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questions from :icongabrielaborta:

1. Favourite genre of music? Metal, as heavy and epic as possible
2. Favourite book?And why? I guess Dune, by Frank Herbert - a deep book about a fantastic world and great people
3. Favourite artist ? I am not sure I have one, but when I meet earlier this year Gheorghe Ciobanu, I liked him as a person.
4. What animal would you like as a pet? And why? I think I will be boring and go with a dog. Still, I don't want to take the responsibility of another being's life, be it a pet, on me.
5. What you fear the most? rejection I guess.
6. Favourite TV show? And why? - will stick with some anime, probably Inuyasha or something like that, due to its epic proportions, the universe and the mix of action, drama, comedy, romance and everything.
7. What or who does really make you laugh?I laugh a lot, sometimes even making others laugh
8. Favourite food?dark chocolate.
9. If you can travel somewhere, where would you like to go? I travelled around Europe a few times and will do it more, for a wish, it would be an exotic place, like Caribbean.
10. What invention you appreciate the most? - hard one... probably the printing press, which unleashed the culture and the exchange of culture.

My questions ^^ :

1. What make you happy?
2. What make you sad??
3. Right now, are you happy or sad?
4. What makes you strong?
5. What make you weak?
6. What make you smile?
7. What make you cry?
8. Your favorite genre of art?
9. Your second favorite genre of art?
10. Your least favorite genre of art?

I tag: :iconkazesabaku: :icontakoiizu: :iconanimated-junkie: :iconanezka123:
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Anezka123 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011   Photographer
1. Summer
2. No internet connection XD
3. Meh...
4. People who try to bring me down
5. I don't know..
6. Stupid people
7. Stupid people
8. Artistic nude
9. Abstract
10. Goth
nicubunu Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011   General Artist
GabrielaBorta Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011   Digital Artist
Frumoase raspunsuri! ;)
nicubunu Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2011   General Artist
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August 2, 2011