilight hissed and looked worry, "Don't tell me..."


Early Morning...

Using the hot air-balloon, Pinkie and her friends (Rarity, Rainbow and Lance) were heading straight to Yakyakistan. They planned to talk and convince Prince Rutherford to start negotiating and making friends with three Emperors of Land of Ma.

"Too bad we can't take the Armor Strike-I since that meanie unicorn, Tempest Shadow blew it up with that bomb." Pinkie complained.

Rainbow nodded, "Yeah, Shorty wasn't happy about that."

"What do you expect, darlings? Shorty tends to be upset when it comes to his invention being both damaged or destroyed," Rarity commented, "And not to mention, Armor Strike-I is just a prototype. It wasn't even made for battle yet."

"Either way, just hope he improved it into more better transport," Pinkie said happily, "We might need it for couple of episode and movie."

Rainbow sighed, "You're so random, Pinkie."

Upon their arrival to the yaks' home, they found something shock and concern. They saw Yakyakistan was destroyed and covered in avalanche, but it was attacked by a group of Yeti-like Beasts.

"Oh my goodness! The Yeti?!" Rarity asked in shock and concern, "They're not suppose to attack the Yakyakistan! What were they doing there?!"

"Yeah. You'd think the yaks are alright?" Rainbow asked in concern.

"I hope so. Those Yetis are dangerous," Pinkie said in fear. She spotted a group of yaks and a familiar pony were moving away from the destroyed Yakyakistan. She gasped, "There they are now! And Cheese is with them?"

"What's he doing here?" Rainbow asked.

"And why do I get the feeling he make a big mess here?" Lance asked suspiciously.

"Let's find out!" Rarity suggested.

Pinkie lowered down and landed the hot air-balloon before her boyfriend and yaks. They all greeted to each other happily and wildly especially the Prince Rutherford hugged them tightly. After their moments, the yak prince departed from hugging his pony friends.

"I hate to ask. What happen here?!" Pinkie asked in concern.

Prince Rutherford snorted while glared at Cheese, "Pink pony's boyfriend happen."

Everyone turned and glared at him, Cheese laughed uneasily, "Sorry about that. Really didn't mean it. I was just preparing and celebrating yak's birthday parties. And of course, I accidentally fired the giant party cannon."

"Which caused an avalanche on the Yakyakistan, and added the worse part - scaring and making Yetis come down and attacked the village," Lance exclaimed in shock and concern.

"Seriously?! You used your giant party cannon at Yakyakistan?!" Rainbow asked in annoyance.

Rarity facepalmed, "Darling! Using the party cannon could cause an avalanche and attract unwanted attention of yetis because of loud noise! You should have thought about it!"

Pinkie groaned, "What were you thinking?! Do you have any idea of what you have done?!"

Cheese laughed uneasily, "Oh boy..."


Cheese laughed uneasily, "Oh boy..."

"What were you thinking?!" Twilight asked angrily, "Do you have any idea of what you have done?!"

Pinkie nodded, "That's the same line I used for this morning!"

Twilight and her friends were looking at the large population of yaks, who were taken care and given some food and drinks by Three Kingdoms' Soldiers. She hissed and looked uneasy and concern before turned and faced to Three Emperors and Prince Rutherford, who remained firm and calm as they're all awaiting for her explanation and response to deal with the latest problem.

The pressures and latest situation has made the Princess of Friendship nervous, worried and feared.

Shadow Dragon hissed, "Twilight, there're too many yaks for some Ma Ponies to handle and get along. If anything goes wrong, this is going to lead to another war between Ma Ponies and Yaks again."

Terrrocreep nodded, "Unless these yaks split up and went to three kingdoms for learning and friendship with Ma Ponies, the war cannot be avoided."

"What are we going to do, Twi?" Pinkie asked in concern before whispered to Twilight, "I hate to remind you again how sensitive and angry Prince Rutherford gets when it involved of yaks and their culture especially their relationship with Ma Ponies."

Twilight was sweating nervously and fearfully as she gave some thoughts of how to resolve the problem. She has to quick thinking. But knowing panicking won't get her to anywhere, she took a deep breathe before release it. She smiled confidently.

"Don't worry. We got this."


Everyone were gathered inside the Ma Lou Yang's Throne Chamber. They all sat down on their seats. They all began their discussion of how to evade the war while making peace and friendship between Ma Ponies and Yaks, especially helping Yaks to deal with Yetis and rebuilt their homes.

"I'm really sorry for what Cheese Sandwich has done to Yakyakistan, Prince Rutherford especially making most of yaks to stay and live in Land of Ma," Twilight apologized. Prince Rutherford snorted while glaring at nervous and worried Cheese. She sighed, "Despite the latest and critical situation we're facing now, I'm sure that we all can resolve it without violence."

"And how Pony Princess gonna do that?" Prince Rutherford asked firmly.

Azure Phoenix nodded in agreement, "Indeed, how do we solve this problem without worrying and provoking our citizens?"

"Which is why I've come up with a better plan. I'm confident that ponies and yaks can be friends and make peace together." Twilight said confidently. Everyone looked at her. She continued, "The yaks will choose and go to three kingdoms as they pleased. But they'll be guided and watched over by the locals, so the yaks won't cause the problems. My friends and I will make sure that the progress will go smoothly, Cheese will fix the problem."

"Huh?!" Everyone asked in shock and concern.

"I really don't like it. This might not end well for our kingdoms." Courage Tiger said in concern.

"But still, we cannot turn our backs on those, who needs our help." Virtue Dragon said firmly, "Even though they are the yaks."

"What about our ponies? Our duty and responsible is to our kingdom and ponies." Azure Phoenix asked in concern yet firmly, "I feared this might not go well for them and the yaks."

"But Yaks are friends to us now." Twilight insisted.

Pinkie nodded, "Yeah. They're not gonna destroy everything in their path like what they did to our home when they came to Equestria for the first time."

"True... However, how can you be certain that the Land of Ma and Yakyakistan can get along?" Azure Phoenix asked.

Prince Rutherford nodded in agreement, "Lord Azure is right. Me not sure Yaks can be friends with them because we were enemies. So, pony thinks Yaks and Ma Ponies can be friends?"

"I... I... I..." Twilight said while stuttered in concern before sighed, "There's the only plan I have..."

Three Emperors of Three Kingdoms and Prince Rutherford looked uneasy, concern and unsatisfied with the answer they got from her. Twilight looked down in shame and concern. The rest of Twilight's friends looked at each other while giving some thoughts. They all nodded in agreement.

"Your majesties," Shadow Dragon said firmly, "I'm sure Twilight's plans will work. Her plans will never fail. I'm confident it will work."

Applejack nodded, "Exactly. We promised you that Ma Ponies and Yaks can be friends."

"Yeah! We'd never let you down before. And we won't again!" Pinkie said confidently.

Cheese nodded, "Plus, I need to fix mess form Yakyakistan."

The rest of their friends commented and chatted in agreement that Twilight's plan will work. Three Emperors and Prince Rutherford gave some thoughts about the plans. Though they were still doubting and skeptical over it, the members from Dragon Strike Force spoke up.

"Come on, these girls never failed us before," Blazefist said confidently, "And they saved both realms from Dark Mystic Ponies and threat for a lot of times."

"And not to mention, they saved our home from Seekcurse especially solving your friendship problems," Saber added proudly.

Aqua nodded, "So, why not give this a chance? We promised you that we won't let the war come to us! We'll make sure of that!"

"We all agreed to allow Prince Rutherford and a few yak volunteers to come and befriend us. But to have all of them here might prove difficult for our ponies to handle." Azure Phoenix said in concern. Twilight looked worry and uneasy. He continued, "But never once have I doubted Twilight's strategy. We shall do it."

"Still, our ponies will not be satisfied with this. Prince Rutherford's ancestor - Brutal Khan has caused a great casualties and massacre to our home," Courage Tiger added in concern, "No offense, your highness."

Prince Rutherford snorted in anger, "Me offended." He sighed, "But true. Me understand Ma Ponies are hard to forgive the yaks because of Brutal Khan."

"Rest assure, your highness. You are not Brutal Khan. Do not become like him. We will not let the past ruin our friendship and peace between us," Virtue Dragon said firmly and calmly.

Prince Rutherford sighed and smiled in relief, "Me happy... Me thank you...."

Courage Tiger sighed, "I guess it's better than nothing. Very well, we shall do our best."

Her friends cheered and commented happily, Twilight bowed humbly, "Thank you all. We won't let you down. I promised!"

Azure Phoenix sighed, "I certainly hope so... I really hope so..."


Twilight and her friends were gathered at the Great Wall of Ma's Entrance. Cheese and Terrorcreep were packed with bags of snow gears, tools and even weapons. They were also accompanied by 300 Soldiers from Three Kingdoms.

"So, why do I have to go with him again?" Terrorcreep asked in annoyance.

"Cheese need some help when dealing with the group of territorial creatures like yetis," Twilight explained calmly and firmly.

