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Oct10: Fullscreen Conky

Based on [link]
I wanted to keep it in the same style and color. Didn't have a wire frame schematic of my laptop though (Acer Aspire 1410) so took a picture and used Inkscape to create an SVG on top of it. This was the most time consuming part.
Then I used GIMP to create the rest of the wallpaper.
I modified the conkyrc to work on 1366x768 and changed things that didn't work the same way on my system (brightness/cpu temp/power etc).

The zip-file contains:
- screnshot
- the conkyrc
- wallpaper
- wallpaper GIMP file (XCF)
- laptop wire frame SVG

If you want to use the conkyrc you'll probably have to change things like brightness, cpu temp, resolution, disk usage, network interface, battery etc.
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