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Nothing much really going on here, just working with pixels 'n' shit recently. A couple projects here and there. Carry on with your random browsing.
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Expect some real, interesting art that isn't "drawn just to make it look like I'm doing something" coming up soon.
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Hey, been a while! I'm fully able to commit nearly full-time to drawing now since I have repaired my main art computer. And since then, SEVERAL other things and events have gone down, basically cutting me off from the inturwibs altogether.

First off, I was able to repair my comp with a system restore (which I DETESTED having to do, but nothing too important was lost). The reason  why I had to restore it is because there were apparently some corrupt hard drive files installed by Windows Updates that pretty much fucked this machine (EXTREMELY IRONIC). Simply, I was able to turn it on, but it would not go past the BIOS post screen without a split-second blue error screen and an immediate restart. It's stable now, but I'm definitely not turning Windows Updates on again unless this machine DESPERATELY NEEDS IT (ie. never).

In addition, I have acquired a strange creature through mysterious procedures probably involving a moldy Dorito chip. I named it Sir Domonic because he seems like a dude with an awesome name. Here is a snapshot of the strange little reptilish thing.

Acceptable little concoction, correct? It seems like it loves to climb on various objects, including my hairy arms (ticklish?). To sum it all up, ITS THE CUTEST LITTLE BOOGER EVER THAT COULD POSSIBLY BE CONTAINED IN A TERRARIUM EVER. Don't believe me? Watch one of these guys lick their eyelid-less eyeballs or water off the leaves with their tongue, it is so cool.

Artwise, I have barely done anything pertaining to Petrox or really any extracurricular art at all! Basically, my internet fizzled out completely on my backup computer so I was internet-less, except for an iPod Touch that usually loses the connection, until just about yesterday. So I decided to take that opportunity to be a shitty lazy unproductive asshole and do nothing! YEAH UNPRODUCTIVITY. I'm ready to fully commit now and I will at least try to get back into the swing of things, can't guarantee anything at first though. I might post some sketches of random shit up in a bit to get something out there.

Oh, and feel free to shoot me a note with a request for a drawing or something, gonna try out the requesting business and see if it works for me. I'll try to fulfill it to the best of my ability and for the most-favored price in the United States, FREE.

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Hey, I've been working A LOT on the comic in the past almost 3 weeks. Hell, I even have a name for it now "Petrox." I'd really rather not tell more than that right now, but I should be able to get at least SOMETHING up while I have a week off from school that isn't a shitty-looking concept sketch thing. Maybe even a short teaser comic, but I REALLY DOUBT that happening even before Christmas.
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Uh yeah, my comp shit itself. Literally, almost. I had just turned on Windows Updates and it soon decided that it wanted to restart, so I let it and it turns out that what was installed pretty much broke Windows, which I think was bad drivers maybe. So!, I can't really submit anything until I find a way to repair it, could be with Windows 7 that was released today but that might risk losing all my data so I really don't know.

But!, until then I'll try to submit some sketches I've gotten done since the beginning of the school year and probably get some more pixel art in. Can't really guarantee much though since the computer I am on now has very spotty internet connections that can't seem to last for more than 10 minutes without requiring a restart. Here's hoping that everything gets resolved soon, I guess.
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It's just taking forever to get done! Expect a good amount of new deviations when I get some stuff finished maybe this weekend maybe next.
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Uh so! I really should start writing journals about things other than school, but it is still attempting to bury me alive and it's like trying to escape quicksand at this point. That said, I should have enough time to post one or two things pertaining to the comic I'm planning (still in early development), provided I don't get smacked with some hugeass project tomorrow or something.
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Just typing here to say that I haven't been killed by schoolwork or the like (yet) and I am working EXTREMELY hard on planning a comic that's still pretty much in an early development phase. Seriously, I don't even have a concrete plot set out yet. I will have at least something to show within the next week or so, hopefully.

Also, Beatles: Rock Band absolutely is worth the money, whether you're a rocker or not.
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It just started today for me. I kindof like it actually, awesome teachers and not even close to an impossible amount of work. So I won't be on nearly as much, lol.

And, yeah. More art things soon.
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