Fluttershy nodded and smirked amusingly, "And who'd better handle this is none other than the tactician and spymaster of Dragon Strike Force especially he's my boyfriend..."

Shadow Dragon nodded while crossed his hooves, "They're right, TC. You're the guy Cheese needs for cleaning his mess up."

Terrorcreep groaned, "Why do I get the feeling that you all have set this up?"

"Either way, just do your best to move all the Yetis away from Yakyakistan," Fluttershy said politely to Terrorcreep before giving him a kiss by cheek, "And when our mission is done, we'll continue our usual especially the dress I worn. Just for you."

Annoyed and irritated about working with Cheese, Terrorcreep couldn't stay mad while being happy that he'll be with Fluttershy soon. He sighed, "Very well. I'll go along with it. You owe me one, Fluttershy."

Pinkie approached and gave Cheese a hug, "Be careful, Cheesy! Promise me that you won't do stupid again! I mean it! Those yetis are meanies!"

Cheese laughed uneasily while patted Pinkie's back, "Don't worry, Pinkie. I won't. I just need to chase and move those yetis away from Yakyakistan. That shouldn't be problem."

Terrorcreep scoffed, "You'd better be careful of what you wish for, idiot. If things go wrong, I'm gonna kill you for it."

Cheese gulped before laughed a bit, "Got it..."

As the guards opened the Great Wall's entrance; Cheese, Terrorcreep and 300 Soldiers exited and headed off towards the Yakyakistan. With their friends have left, Twilight turned and looked at her friends. Now they have to make sure the friendship between Ma Ponies and Yaks go smoothly and peacefully.

"I hope you know what you're doing, Twi," Shadow Dragon said in concern.

"Don't worry, Shadow Dragon. Everything will be alright." Twilight said calmly before giving a kiss to Shadow Dragon. She continued, "Alright, you know what to do."

Applejack smiled, "Sure thing, Twi. You can count on us."

"We'll make sure that your plan will be succeeded!" Rarity remarked proudly.

"Yeah. We're gonna make the best buddies for both Yaks and Ma Ponies." Pinkie cheered happily, "I'm excited! Who's excited?! I'd never been so excited! I can't wait to start the parties!"

"Pinkie..." Blazefist said in annoyance, "This is serious! If we make wrong move, then the last thing we want is our home to go a war against the Yaks."

Saber nodded, "Yeah. We can't let that happen."

"I hate to imagine it," Fluttershy said in concern.

"Not on our watch. We'll make sure of it," Rainbow said firmly and confidently.

Aqua smirked as she gave Rainbow a hoof-bump, "Now that's the spirit, kiddo. Let's do this!"

"Remember what we have discussed," Twilight reminded her friends, "Blazefist, Applejack and I will look after Imperial Phoenix Kingdom. Pinkie and Fluttershy will stay close to Saber and Prince Rutherford since he's heading to Dragoon Republic Nation. Aqua, Rainbow and Rarity will check on Water Tiger Kingdom. Lastly, Shadow Dragon and the kids will be on air to spy and check on all the areas. If anything goes wrong, he'll alert us to come and deal with the problem."

Shadow Dragon nodded, "We'd better get going now."

With everyone nodded in agreement, the ponies split up now. Twilight, Applejack and Blazefist went to Imperial Phoenix Kingdom. Saber, Pinkie and Fluttershy went to Dragoon Republic Nation, where Prince Rutherford was heading. Aqua, Rarity and Rainbow gone to Water Tiger Kingdom. And lastly, Shadow Dragon and the children are on hot air-balloon for keeping an eye on the situation and reporting to Princess of Friendship.

The friendship and peace between Ma Ponies and Yaks on the Land of Ma has begun...


Beginning their mission, Twilight and her friends have split up and went to all Three Kingdoms. They all must do what they can to ensure peace and friendship happens between the Yaks and Ma Ponies especially making sure their leaders satisfied and happy with it.

While looking for any sign of troubles and keeping peace, Twilight and her friends found out something intriguing yet pleasant and happy. They have found some Ma Ponies and Yaks were getting along well such as learning each other's culture and custom, riding the dragon steeds, playing chess and games, teaching and training each other military strength and tactics and having fun together.

The Yaks and Ma Ponies got along very well and friendly, and even Prince Rutherford did the same with three leaders.


Cheese, Terrorcreep and their soldiers have arrived at outskirt of Yakyakistan, where they found more of Yetis have made the ruined village as their home and nesting ground. The ponies were in shock and concern of what they just saw. They all hid behind the pile of snow. They all discussed and made some plans of what they can do about the creatures.

"So, any idea?" Cheese asked amusingly.

Terrorcreep shook his head, "No idea. Yetis are very territorial creatures when it comes to their home. They will fight and defend it at all cost. Attacking them head on is out of option." Cheese smiled happily as he brought the giant cannon out. He groaned, "Absolutely not! Using Party Cannon is out of question! The last thing we want is more avalanche and yetis to deal with!"

"You've got a better idea, batsy?! I would love to hear it."

"Working on it."

"Work faster. I thought you're Fluttershy's boyfriend. You're supposed to know the animals!"

"I'm a tactician, not an animal caretaker, genius. And even I am, I wouldn't do something stupid as you did!"

"Hey! That wasn't nice at all! I'd never do something stupid!" Cheese was offended. Terrorcreep glared at him for the moment. He laughed a bit, "Okay, maybe sometimes. But I'd never done something serious and bad as this one."

Terrorcreep rolled his eyes in annoyance, "Whatever..." He looked and observed carefully on yetis. He noticed another pack of Yeti Hunters brought dead animals to the rest of their family for lunch to eat. He hummed, "I might have an idea about it."

"Really?! What is it?!"

"We're gonna need some bigger meat."

Cheese yelped before showing disgusted looks, "Yuck!"


However, two days later...

"Stupid Yaks/Ma Ponies! Look what you have done!" Ma Ponies or Yaks shouted and exclaimed in anger.

Both Yaks and Ma Ponies gotten into some fights and argument due to some miscommunication, offending and disrespectful to each other a lot.

Outside of some residents' home, Yaks have found some food, which was close to the joystick pots and burning candles. They have mistaken and accidentally ate some foods, which was meant for Ma Ponies' deceased ancestors. Some of them didn't ask permission for eating and drinking wines and apple ciders, which angered some citizens and soldiers especially Warpath Tempest, Gusty, Rhino Armor, Pirate Scythe and Scarblade. And sometimes, they often destroyed and ruined their belongings, properties and even homes. And worse, yaks insulted and compared how weak and pathetic their leaders to Prince Rutherford.

However, Ma Ponies did the same thing to the yaks as well. They often talk back about the yaks for being dumb and brute beasts with stupidity. They make fun of the yaks' appearance, sizes and abilities. They often pulled some pranks, scared and bullied on little ones. They have mistaken and misled from following the correct procedures of customs.They threw some fruits and vegetables at the yaks after the latter have insulted the former's culture and customs.

This have led both Ma Ponies and Yaks into a big fight and argument. Both Prince Rutherford and Three Emperors even gotten into the big argument and fight due to hearing some complains and problems their own citizens were having.

Twilight and her friends struggled and did their best stop the fight between Ma Ponies and Yaks. Twilight, Applejack and Blazefist tried negotiating and reasoning with them. Pinkie, Fluttershy and Saber did their best to be kind and compassion by helping and assisting them. Rarity tried to talk and calm down them while Rainbow and Aqua fought and knocked out them. And unfortunately, this has worsened the relationship between Ma Ponies and Yaks.

As both Ma Ponies and Yaks continued their fight and argument, Shadow Dragon and the children knew that they have to put end of it. Luckily, he has one that can solve it. As they were descending from the sky, Shadow Dragon threw and summoned his Dragoking form Summoner Gem. He landed on the ground before unleashing a powerful Dragon Flame, which scared both Ma Ponies and Yaks off.

"Everypony and yaks, knock it off!" Shadow Dragon shouted in anger. Yaks and Ma Ponies were silenced. He sighed, "Look, I know it's hard. But come on. Be patient. I promised you that Yakyakistan will be freed of yetis." He hissed, "I hope..."

Ma Ponies and Yaks muttered angrily as they turned and walked away at once. Though they agreed to be patient for good news, they remained hostile at each other because of their rude and disrespectful behavior to their kind.

Twilight and her friends regrouped with Shadow Dragon and his team. They all now discussing about what they can do to deal with the problem.

"I don't think this is gonna hold much longer," Shadow Dragon said in fear.

"Definitely not good," Nyx said in concern.

Spike hissed, "Yeah. It'd be like Yaks get mad at us over and over again."

"At this rate, the war is gonna happen sooner," Blazefist said in concern.

"We can't let that happen!" Twilight protested, "Surely the leaders don't want that happen. I mean we all agreed that Ma Ponies and Yaks to befriends and get along."

Saber sighed, "Believe me, Twilight. They don't want to. But because of what has been happening around here, I doubt they can remain patient and friendly much longer."

