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Ghost Castle BLUE SHIFT (full game) By Nidichka


The game is completely ready ^^ This is the third chapter of one big story from which you will learn new secrets of the Ghost Castle!
Have a nice game ^^…
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2 things:
-can u make a save point?
-can u make button to help she can run?
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In the next game, "Ghost Castle - Bounty Hunter", I will try to make the game save mode or progress passwords so as not to start again. About the running mode, this is not difficult to do, but I do not have ready-made drawings where the character is running. Maybe in the future I will add running and walking switches
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доработал таки?)
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Ну это капля в море :) 3й эпизод только :)

Вот Хронология

ep 1 - Ghost Castle (complete)
ep 2 - Return to Ghost Castle (complete)
ep 3 - Ghost Castle BLUE SHIFT (complete)
ep 4 - Ghost Castle Bounty Hunter (next)
ep 5 - Ghost Castle maid in the dark
ep 6 - Ghost Castle Desperados
ep 7 - Ghost Castle Steel drive
ep 8 - Ghost Castle Lost Maids

Как поиграете расскажите что думаете, мне важно знать ваше мнение, сцены связывания какие лучше и прочее
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воу.... прям напалеоновские планы)
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Ну так как там игра то ?:)
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пока не играл. т.к. на работе)
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Понимаю, но я жду пока будете играть :)

Thanks for your hard work!

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I cant seem to play after the intro it just gets stuck on the level creation screen

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can I take a piece of the video? This is strange, because the level creation screen is just a curtain that hides when all pictures are loaded.

The game was tested under Win 7, 10. I can guarantee only work on Windows. I do not exclude that the game will work on Win XP. The game is self-sufficient, it does not use third-party libraries

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