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"We all do stupid things in life. Some of us change into better people, some don’t, some can’t. But don’t hold it against everybody. At least we try. And that‘s what matters most. " -Me.

Just call me Nic.

I'm just one of your normal, average everyday (and slightly insane) guys who just happen to be real good at making 3D situational photography in Garry's Mod, or doing sprites and snapshots of magnificent railroad (or railway, depending on which side of the pond you're on) locomotives.


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Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Any that I consider good to watch.
Favourite TV Shows
A lot of classic TV shows, and action-packed or reality shows.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Just anyone I think sounds good! :D
Favourite Books
Railway Series, Novels, History Books and such...
Favourite Writers
Rev. W. and Christopher Awdry
Favourite Games
Simulation Games, Tycoon Games, First-person shooters.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Garry's Mod, Trainz, MS Paint, Arcsoft Photo Studio, God on my side and a WHOLE LOT of luck
Other Interests
Not much else.
Update on my previous commission post, it has now officially been closed and taken! Thanks to everyone else who showed their support tho, hoping to do more in future! :)
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(UPDATE: THIS COMMISSION SLOT HAS BEEN TAKEN AND IS NOW CLOSED.) Need money to buy a ticket to get into the Awdry Extravaganza livestream. So for today only, I am opening a single slot for someone to commission me of my artwork, either a single full digital drawing or sprite. Examples are shown below. Price will be $10. DM me for details! PayPal preferred. Also need to make some rules clear. -No yaoi/yuri stuff or NSFW/18+ -No gore or explicit fetish-related material. -Nothing too complicated like meshes. -If I feel like the commission is not within my capabilities to do, I have the right to turn it down as I see fit.
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Looking for someone to take over my old Sonic-GMOD group with moderators. Any volunteers?
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Photo Gadget icon Found a really difficult mystery that I've been trying to solve. The case of off the Rails. You remember Off the Rails Right? Well it turns out that the area where Gordon was having his cat nap and the turntable and ditch are actually located in Vicarstown, and so is the fat controllers office according to the illustrations. as seen in exhibit A. latest (929×627) ( and exhibit B latest (929×626) ( What makes it a mystery is that Vicarstown was closed down in the 20's and yet the events of Gordon the big engine take place in the 50's.

Ah, yes. There’s actually a easy explanation for that. You see even tho Vicarstown’s facilities were downsized and the turntable moved to Barrow, according to Christopher Awdry the turntable was replaced by a smaller one for engines that were stationed there to run the car-ferry service over the Walney Channel. This was a way to get automobiles between Sodor and Barrow until 1977 when the Jubilee road bridge was completed. A office I would imagine was kept for TFC when he needed to be at Vicarstown to oversee things there. Still a busy place even tho it’s not the main NWR headquarters anymore!

Oh! Of course, that's right. I forgot that there was a car ferry service. I read somewhere but I couldn't remember. I wonder if it still lasted even with the introduction of that NWR's Motor Rail service they have? :ponder:

Hey Nic, mind if I pass an idea by you?

You said on your Tailsco art upload that "If you wanna see more Tailsco art, give me a shout!"

Well, I reckon I one-up you on that.

I'm going to be doing something at the end of this month called 'Tailsco Month.' It's basically one of those shipping week's where fanart/fanfiction is created based on a series of prompts.

If you want to take part, you're free to do so.

You at all interested?

(I'll understand if you say 'No.')

Huh, alright. Well I’ve kinda been in the mood for doing some more Tailsco art again if I had the chance to, thing is tho I’ve been a bit preoccupied with a new game that’s just come out. But sure, guess I could try it if I get a good enough prompt for it. :)

Fair dinkum, mate!

Here's the prompt list I made (link only so as to avoid making it look like I'm advertising myself to others reading this).

If you only want to do one, that's fine.

Alrighty, I’ll look it over and make a decision. Thanks! :)