"If they want a fight, I'd be happy to kick their ass!" Aqua exclaimed firmly.

Rainbow nodded proudly, "Yeah, me too!"

"Rainbow Dash! We're not here to make them fight!" Pinkie screamed in anger, "We're supposed to help them be friends!"

Fluttershy nodded, "Violence won't solve anything."

"Indeed. I hate to imagine if this affects both Ma Ponies and Yaks to fight," Rarity said in concern, "Who knows what will happen to Equestria?"

"I wouldn't want to image about it..." Lance said in concern.

Twilight sighed, "Either way, we should split up and check on the leaders. We have to make sure that they won't make any rash decision. Pinkie, Rainbow, Rarity, Aqua, Lance and Spike will go check on Prince Rutherford and his yaks. The rest of us will check on three leaders."

Shadow Dragon nodded, "Let's hope it's not too late. I just hope TC and Cheese better work on it fast."

"Yeah. We're running out of time," Blazefist said in agreement.

Fluttershy hissed, "Oh, Terrorcreep. Hurry. I don't think we can wait anymore longer..."

"Seriously! Ma Ponies and Yaks are out of control!" Pinkie screamed in fear and worry, "CHEESE SANDWICH! HELP US! YOU'RE OUR ONLY HOPE!"

Twilight and her team headed back to Ma Lou Yang, where three Emperors were gathered for discussion about the problems. Pinkie and her friends gone to Prince Rutherford and his yaks from Jing Province. They have to prevent the war from breaking out...


"That doesn't go as we plan..." Terrorcreep said in concern.

"Ya think?!" Cheese asked dryly.

Terrorcreep, Cheese and their soldiers were panting and breathing heavily like they just escaped for their lives. And at the same time, they all were badly bruised and exhausted while some of them were killed. They all have barely escaped Yetis' Attacks. And so far, the plans they have come up with has failed them such as using the steaks to lure them away, using monsters' and dragons' disguises to scare them off, using their weapons to blast and shoo them off, and even provoked them to get the yetis follow them.

After two days have passed, they all got beaten up and exhausted form working on their mission. They still unable to make the yetis to leave.

"It's no use..." Cheese said in concern, "There's no way we can make those things leave from Yakyakistan! We might as well tell them to build their new home."

Terrorcreep groaned, "No! We're not out yet! We still can do this. We just need to observe and learn more about the yetis. Once we find the weak spots, we can chase them off for good."

Cheese groaned, "Great. This ought to be good... How on earth Pinkie keep up with this?"

"I wonder why do I even bother to help this idiot?" Terrorcreep asked in annoyance, "He's worse as Laxtinct..." He turned and glared at the yetis making their home at Yakyakistan. He hissed, "There must be something we can drive them out. Something they cannot take their eyes off..."


Twilight and her team, which included Shadow Dragon, Applejack, Fluttershy, Blazefist, Saber and even Nyx, headed and arrived at Ma Lou Yang. They entered the throne chamber, where they found three Emperors were discussing about yak problems before turned and looked at them. They couldn't help but feel nervous and uneasy about it as they marched towards them now.

"Ah... Twilight, you came," Azure Phoenix said in relief yet firm before sighed, "We need to talk about the yals."

"We're really sorry for this mess. Honest! We're doing our best to make sure that both ponies and yaks get along. I swear that this is not what we're expecting, but I'll do my best to make this right before things gets even worse," Twilight explained frantically and fearfully. As she was hyperventilating crazily, both Applejack and Shadow Dragon quickly put and patted their hooves on her back, calming her down. She sighed, "Thanks. I need it..."

"We know you all did your best." Virtue Dragon said calmly before sighed, "However..."

"I'm afraid it doesn't go well for both of our ponies and yaks," Courage Tiger said in concern, "And we have decided what is best for us and them."

Twilight and her friends became more worried and uneasy as their fear has come true.

"You don't mean it! You can't!" Twilight protested in concern.

Azure Phoenix sighed, "It is, Twilight. But I am sorry. There is nothing we can do."

"Indeed. The yaks have caused so much troubles." Courage Tiger said in upset and disappointed.

Virtue Dragon nodded, "Yes, they all must leave this place at once. For the sake or our ponies."

"But there's gotta be something we can do!" Fluttershy insisted.

Applejack nodded, "Yeah! Sure the yaks did some mess and disrespectful to you and your culture, but that's because they never seen or even done it before."

Shadow Dragon turned and looked at Blazefist and Saber, "Guys, can't you do something?! You have to convince them not to do this!"

Blazefist gulped, "I would, Shadow Dragon. But I can't." Shadow Dragon gave a glare at him. He hissed, "Look, this is not my decision. As an Imperial Phoenix Officer, my duty and responsible is to follow and carry out every order the Emperor has given especially protecting my Ma Ponies."

Saber nodded, "Blazefist's right. There's nothing we can do for the yaks now. Our duty and ponies must come first. We're sorry. Really..."

"Indeed. I am sorry. But that is final..." Azure Phoenix said firmly.

"Oh no..." Twilight said in concern.


Pinkie, Rainbow, Rarity, Aqua, Lance and Spike came to Yaks' Refugee Camp, which was located at the outskirt of Ma Lou Yang City. They all found some yaks muttered and grumbled angrily about the Ma Ponies and their treatment to them. They really don't like it, and they knew that they have to end it soon before it gets worst.

They all headed straight into Prince Rutherford's Camp, where he was chatting and discussing with hi advisors and generals. They all were angry and upset.

"Uh... Prince Rutherford, are you okay?" Pinkie asked hopefully, "I hope you're not upset and angry."

"Upset?! Angry?!" Prince Rutherford demanded in anger. He roared in anger, scaring the ponies off. He continued, "Ma Ponies make Yaks so mad to pick a fight with them! In fact, we Yaks agreed one thing!"

"Demand for forgiveness?" Pinkie asked hopefully.

Prince Rutherford snorted, "Wrong! Yaks make Land of Ma ours! And kick these ponies off!"

"WHAT?!" The ponies asked in shock and concern.

"Prince Rutherford, you can't do this! This isn't right!" Pinkie exclaimed in concern.

Rarity nodded, "Indeed! This is their homeland!"

"Yeah! And besides, Twilight talked Three Emperors to get you and yours guys here for food and shelter!" Rainbow exclaimed in fear and worry, "If you attack them, they're gonna kill you all!"

Aqua nodded, "Trust me. You don't wanna mess with them especially my brother. They will do what they must to protect their home. Don't do this."

Prince Rutherford snorted in anger, "If Ma Ponies gonna treat Yaks like this, then Ma Ponies get what they deserve! Those ponies are gonna regret for it! Me must do what me can for the yaks! Duty to Yaks come first, not Ma Ponies!"

"Not again!" Lance and Spike exclaimed in concern, "Twilight's gonna get upset about this."

"What am I gonna do?" Pinkie asked in concern.


While their friends did their best to negotiate and plead with the leaders not to act rash about their decision, Twilight and Pinkie met up at the Ma Lou Yang's Garden for some thinking. They then both met up at the same place. And they noticed each other's looks of disappointment and upset. They all can tell that it didn't go well with the leaders and something bad is about to happen. They all sat down close to the giant tree trunk.

"Hey Pinkie," Twilight greeted before sighed, "I'm guessing that it didn't go so well with Yaks. Coz Three Emperors believed that befriending with them is a bad idea."

Pinkie nodded, "Yeah. Prince Rutherford also think of that too. This is bad, really bad."

"I know, Pinkie. They wanted all the yaks to leave their home because of they disrespect to them and their culture!"

"What?! Are you serious?!"

"I'm not! And trust me, Pinkie, I'm against the idea! But that is wrong! We can't just leave them homeless and starve to death!"

"I know you care for them. But that is not the worse! The yaks wanted to take over the Land of Ma for themselves!"

"What?!" Twilight asked in anger, "You can't be serious! I ask the leaders to let the yaks stay here! And now the yaks wanna take over the Land of Ma?!"

"I'm against it too, Twi! Maybe the idea of yours might not be the best," Pinkie said in concern.

"The idea would have worked if your boyfriend hadn't done something stupid in the first place!"


"Well, yeah! Your boyfriend cause the avalanche and even let the yetis to attack and marked the Yakyakistan their territory!"

"Cheese didn't mean to cause some problems for Yakyakistan! He was trying to help and make yaks smile and happy, just like me!"

"Well, he should have learn and know more about that place before doing something silly like using the cannon for causing an avalanche and scaring the yetis out of their home!"

"Maybe somepony should have gone with him, then the mess wouldn't have happen!"

Both Twilight and Pinkie glared at each other for the moment. They then gave some thoughts before showing regret and remorse. They sighed in concern before sat down. They both regretted of what they say to each other. They got pressured by both Ma Ponies and Yaks wanted to wage a war.

"Oh, Twilight... What are we gonna do?" Pinkie asked in concern.

