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Our Crusades Will Go On



I think even after they get their marks they will still go on adventures together as friends and never truly stop discovering new things. :3

I've had this idea for some time and finally got around to drawing it :D Also, I have a new way of drawin' hooves and I like it a lot :3

*EDIT* Fixed the shading with the capes.

Drawn with Paint Tool SAI

Cutie Mark Crusaders (c) to Hasbro

Artwork my own. Feel free to use it as a background but please ask first for any projects :3

also 16:9 woot woot. I love making art in 16:9 because I instantly put it as my new background :D

Download is free, or points. I leave the choice to you but every little bit helps thank you!
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I think the most interesting thing about this digital painting is that it explores something that's hardly been done in the series. Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle have very distinguishable personalities, and getting them to wear the same cloak seems challenging, especially since Sweetie Belle is the sister of Rarity.

The details are very crisp. I can clearly see individual feathers and hair on the ponies. I'd prefer if they were all doing something relating to their interests, instead of only one pony. The cloaks seem to cover the tail in a slightly annoying way, but it can be overlooked.