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Plants vs. Zombies Meme, Part 1

Blank meme by Magicwaterz16
Since I'm not a tablet artist and will never be, I had to print it out and draw in the spaces, so it may take up a few pages.
1-Here's my avatar (with glasses and a different outfit), just so you know who the good-lookin' gal who appears a few times in the meme is.
2. Isn't that why EVERYONE loves Plants vs. Zombies? Like, duh, right? :)
3. Threepeater is my favorite of the plants because he just strikes me as the coolest. Not to mention that he shoots his peas in three lanes at a time (due to having three heads), so he's very versatile-just plant him in the two central lanes of your yard behind a row of Peashooter, and he'll work his magic. Scaredy-Shroom may have to be my least favorite, as I have to pick. I like all the little plants, but I like him the least because he's such a chicken. When the zombies get close to him, instead of fighting like the others, he just shrinks into a little ball and cowers. Gets annoying, if ya ask me.
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You should draw SCPs
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Wow! :D
This is first time to make PvZ of your own! :D

I hope you can make Part 2... Because, I think you can Crazy Dave in your meme! I so excited! :D

Keep it up! :)
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Thanks! And Crazy Dave will indeed appear in Part 3-I'm high-fiving him.
Also, as one of the questions was "Draw the Zombies while they're still alive", I had some fun with that. Turns out the Ladder and Pogo Zombie were pretty fun to "restore"-but I won't draw all of them.
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poor scardey shroom,no worries hypno shroom will hypnotize u to be brave little scardey shroom.(like brave little toaster)
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she loves him,doesn't she?
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i'll take that as yes
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