Twilight sighed as she levitated the stick to draw, "I wish I knew, Pinkie. I really do..." Using the stick, she was busy drawing the ground with some lines. She then noticed something odd about it. She hummed thoughtfully until something hit her head. She recalled of what she has learned about humans and their country's border lines. She smiled, "Pinkie, I've got an idea!"


Twilight and Pinkie gathered her friends, four leaders and their officers at Ma Lou Yang's Throne Chamber. She drew some lines on the Land of Ma map - drew and create a boarder line on the Jing Province, separated from Imperial Phoenix Kingdom of Northern Ma, Republic Dragoon Nation of Western Ma and also Water Tiger Kingdom of Southeastern Ma.

"This is how we solved the problem," Twilight said firmly, "While Three Kingdoms still hold their own lands, Yaks will take refugee at Jing Province."

Pinkie nodded, "Yeah. And that way, nopony or yaks need to fight over, unless they're ready to make friends and share food and have fun together."

"That way, nopony or yaks will need to fight over the Land of Ma until Cheese and Terrorcreep are done with chasing those yetis off."

"Yup! This is the best plan Twi and me come up with!"

Everyone chatted in surprise and amazement especially three Emperors and Yak Prince, who remained uncertain and concern about it. But nevertheless, they knew this was a better way for their citizens, avoiding the war against each other.

"Me not like this idea." Prince Rutherford said in displease before sighed, "But better than nothing. It's best for yaks."

Virtue Dragon nodded, "I agreed. This might be the plan we need."

"Though we might lose some advantages and importance of using Jing Province for trading, delivering the supplies, strategies and also using the routes," Courage Tiger said in concern. He noticed everyone looked at him oddly. He sighed, "Sorry. But this is for our ponies. Nothing more, nothing less."

"Indeed." Azure Phoenix said in agreement as he turned and looked at Twilight and Pinkie, "Very well. We shall use this method. But some ponies need to watch out for troubles and making sure that none of us cross the border."

Twilight and Pinkie smiled amusingly while looking at four members of Dragon Strike Force, who were uneasy and worried. Their friends also smiled in agreement, and so do Three Emperors and Yak Prince.

"I've got a bad feeling about this," Shadow Dragon said in concern to his friends.


Twilight and her friends have split up and performed their own duties to ensure the peace and friendship between ponies and yaks. Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy and Nyx were in-charge of looking after the ponies. Pinkie, Rarity, Rainbow and Spike watched over the yaks. Shadow Dragon and his team are now patrolling and guarding Jing Province's Borders while keeping ponies and yaks in their lines.

Shadow Dragon and Lance were on the hot air-balloon. Blazefist was on Great Defender's Fort. Saber is located at the Dragon's Mouth Gate. Aqua was guarding at the Red Cliff Fortress. As much as they loved helping their friends, they find their mission - patrolling and guarding the borders boring and frustrating. Blazefist remained firm and serious with his duty. They eventually communicate through their mental links.

Lance groaned, "This is the most boring mission I ever have!"

"Well, get use to it, son," Shadow Dragon said firmly, "Because next mission might be the same thing again and again."

"Still... You'd think it's gonna work?" Aqua asked in concern, "I mean we sure did evade the war, but I don't think ponies and yaks happy about it."

Saber nodded, "And no doubt about it. Both Ma Ponies and Yaks will resume their fight until one of them gain control of the Land of Ma."

"And when that happen, what will we do?" Lance asked in concern.

"We do what we can to avoid them from killing each other," Shadow Dragon said firmly, "We promised Twilight that Ma Ponies and Yaks become friends and allies. We will make that happen."

"Don't count on it yet, Shadow Dragon," Blazefist said firmly, "We need to make sure that both yaks and ponies avoid from starting the war. If we do succeed with this task, then Twilight's dream will come true. Think you can handle it, kid?"

"Wait?! What?!" Lance asked in confusion.

Shadow Dragon scoffed, "After so many years, you still call me a 'kid'?"

"Well, you were a rookie and dreamer to the team for thinking that Mystic and Equestrian Ponies can be together," Blazefist said amusingly, "And I'm the only one have to cover up your ass!"

"Gee. Thanks for the support, 'Commander'. And besides, that was my second dream. It did come true."

"Dream on, kid..."

"Okay guys, knock it off," Aqua ordered firmly and amusingly, "Honestly, I think we have one rival enough to deal with. Like you two, Blazefist and Saber! Always competing and fighting to see who is the best."

"Hey, I resent that!" Blazefist protested, "And besides, I was just proving him that I've got more fighting and commanding experience than he is. After all, experience outranks everything, farm boy."

Saber scoffed, "Yeah, right. Farmer is more hardworking and effective than a common soldier, which is me. You couldn't even beat me in chess and strategies. And trust me, it's not one of your game."

Blazefist groaned in annoyance, "As if. I'm still good in commanding the team."

"Want a bet?" Saber challenged confidently.

Aqua sighed while shaking her head, "Just do your job, guys, not your personal rival..."


At Xuchang Province's Palace...

Both Virtue Dragon and Courage Tiger returned to their own kingdoms. Applejack and Fluttershy accompany two emperors and their officials. Twilight and Nyx were accompanying Azure Phoenix, Schemetrick, Anger and Strikespell through the marketplace as they were discussing and chatting.

And so far, most of Ma Ponies are satisfied and happy with their peace and quiet at their home, village and doing their business and duty especially not to deal and fighting with them. Not one of them have complain and talk about yaks. However, the Emperor of Imperial Phoenix Kingdom looked uneasy and concern as he was looking at the sky. Twilight noticed it as she called and approached him for a talk.

"This might not end well as we have hope for, Twilight," Azure Phoenix said bluntly and firmly.

"What do you mean?" Twilight asked in confusion, "We managed to evade the war. Three Kingdoms got plenty of resources, supplies and strategic bases for you all to keep. And on plus side, nopony complained about the yaks."

Azure Phoenix sighed as he turned and looked at her, "Perhaps. And perhaps not. Jing Province is the central province to Three Kingdoms for the rarest gems, trading posts and delivering supplies between three of them, a sacred ground to our mythical beasts, and it's good travelling. Without it, this will take a long route for the kingdoms to perform their duties and might cause accident."

"Oh... I didn't think about it..." Twilight said in concern.

Azure Phoenix sighed, "No matter. Let us hope that war will not come to us. That's our main concern."


At Jing Province, the yaks were minding their own business - stomping some broken and useless wooden structures for amusement and entertainment, building their houses and furniture, telling stories at yak's fire pit, eating their hays and vanilla extract cake and listening to music. Yaks were happy with doing their activities peacefully and happily. Rarity, Rainbow and Spike were keeping an eye on situation.

Prince Rutherford was pleased to see the yaks are happy. And at the same time, he was worried and uneasy for his yaks. Pinkie approached to him for talk and discussion.

"I hope you're happy with it. Coz the yaks are happy!" Pinkie exclaimed happily, "No fighting means ponies and yaks are happy and friends."

Prince Rutherford sighed, "Yes. Yaks are happy. But sooner or later, yaks aren't going to be happy again."

"What?! But you've got everything you need here. Woods, hays and mud! And best of all, you've got no complains and problems with doing your Yikslurbertfest! You should be happy."

"Me know Pink Pony's right. But one problem. This Jing Province doesn't have what we need! All nothing but jewels and gems. They're not good for us to stomp and smash especially building. We need more woods and hays to do it! And of course, Ma Ponies' foods are too good to ignore."

"Oh right... I forgot about that."

"It's not a big problem, Pink Pony. As long yak not do something stupid, war should be avoided."

Pinkie sighed, "Don't worry. My friends got this covered."

"I hope so... I hope so..." Prince Rutherford said in concern.


There was no sign or news from Cheese or Terrorcreep from getting rid of yetis. And so, both Ma Ponies and Yaks remained at their own territories neutrally while evading from engaging the wars with each other. And during the nighttime, both of species were asleep including their own leaders.

Dragon Strike Force were still on patrol duty. They all looked tired and exhausted as they were not able to open their eye and stay awake. They all yawned out loud like they're about to fall asleep. Shadow Dragon trained Lance about his secret and effective tricks he has. Aqua performed some exercises and push-ups. Saber was looking through some detective files and cases. Blazefist was reading some documents and reports especially dealing with Dark Mystic Ponies.

While Dragon Strike Force were distracted of keeping themselves awake and patrol, some ponies and yaks made their attempts to cross the border.

Two to three Yaks went through borders of Three Kingdoms - getting wines and bamboo buns from Dragoon Republic Nation, seaweed riceballs and some silk robes and dressed for them to try of Water Tiger Kingdom, and try and trained with new advanced and strong weapons made by Imperial Phoenix Army. Ma Ponies form Three Kingdoms did the same thing as well - finding and getting some items and treasures, trading each others' gifts and supplies, prayed to the mythical beasts from temple and even traveled across to another land.

