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Karkat Shimeji


If you don't know what a Shimeji is it's a dude that runs around your desktop and does absolutely nothing.

DOWNLOAD: [link]

To use you just have to extract the winrar thingys and click the little TV application.

This has 74 pictures other than the common 46 so PLEASE ENJOY. I do plan on making more but these take a while so whateves.
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When I try to use the thing on the taskbar, all that shows up is a bunch of boxes and no text? My computer can't read the font or something. Or is it just a bunch of symbols? I don't know because it's just boxes! 
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hello you have been chosen to have ur character redrawn by me if you want to participate please tell me the name of your picture with ur character and ill do it for you



another user

K-H-E-H's avatar
Oh, gosh. Not another rar file!! My laptop cannot process those sort of files!!
The-Shrimp's avatar
there's a zip file idk
edit: nvm
RobotDoesDoodles's avatar
Hi! Is this free to use? If so, may I have permission to install it? It looks so cool. :)
Foxesa's avatar
I'm probably going to sound stupid right now but... how do you download Java 6? I can't find it on the website.
lunahfox's avatar
i found the java 6 downloads, but the instructions say you need to have 32 bit? but they don't seem to have a 32 bit on they're website. all the "how to download shimeji" videos on youtube say to just download java but whenever i do it, it pops up with an error that says "a java exeption has occurred"
enderstorn's avatar
You don't need Java 6 you just need at least Java 6, I have Java 8. You just need 32 bit Java, specifically. (which can be tricky if you already have 64 bit Java)

Well, that's how it is with the Shimejis I use, anyway. Could be different, dunno.
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Well you dont have to download java 6. My method is using a shimeji that has the file "Shimeji-ee" (Shimeji-ee should work perfectly without java 6.) and copy and paste another shimejis "Conf" file and its images into it.  If you like, I could post a tutorial if I totally confused you.
Colossal-Fuckup's avatar
wowee you were homestuck trASH
TatianaDW16's avatar
It took me like an hour to figure it out but this is so cute. Thank you for making this omg..
Teadrop-Deviantart's avatar
I can't download because of a java thing, do you know how to download it? I re installed my java but it didn't work.
KanzenCM's avatar
how can I delete the program?
Skywolf1243's avatar
do you have a zip download?
SariaPaige's avatar
I'm running Java 7 on Windows, and it keeps saying I need Java 6 and it won't open. D: Halp?
KudasaiANDshadow's avatar
Uninstall Java 7 and install java 6 and it will work :)
NigeriaGirl807's avatar
does it work for mac?
BedHeadandSleepMeds's avatar
never mind I fixed it, sorry.
BedHeadandSleepMeds's avatar
help? It won't let me download it directly from the download link because it directs the file to my windows media player like a video and the winrar download directs me to the winrar website. Can you send me a zip file please?
PockyWearsPanda's avatar
Can I have a zip file..?
Umbramoon's avatar
i clicked the winrar link and it directed me to download winrar itself? Did I do something wrong?
Duakiaplz's avatar
Thats the downlaod to get winrar if you dont have it
Umbramoon's avatar
I have winrar already, actually. Thank you though!
EHeroBrine's avatar
hello! i really love your shimeji and im having so much fun dragging him around! i used him as a base for one i made, and i want o ask for permission to upload the one i made? i dont want to upload it and get in trouble with you.
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