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Tarot Series: The Emperor

By Niekra
Though my description of this card has nothing to do with the real cards meaning. This card means a great means of importance to me.

As I working on it tonight. and I have had one really really rough day. I began to see a bit of a staggering resemblence the character on the card gave me. The face reminded me so much of The eyes, the smirk, the sharp chin. It all reminded me of him.

For you see he is the Emperor of my heart. With that I dedicate this card to you my love. :smooch:

Info on this card: [link]

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BloodElfMaiden's avatar
Love the color and design of his armor.
VivianeMadelineRose's avatar
Looks like a Camelot Neo of the Matrix series. Nicely done!
Gypsy-Heart-Design's avatar
Just gorgeous! I added it to the featured art section of my journal.
Niekra's avatar
Oh thank you so much :D
Gypsy-Heart-Design's avatar
You are quite welcome :D
gemma-the-dragon's avatar
oh wow just beautiful!
Niekra's avatar
RiaWolfe's avatar
Your tarot card set is awesome.
Niekra's avatar
BlkJade's avatar
He is most stunning indeed!! The armour is beautiful and those eyes....
Niekra's avatar
Thank you much :hug:
Aras-Vengeance's avatar
Those eyes are so piercing at yet soft... *stare*

*moments later* Sorry, the amour got to me. I'm like a magpie for shiny things. Very pretty. I like the sky as well :3
Niekra's avatar
hahahah shiny objects have a strange attraction to a lot of folks. :giggle:
Aras-Vengeance's avatar
I think it was something in the water =o.
thehotmageaeris's avatar
Niekra's avatar
Thankies ^_^
arctic-ex's avatar
I Like The Style Of The Emperor. Unfortunatly, I Feel Uncomfortable Faving This Over A Whole Bunch Of Bishonen Lovers ^^; Good Job:glomp:
Niekra's avatar
ah Pfffft. Don't feel uncomfortable. :rofl:
angelsaint11's avatar
holy crap is this one HOT........GOD.... I Love this series... it really brings out the best in your abilities... you can tell how much you enjoy doing this, and I am really enjoying looking at all your new stuff. I love tarot, I designed a rocky horror deck years ago, it sucked but what the hey! I am going to fave many of these, I can tell... this is your best work yet... Now I'm going to go look at all of them closer...closer...closer!
Niekra's avatar
Awww Dori :hug: :blush: I have been having so much with this series. This card ended up having so much heart into it. Because it looked so much like my sweetie. *pets * Everything in his face. I wish he had long hair like that but. Ah details. I can dream right? :rofl: But everything in his eyes his sharp chin down to his smirk. I almost wept when I looked at it finished. *not to mention I was having a bad day*

I would love to see your Rocky Horror deck. I haven't seen the movie in years. But ah I loved going to the shows in high school. Even my parents are old rocky horror veterens. :rofl: My mom used to dress up as Columbia and my dad was Riff Raff. The last show I ever went to was back in high school my dad took me for halloween. I got to dress up as Magenta when she's serving dinner my dad was Eddie. :giggle: It was fun the day before watching him scrounge around the house looking for props.
mjrahabim's avatar
:drool: You really do some incredible work! Very awesome indeed!
Niekra's avatar
Thank you very much :hug:
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