Unfortunately, the trespassers were found and caught by the patrols and guards. This shocked, alerted and awakened everyone from their kingdoms. And it does not bode well for all of them now...


Both Three Kingdoms' Emperors and Yak Prince were gathered at Great Defender Fort, along with their army and citizens. All of them were angered and upset with each other for breaking their treaty and invading their properties and territories. Twilight and her friends were worried and scared about the war that is about to unleash while Dragon Strike Force felt guilty for not able to stop it.

"Yaks, how dare you disrespect our treaty and invade our territories without permission?!" Azure Phoenix demanded in anger.

"WHAT?! What about ponies?!" Prince Rutherford exclaimed in anger, "You ponies tried to steal our Jing Province! You ponies have no rights!"

"Prince Rutherford, may we remind you again that Jing Province is temporary borrowed for you all to use, not given!" Virtue Dragon said firmly yet angrily. Courage Tiger gave annoying glare at him about the past involving Jing Province. He sighed, "We've been trying to be nice and kind to you and your yaks. And still, you weren't please with it!"

Courage Tiger nodded, "Clearly, you do not share our interest and concern at all."

Prince Rutherford groaned, "Same goes to Ma Ponies too! You ponies don't care about us at all!"

"That is true." Azure Phoenix said dryly and angrily before unsheathed his Imperial Phoenix Sword, "Because it's time for you all to leave, filthy barbarian yaks!"

Courage Tiger snarled as he unsheathed his Tiger Sword, "Indeed. You and your kind are not welcome here anymore!"

"I agreed," Virtue Dragon nodded as he armed with Twin Golden Dragon Swords, "For the sake of our ponies, you all must be stopped!"

Prince Rutherford roared in anger, "Then, we declare war! Yaks win this fight! Land of Ma will be Yaks' forever!"

Azure Phoenix snarled, "As long we're still standing, our home will not fall. We will not allow it!"

The army of Three Kingdoms and Yaks gave the loud and wild battle cries while raising and arming with their swords, pikes, spears and shields. They even insulted and cursed at each other to get out and leave their home. The officers and ministers did the same thing as well. Mane Six and their friends yelped in concern as they have to evade and end the war at once.

"Lord Azure! Lord Virtue! Lord Courage! Don't do this!" Twilight pleaded, "You all can't fight the yaks!"

Pinkie nodded to Prince Rutherford, "Yeah! We're supposed to be friends, not enemies! This is supposed to be about friendship!"

"No, it is not!" Prince Rutherford and Three Emperors exclaimed in anger yet firm, "This is war! ATTACK!"

Twilight and her friends yelped and squealed in concern and fear as they all moved aside at once. Yaks and Three Kingdoms Army gave the loud battle cry as they all charged and attacked each other fiercely and wildly.

Yaks charged and rammed on most of Ma Ponies, their residents and bases down while striking down their hooves, horns and bodies on them as well. Ma Ponies have not only used their swords and shields, spears, pikes, bows and arrows and various blasters at them. The ponies also used some siege weapons such as catapults, arbalests, ballistas, juggernauts, pyrocannons, gate blocking knife cart and even using strategies such as ambushing, trapping the enemies inside the pit holes, fire attacks, flood attack, wind blowing attack, gliding attack and ramming them at their enemies.

Three Kingdoms Officers such as Anger, Bladestrike, Clawdestroyer, Dragonspear, Justice Tackle, Blade Dragoon, Hammerod, Anchor and Pirate Scythe also joined on the battlefield as well. Schemetrick, Rhino Armor, Skysoar Intellect, Warpath Temper, Riverstrike and Scarblade remained closed and protected their emperors from danger at all cost. Prince Rutherford went rampage and wild as he destroyed and defeated most of the enemies he came across.

Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force were in shock and concern of what they're seeing. This is not what they wanted.

"What are we gonna do now, Twi?" Pinkie asked in concern, "This is not what we wanted."

Twilight sighed, "I know, Pinkie. But there's one thing we're going to do - stopping the war and making both befriends, not enemies. This is what we wanted!"

Pinkie smiled, "I like your style. If we're gonna make this out, Pinkie Promised me not to do something stupid and say 'Well, maybe I would've been better off without friends like you!' especially hurting my feelings in the movie. Please, don't do that!"

"What?!" Twilight asked in confusion before shook her head, "Pinkie, you know that I'd never hurt my own friends, but making stupid is hardly part of my personality."

Pinkie giggled, "I know. I just want to make sure you don't do it in Power Master's MLP The Lost Soul Movie Adaptation!"

"I have no idea of what was that, but," Twilight sighed before smiled, "Pinkie Promised."

"Guys, less talking, more stopping the war!" Shadow Dragon exclaimed firmly.

Everyone chatted in agreement as Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force gave a loud battle cry as they all charged to the battlefield. They all did their best to end the war. Dragon Strike Force engaging and stopping ponies and yaks by knocking them unconscious. Mane Six did their best to convince and negotiate with Prince Rutherford and Three Emperors to stop the war, but no avail as they're too angry and upset with each other.

As ponies and yaks continued their fierce battles, they all stopped at once upon hearing a loud roar and screams. They turned to their back, where they found Terrorcreep, Cheese and their soldiers screaming and running to them before they slammed on their friends to the ground. Everyone was in shock and confuse of why their friends have return from Yakyakistan.

"Cheese, you came back! Did you get rid of yetis from Yakyakistan?!" Pinkie asked hopefully.

Cheese laughed uneasily, "Well, not exactly,"

ROAR! Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force yelped in concern as they turned back and found a large numbers of yetis have arrived and attacked both yaks and ponies. The citizens and brave warriors  screamed and panicked in fear as they all ran and hide for their lives. Some soldiers tried to fight back but get killed and knocked out by the monsters.

"You bring the yetis here?!" Everyone asked in shock and annoyance, "Are you kidding me?!"

"It was Terrorcreep's idea!" Cheese exclaimed in fear and concern.

Terrorcreep yelped, "Hey, don't involve me of this mess of yours! You were supposed to fire Party Cannon's Meat at their caves, not our home, you idiot!"

"Maybe you should try to point the direction!"

"I did. You weren't listening to me at all, you useless piece of shit!"

"Alright, enough! Looks like we need to change the plans now to save both Ma Ponies and Yaks especially driving the yetis back to home!" Twilight said in annoyance, "And not to mention, we need them be friends, not enemies."

"Unless we do them both at the same time," Pinkie added amusingly.

Giving some thinking, Twilight and Pinkie gasped in realization, "We can do both together! Brilliant!"

Twilight and Pinkie used both Canterlot Royal Voice and loudspeaker to get Ma Ponies and Yaks' attention including their leaders, who were busy fighting with each other and yetis, or even hiding and running away from monsters. They all turned and looked at her.

"Listen to me! This is not the time to fight each other!" Twilight exclaimed in concern, "If we don't work together, there won't be home for every creature especially Ma Ponies and Yaks! Yetis will ravage and destroy everything they touch!"

Pinkie nodded, "And the only way to get out of this is we work together and chase the yetis back home! If you can't be friends, then do it for family and home!"

Yaks and Ma Ponies chatted and muttered in agreement as they all can't help but agreed that they have to put their difference aside and save their homes now. Three Emperors and the Yak Prince also agreed as well. They all shook each others' hooves or bumping each other off. Both Ma Ponies and Yaks helped each other while armed and readied their weapons and siege weapons. Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force came to their aids. All of them gave each other a nod as they're all ready to fight.

"TO BATTLE!" Three Emperors and Prince Rutherford ordered firmly.

Everyone gave a loud battle cry and cheer as they all charged and attacked the yetis, which responded and retaliated at them. Both sides fought and battled against each other fiercely and wildly. When one or a few fall, another came and helped them out, which what Ma Ponies and Yaks are doing together. They even helped and taught each other about how to use the siege weapons and their own tactic against the yetis. Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force were there to help and save them as many as they can.

Three Emperors and Prince Rutherford helped and fought together while felt proud and happy to see their citizens and soldiers working together to fight and defend each other.

The battle was fierce and hard, but nevertheless, both Ma Ponies and Yaks worked together and overcome the odds. Yetis were confused and scared of what they just saw. They can't help but forced to escape and retreated. Ma Ponies and Yaks charged and chased them all the way back to ruins of Yakyakistan and then to their own territorial caverns for good.

Seeing the battle was worn, both Yaks and Ma Ponies cheered wildly and happily as they have won the battle. Prince Rutherford hugged three Emperors happily and passionately. Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force couldn't help but feel happy and proud that their mission is almost completing.

Prince Rutherford departed from hugging three Emperors. They all were facing and glaring at each other. Twilight and Pinkie approached and face them.

"Now, do you have something to say?" Twilight asked curiously.

The leaders remained silent. Pinkie smiled, "Just admit it. Making friends is totally awesome and better than just fighting each other, am I right? And not to mention, you all owe each other a big apology for the big mess."

The leaders were annoyed and irritated by Twilight and Pinkie's proving themselves correct about each other being friends than enemies. They all sighed in annoyance.

"Ponies are right. Me sorry for the mess and treated you all badly." Prince Rutherford apologized, "And also, you all are good friends."

Virtue Dragon smiled, "Couldn't say it by myself, my friend."

"Indeed. We too owe you an apology as well," Courage Tiger spoke firmly, "Yaks are indeed worthy allies and friends than being enemies."

"I agreed. What say we make an alliance between Ma Ponies and Yaks," Azure Phoenix said firmly as he raised his hoof up, "Truce? Friends?"

Prince Rutherford smiled as he shook Azure Phoenix's hoof, "Friends. And we should do something with 'Ma Ponies'. It's confusing because 'ma' can be called 'mothers'."

"True. What would you have call?" Azure Phoenix asked.

"Chinese Ponies?" Twilight suggested, "From Human Realm, a version for Land of Ma called China and its people called 'Chinese'. I thought it might be good."

The leaders gave some thoughts as they nodded, "We like it..."

"Great. So, what's next?" Pinkie smiled happily.

"We fix the mess Cheese Sandwich has made..." Azure Phoenix said in annoyance.

"Yeesh! Give me a break!" Cheese complained, "I said I'm sorry! Really!"

"Me agreed. It's fixing time!" Prince Rutherford cheered.

With their leaders have given orders, both Chinese Ponies and Yaks cheered wildly and happily. For many days have passed, they all worked and helped together to rebuild and restore both The Land of Ma but now called China and Yakyakistan.

Aftermath, the rebuilding and restoration are complete. Ponies and Yaks cheered wildly and happily that their home is rebuilt. And the best of all, the leaders traded each other's item - a golden gem and yak's helmet as symbol of alliance and friendship. They including Mane Six and Dragon Strike Force all cheered wildly and happily.

"Looks like mission accomplished," Twilight said happily.

Pinkie nodded, "Yeah. Chinese Ponies and Yaks are friends forever. Best day ever!"


Review and Suggest...

Main Casts:
Tara Strong: Twilight Sparkle
Matt Lanter: Shadow Dragon
Andrea Libman: Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy
Douglas Rye: Azure Phoenix
Gideon Emery: Courage Tiger
Dave B. Mitchell: Virtue Dragon
Gary Chalk: Prince Rutherford

Minor Casts:
Ashleigh Ball: Applejack, Rainbow Dash
Tabitha St. Germain: Rarity
Cathy Weseluck: Spike
Jesse McCartney: Lance Justicestrike
Kira Tozer: Nyx
Josh Keaton: Blazefist
Christy Carlson Romano: Aquastroke
Will Friedle: Saber Dragoon
Matthew Mercer: Terrorcreep
"Weird Al" Yankovic: Cheese Sandwich
My Little Pony Mystic Season 3 Episode 13
Twilight and her friends must do what they can to help and make Ma Ponies and Yaks to become friends to each other while evading them from starting the war. Can they succeed it or things get ugly between Ma Ponies and Yaks?

PRE: My Little Pony Mystic Season 3 Episode 12 (B)
37 deviations
This story is the adaption of My Little Pony: The Movie (2017). And this is the confirmation of casts and characters that are gonna play part in the movies. But alert, there will be some changes due to my thinking of how the story flows while keeping some plot as its original and adding some subplots and twists in it.

And of course, I won't start this movie until I watched the movie, and also finished Season 7 and Equestria Girls Mini Series, otherwise, it will complicate the stories.

1) Twilight Sparkle (VA: Tara Strong): A highly magical and intelligent Alicorn, who is both Princess of Friendship for spreading friendship and harmony across Equestria Kingdom, and Leader of Mane Six. She is also the wielder of Element of Light & Magic, reincarnation to Iris 'Hope' Crystal and Shadow Dragon's love-interest. She is suspicious and jealous of Iris Crystal, which will test and strain her relationship with her friends and loved ones.

2) Shadow Dragon
(VA: Matt Lanter): A courageous & heroic proud yet humble Mystic Earth Pony warrior, who is Twilight Sparkle's Love-Interest, A Mystic Hero and Scout to Dragon Strike Force. He is also wielder of Element of Darkness. After years of protecting and loving her, he decided to propose Twilight Sparkle for marriage. But he will soon be tested to choose between her ex-wife and fiancee, which will strain his relationship with them.

3) Iris 'Hope' Crystal
(VA: Kelly Hu): Daughter of Princess Celestia & Azure Phoenix, who sacrificed her immortality and power to save lives before her death in 1700's. She was both Shadow Dragon's first wife and Lance Justicestrike's biological mother. She mysteriously resurrected, however, her behavior and role is questionable and different.

1) Applejack (VA: Ashleigh Ball): An honest apple farm Earth Pony, who is wielder of Element of Honesty. She is also Twilight Sparkle's sworn sister, best friend, and also her trusted lieutenant and advisor for helping her and providing some useful advises when the princess's in tight and depressed situation. However, her friendship with Twilight is about to be tested during her adventure.

2) Rainbow Dash
(VA: Ashleigh Ball): An adventurous spirited & loyal brave Pegasus, who is wielder of Element of Loyalty and a member of Wonderbolts. She and Blazefist often clashed and argued about getting some help to save their home.

3) Fluttershy
(VA: Andrea Libman): A kindhearted yet timid Pegasus, who deeply cares and loved the animals and also the wielder of Element of Kindness. She is now Terrrocreep's beloved wife and conscience of kindness and morality.

4) Pinkie Pie
(VA: Andrea Libman): A party-obsessed Earth Pony filled with joy and laughter, who is wielder of Element of Laughter. Like Rainbow Dash, she often argued with Blazefist about getting some help to save their home.

5) Rarity
(VA: Tabitha St. Germain): A generous yet dramatic fashion designer unicorn, who is wielder of Element of Generosity. She is the owner and founder of Carousal Boutique and also Shorty Thinking's girlfriend.

6) Blazefist
(VA: Josh Keaton): A serious and strict charming Mystic Pegasus is the Colonel to Imperial Phoenix Army and Field Commander of Dragon Strike Force, who is also wielder of Element of Fire. As Aquastroke's husband and Indigo Zap's father, he did whatever it takes to protect and save his family and home by means of necessary.

7) Shorty Thinking
(VA: Sam Riegel): An intellect, calm and patient Mystic Unicorn is Water Tiger Strategist and Second-in-Command, Medic & Inventor to the team. He is also the wielder of Element of Wood and Rarity's boyfriend.

8) Saber Dragoon
(VA: Will Friedle): The brave and bold Mystic Earth Pony is Prince of Dragoon Republic Nation and Team's Detective, who has strong sense of benevolence and justice. He's the wielder of Element of Wind. He is Marble Pie's boyfriend.

9) Aquastroke
(VA: Christy Carlson Romano): A headstrong tomboy Princess of Water Tiger Kingdom, but a caring mother-figure Mystic Pegasus to the Team. She is Blazefist's wife, Indigo Zap's mother, Rainbow Dash's personal coach and wielder of Element of Water.

10) Terrorcreep
(VA: Matthew Mercer): Cold & calculated ruthless yet noble and selfless Mystic Vampire Pony is Tactician and Spy to both his Team and Sovereign Lion Black Ops. He is also Fluttershy's protective husband and wielder of Element of Thunder.

11) Laxtinct
(VA: P.J. Bryce): This Earth Mystic Pony can be gullible and clueless strong warrior, but has a strong loyalty and kindness to both family and friends. He is the demoted private of Imperial Phoenix Army and Team's Muscle. He is wielder of Element of Earth.

12) Tailtech
(VA: Kate Higgins): Another intelligent but sensitive and compassionate Mystic Fox-Pony hybrid is Shorty Thinking's assistant and mechanic. He is the Team's Intelligence. He is the wielder of Element of Metal.

13) Icy
(VA: Cristina Vee): Kindhearted yet smart and conscience Mystic Unicorn to the group, who resolve with negotiation than violence is also Shorty Thinking's Assistant. She is the Peacekeeper but a terrible cooker to the team. She is wielder of Element of Ice.

14) Flare Tiger
(VA: Jennifer Hale): Random yet optimistic and proud heroic descendant of Shadow Dragon, Iris 'Hope' Crystal and Twilight Sparkle. Her duty is to ensure the future for her family is on track to her timeline. She is wielder of Element of Time and Space.

15) Spike (VA: Cathy Weseluck): A baby dragon and Twilight Sparkle's faithful and caring assistant and adopted son. He has some suspicious about Iris Crystal. He has crush on Dragon Lord Ember after Rarity started dating with Shorty Thinking.

16) Nyx (VA: Kira Tozer): Twilight's brave and smart yet compassionate Alicorn daughter, who loved her family and friends so much. She sees them more family than friends, especially her lovable parents. Like her mother, she is suspicious of Iris Crystal.

17) Lance Justicestrike (VA: Jesse McCartney): Biological son of Shadow Dragon and Iris Crystal. He is both brave anddetermined Mystic Pegasus, who is loyal and protective of his family and friends. He is concern and suspicious of his mother's sudden resurrection and behavior towards his friends and even himself.

18) Dragoking
 (VA: Dee Bradley Baker): Shadow Dragon's strongest and powerful loyal yet kindhearted mighty Hydragoon. He likes eating fishes, which many Seaponies feared him the most. His kind is also rivals and nemeses to Tyrannosaur Chaos.

1) Shining Armor (VA: Andrew Francis): Twilight Sparkle's older brother and Princess Cadance's husband and Flurry Heart's father, who is very brave, lovable and caring but protective of family and doesn't trust Shadow Dragon much.

2) Jason Strike/Mystic Shadow Knight
(VA: Jason Griffith): Hotheaded and arrogant yet strong-willed Mystic Pegasus warrior, who believed that killing criminals and using violence will bring order, justice and peace to the world. He was Shadow Dragon's former apprentice.

3) Starlight Glimmer (VA: Kelly Sheridan): One of Twilight Sparkle's Pupils - studious yet dedicated and magical skilled unicorn. She is also formerly adopted daughter to Amon Statham Blood.

4) Sunset Shimmer
 (VA: Rebecca Shoichet): One of Twilight Sparkle's Pupils - sensitive and caring unicorn, who formerly was human to experience being pony. She is the leader of Shadow Six.

5) Cutie Mark Crusaders
: A group of foals, who dedicate help foals earn and solve their cutie mark problems. 
  • Apple Bloom (VA: Michelle Cerber): Applejack's younger sister, who is hardworking and independent but caring leader of the group.
  • Sweetie Belle (VA: Claire Corlett) : Rarity's younger sister, who is sweet, gentle and smart talented singer of the group.
  • Scootaloo (VA: Madeleine Peters): Rainbow Dash's brave and determined fan and sister figure, who loved riding her scooter and daredevil of the group.
6) Flash Sentry (VA: Vincent Tong): Shadow Dragon's courageous Pegasus Apprentice & brother-in-arms, who has strong bonds to his senpai and love Sunset Shimmer.

7) Sunburst
 (VA: Ian Hanlin): Starlight Glimmer's intelligent and studious unicorn childhood friend, who served as Flurry Heart's Crystaller.

1) Tempest Shadow (VA: Emily Blunt): An embittered unicorn who serves as the Storm King's second-in-command and one of Main Antagonists, in order to restore her broken horn. She possessed a strong and deadly rampaging but loyal, prideful and quick-thinking Ancient Beast - Tyrannosaur Chaos named as Chaos Slayer, and Grubber as her both trusted cohort and ally.

2) Storm King
(VA: Liev Schreiber): A deranged, despotic, satyr-like 'storm creature' and one of Main Antagonists, who conquers lands in search of powerful magic - Elements of Harmony. He also make trades and alliance with Dark Curse and Dark Mystic Ponies for weapons and arsenals, but in-return to his associates - ancient artifacts, which the Storm King found them 'too cutie' and 'junks'.

3) Kyuubi Lilith (VA: Eva Green): One of Main Antagonist but hidden and mysterious. She is Chaos Herald of Lust, who is also a nine-tailed fox demon with female gender shape-shifting ability. Her myth claimed that she searched and desired nothing but a perfect beauty of body, voice and soul to earn the love of her fallen ally - Yami - Chaos Herald of Ronin. Her myth also claimed that she has great hatred for her rivalry enemy - Mystic Guardian of Light & Magic - Hikari, who won the heart and love of Yami.

4) Dark Curse (VA: Lathan Gaines): Mysterious yet cold and calculative, ruthless and cruel Dark Lord two-horned Dark Mystic Unicorn of Dark Mystic Ponies, who desired nothing but both Equestria and Mystic Realms burnt to the ground while creating a new order for his empire. However, his backstory remains unknown especially his connection to Demon God and Thirteen Chaos Heralds...

5)Swipestrike/Maul (VA: Ted Lewis): Dark Curse's ruthless and cruel charmed Demon Changeling and Second-in-Command, who is nemesis to Shadow Dragon and Dragon Strike Force. He has strong desire and lust for Twilight Sparkle, believed her as his mating queen. He also led the army to assist Storm King in conquest, under the order of Dark Curse.

6) Grubber (VA: Michael Pena): a wisecracking 'pug-faced' hedgehog and Tempest Shadow's cohort and only friend; whom Spike, Nyx and Lance Justicestrike befriended with. He also has some issues with Ancient Beasts - most notably Chaos Slayer.

7) Nezha Vengito (VA: Sean Schemmel): A proud and powerful anti-heroic Ultimate Warrior Mystic Pegasus, who is more concern and protective to his kind, and considered Equestria Ponies and Friendship Concept as sign of weakness. He strongly believed in power as sign of strength. He is Shadow Dragon's Arch-Rival.

8) Death Tactic
 (VA: Lars Mikkelsen): Nezha Vengito's Second-in-Command Mystic Unicorn, who is calm and collected yet highly intellectual ruthless Grand Admiral in military strategies by studying his enemies' and allies' history, philosophy, culture and arts to gain the results than personal glory.

1) Capper
 (VA: Taye Diggs): A humanoid cat, who is a cunning yet good-hearted con artist, whom Rarity befriended with. Shorty Thinking doesn't trust him due to the cat being close to Rarity, and his occupation as con artist and criminal connection.

2) Captain Celaeno (VA: Zoe Saldana): A harpy-like parrot and jaded pirate captain whom Rainbow Dash befriended with. She and her crew are relegated to the Storm King's delivery service. Aquastroke has friendly rivalry with her for defeating and killing enemies.

3) Princess Skystar
 (VA: Juliet Simmons): An excitable and friendly Hippogriff princess, whom Pinkie Pie befriended with. She is Laxtinct's new love-interest after Sonata Dusk being dumped and banished to Human Realm.

4) AxeKnight Warriors Corp: Former military army to the Chaos Herald of Ronin, which is now led by Skullitron for glory, survival and redemption after the Multiverse War. A group that Twilight Sparkle, Shadow Dragon and Dragon Strike Force are willing to befriended and allied with.
  • Skullitron (VA: Mark Hamill): A strong and fierce yet calm black armored humanoid skeleton knight-like, whose heart has humble, devotion and gentleman's mannerism is proud and protective leader of AxeKnight Warriors Corp. He has strong resentment and hatred to Applejack, who reminded of his former nemesis and rival. Applejack distrust and disliked him for judging and comparing her and her friends about loyalty and friendship.
  • Axe Mantis (VA: Dee Bradley Baker): A rampaging prowess silver armored mantis-like knight with sharp blades is the military army's interrogator and medic. Though wild and hot-tempered demon for enjoyed interrogating, torturing and eating his prisoners and preys alive, but he is quite patient, swift and resourceful warrior.
  • Nightscream (VA: Steven Blum): A cunning purple Shakespeare-like humanoid bat-like knight is a twisted sociopath but saned yet loyal comedian to AxeKnight Military Army as a second-in-command and Strategist to the army. He is also an actor, artist, poet, storyteller and musician.
  • Phantom (VA: Lex Lang): A silent but deadly and devoted humble black armored skull demon-like knight, who took his mission and duty very serious and also does not hesitate to do it. He doesn't take jokes very lightly especially if it's from Pinkie Pie. He is the military's scout, assassin, spy and patrol unit.
  • Bombardier (VA: Patricia Drake): A giant and muscular armored metallic troll-like knight, who is the military army's walking arsenal and muscle. As brutal and prowess warrior, she enjoyed war and destruction especially bombarding the areas. But as the strategist, she is brilliant tactical soldier.
  • Ravage SkullKnight (VA: Mark Hamill): A powerful Titan Guardian, whose duty is to protect their master and destroy any enemies that stands in his way. Formed by five powerful generals - Skullitron as head, Bombardier as torso, Axe Mantis as legs, Nightscream as right hand and Phantom as left hand.
5) Soul Sweetie (VA: Cathy Cavadini): A Seaspony that magically turned into Vampire Pony; is smart, strong and selfless sweet pony. Though she loved her adopted father - Skullitron, she often disapprove his criminal activities. She is the pony, whom Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle befriended and helped.

6) Roughneck Rumble (VA: Elizabeth Daily): Soul's younger sister and another Seapony that magically turned into Earth Pony. A rebellious, tough and headstrong but tempered tomboy fighter, who preferred 'fight first, ask later'. She is the pony, whom Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle befriended and helped.

7) Shadow Six: A group of six veteran officers, who once served under Azure Phoenix and Cunning Fury, formed a team under the leadership of Sunset Shimmer. 
  • Indigo Zap (VA: Kelly Sheridan): A brave and adventurous Pegasus and Second-in-Command of Shadow Six is daughter of Blazefist and Aquastroke.
  • Sugarcoat (VA: Sienna Bohn): A blunt yet quick talkative smart Pegasus, who is Tactician of Shadow Six. 
  • Sour Sweet (VA: Sharon Alexander): A two-faced gentle and ill-tempered Earth Pony, who is Spy of Shadow Six.
  • Lemon Zest (VA: Shannon Chan-Kent): A musical enthusiast Unicorn, who is Intelligence of Shadow Six.
  • Sunny Flare (VA: Britt Irvin): A proud and spoiled yet noble and generous Earth Pony, who is Weapon Specialist of Shadow Six. 
8) Team Fighters: Lance Justicestrike's small band of brave and heroic young fighters, as well as his best friends.
  • Shiroi Bai/Kasai Songbird (VA: Hayden Pannettiere): Lance Justicestrike's sensitive but brave and smart Unicorn girlfriend, who formerly worked under Lelouch as spy due to control/getting rid of her demonic powers. She acts as advisor to the team.
  • Red Arsenal (VA: Crispin Freeman): Stoic and serious second-in-command Pegasus with metallic cyborg's arm-like, who is skilled with archery. He is also Lance Justicestrike's mentor.
  • Steel Blaze (VA: Quinton Flynn): A laid-back but hotheaded Earth Pony fighter to the team, who is skilled in hooves combat and blazing chakram to fight.
  • Metalgear (VA: Derek Stephen Prince): Tactical and perfectionist yet comic-relief butler Metal Pony, who is also Commander of his Metal Ponies and Team's Walking Arsenal.
  • Boomer (VA: Ben Diskin): A headstrong and short-tempered short dragon, who is Spike's sworn brother and leader of Drake Trio.
  • Rob (VA: Rob Paulsen): A talkative worrisome yet intelligent skinny dragon, who is Smart of Drake Trio.
  • Grunt (VA: Vin Diesel): A strong and might yet soft-hearted dragon, who has limited verbal and Strong of Drake Trio.
  • Alyson Joy (VA: Alyson Stoner): The blinded smart Unicorn Pony, who is Steel Blaze's sister and member of Cutie Mark Crusaders.
1) Princess Celestia (VA: Nicole Oliver): A benevolent and wise Alicorn Ruler of Equestria, who controls the sun, as well as Princess Twilight's Mentor and Iris Crystal's mother.

2) Princess Luna
(VA: Tabitha St. Germain): Princess Celestia's proud yet loyal and kindhearted sister, who controls the moon and dreams.

3) Princess Cadance
(VA: Britt McKillip): Sweet, kind and loving Princess of Crystal Empire, who is also the wife of Shining Armor, sister-in-law to Twilight Sparkle and mother of Flurry Heart.

4) Shadow Dragon's Family:
  • Mystic Tao (VA: Sab Shimono): Cranky yet loving and wise adopted father Mystic Earth Pony of Shadow Dragon, who is also Mystic Councilpony of Light.
  • Dragon Kick (VA: Jackie Chan): Protective yet calm and brave Mystic Earth Pony fighter and archaeologist, and adopted cousin to Shadow Dragon.
  • Jade Adventure (VA: Cherami Leigh): Spirited adventurous Mystic Unicorn, who is first cousin-once-removed to Shadow Dragon, and a member of Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  • Mammoth 'Mighty' Heart (VA: Noah Nelson): A big strong yet loyal and protective butler and brother-figure sumo Pegasus, who also is Mystic Tao's apprentice.
5) Azure Phoenix (VA: Douglas Rye): Princess Celestia's ambitious and strong intelligent ex-husband and Mystic Alicorn Emperor, who is leader of Imperial Phoenix Empire, ruled over Northern Ma and Mystic Councilpony of Fire.

6) Strikespell
 (VA: Doug Erholtz): Cold and ruthless yet calm and brave Mystic Unicorn. He is the firstborn son of Princess Celestia and Azure Phoenix, who is the heir to the Imperial Phoenix throne.

7) Han Zane (VA: Alessandro Juliani): Princess Luna's reckless and slacking but brave and compassionate Pegasus Love-Interest, who is both photographer and archaeologist, and was reincarnation of General Han Zero.

8) Jade Emperor Lau
(VA: George Takei): wise, noble and respectable 200th Mystic Emperor Unicorn of Mystic Realm, who is also uncle of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, and grandfather of Nezha Vengito.

9) Flare Tiger's Family: Another group of descendants to Shadow Dragon, Iris Crystal and Twilight Sparkle.
  • Comet Star (VA: Jason Griffith): A hardworking kindhearted Hippogriff Blacksmith and a loving father. 
  • Blaze Leo (VA: Jason Spisak): Matured and headstrong yet protective Earth Pony, who admired Shadow Dragon as a hero.
  • Midnight Moonlight (VA: Emma Watson): Intelligent proud Unicorn, who is trying to prove her best as Twilight Sparkle. 
  • Ace Swift (VA: Greg Cipes): An arrogant and confident but good-hearted Pegasus, who loved racing and challenging.
  • Aurora Borealis (VA: Cassandra Morris): Shy yet gentle and kind Alicorn, who is conscience and peacekeeper to siblings. 
  • Iris Heart Shield (VA: Juliet Landau): A young compassionate yet curious and smart adopted Unicorn daughter. 
  • Shadow Cat (VA: Kathleen Delaney): Sarcastically cunning cat-like Unicorn pony, who loved pranks and sworn sister to Flare Tiger. 
  • Flower Dog (VA: Colleen Villard): Sensitive and loyal motherly dog-like Pegasus, who is also a sworn sister to Flare Tiger
10) Queen Novo (VA: Uzo Aduba): A strict and protective ruler of the Hippogriffs and Princess Skystar's mother. Her duty is guarding and keeping safe of an ancient yet dangerous powerful relic, created by Chaos Heralds - Orb of Lost Souls.

11) Dragon Lord Ember (VA: Ali Milner): A headstrong and brave yet intelligent and kind Dragon Lord to her Dragon Kind, who is an ally, friend and love interest to Spike.

12) Thorax (VA: Kyle Rideout): A kindhearted and friendly Changeling King to his hive, and an ally and friend to Spike as well.

1) Songbird Serenade (VA: Sia): A pegasus and famous pop star in Equestria, and a friend and rival of Chestnut Vocal.

2) Numb Divide Squad
: A group of rock'n'roll ponies, who played songs that is related to ponies' everyday struggles and 'dark days'. Many Mystic Ponies were inspired and loved their music very much. (Note: This band is based on Linkin Park, including late Chester Bennington. Some of my favorite songs will be played in this adaptation as the tribute and honor to them for providing best awesome songs.)
  • Chestnut Vocal (VA: Chester Bennington): A lead singer Unicorn, who is friend and rival to Songbird Serenade.
  • Rap Replay (VA: Mike Shinodo): A pianist & rapper Earth Pony, sworn brother to Chestnut Vocal.
  • Delta Headset (VA: Brad Delson): A lead guitarist Pegasus, who used headset in listening since he is deaf.
  • DJ Hahn (VA: Joe Hahn): A DJ Player Unicorn, Director & Visual Artist for Music Video and Album. 
  • Bass (VA: Dave Farrell): A bassist Earth Pony, who is a friend and sworn brother to Delta Headset.
  • Big Beat (VA: Rob Bourdon): A youngest drummer Pegasus, who loved drums than any music instruments. 
3) Yami: Chaos Herald of Ronin and predecessor of Element of Darkness, who fell in love with Hikari, betraying his own allies and responsible of turning the tide during Multiverse Wars. Shadow Dragon was often referred by both Chaos Heralds and Skullitron due to him being resemblance to Yami.

4) Hikari: Mystic Guardian of Light and predecessor of Element of Light and Magic, who fell in love with Yami, but met her tragic end by hands of Kyuubi Lilith during Multiverse Wars. Like Yami, Twilight Sparkle was often referred by Chaos Heralds and Skullitron because of her resemblance to Hikari.

5) Honest Jack: Second-in-Command and protective Sister to Hikari, Skullitron's former rival and also predecessor of Element of Strength and Honest, but met her tragic end by the hands of Kyuubi Lilith. Applejack was hated, resented and referred by Skullitron due to her resemblance and personality to his former rival.

6) Demon God Apocalypse Devil: Known as 'God of Destruction'. A powerful entity and former brother to Mystic Heaven, who is responsible of creating Chaos Heralds and started the Multiverse Wars. After his defeat, he was banished to a hidden imprisoned realm. Despite his banishment, his legacy lives on - many villains used his Hellsing Crystals, Dark Mystic Ponies honored and respected him and Lelouch Skarr searched and united Chaos Heralds to free him from his imprisonment realm.

7) Mystic Heaven: Known as 'God of Creation'. Another powerful entity and former brother of Apocalypse Devil, who is responsible for creating the realms of Equestria and Mystic, and even Mystic Guardians and Mysti Ponies themselves for peace and harmony. After his victory, he disappeared but some believed that he's among them especially the last known relic - Mystic Crystal used as stabilized of Mystic Realm and birth of Mystic Ponies.


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